News from the United Arab Emirates that Arabian Gulf League champions Al Ahli are allegedly attempting to sign Papiss Cisse.

A player’s ability to move depends on the transfer window deadlines of the country where he is moving to and the UAE window doesn’t close until midnight on Thursday.

Reports say that the Al Ahli would have no trouble financing any potential deal both in terms of transfer fee and wages. The big question would be if Cisse was interested in going.

Sport 360° (sports newspaper based in Abu Dhabi in the UAE) say that a senior Al Ahli source has told them;

“Cisse is one of a small number of strikers we are looking at.

“The only difficulty is that we are so close to the transfer window closing.

“This is making things problematic as we have little time to manoeuvre.”

If indeed there is genuine interest in the striker then you can imagine Mike Ashley being very interested in banking an extra bonus on top of what he banked in his January deals, via transfers, loans and saved wages.

Cisse turns 30 before the start of next season and then has only a further year to run of his contract, banking a transfer fee AND getting another top earner off the wage bill, would surely have our favourite football club owner’s eyes twinkling once again.

  • No Brainer

    MIke Ashley is forcing him out this is disgraceful her has no respect for the fans he is gona fill his pockets with a another load of cash and leave us with just adam armstrong. the bloke is just nasty.
    I’m not going back

  • Steve1221

    Please elaborate, a quote from “a source” means Ashley is forcing him out?

  • No Brainer

    Earlier today No Brainer, was quoted during his interview with upmarket news agency, Totally Sensationalised Toon he said” Cisse is off my cosin’s mate at Nissan was talking to a lad who despite being dumblun fan from ford estate is really close friends with the owners of Al Allybally in qatar and he says Cisse is off” when asked why No Brainer said hold on he’s on back shift so I’ll have to call him later and get him to ask the lad from ford estate.
    when probed deeper No Brainer said here man everyone knas that its the fat man” Eh thats a bit personal don’t you think? Asked the hack. Not really did you not see him at the ground last night just staring at him when he was running about the pitch. If that wasn’t Cashley trying to intimidate him so he puts a transfer request in then am a fat man is there no depth he won’t stoop to I mean come on. Then I heard he was jumping up and down when he scored cos that would let him charge another 1.5mil geees mam
    thats it he’s gone
    I’m not going back