Rafa Benitez has once again been linked with a summer move to Newcastle United.

Despite a track record of winning the Champions League, domestic league title and various cups, there are still some United fans who would be disappointed if the former Liverpool boss ended up at St. James’ Park.

The very fact though that this is being pushed as a serious possibility is laughable, some Newcastle fans just still don’t understand where we have ended up in the food chain as a club ran in the way it is under Mike Ashley.

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Rafa Benitez has made the following comments, which then have led to some journalists and United fans to then believe it has some kind of relevance to Newcastle United;

“I will speak about my future before the end of the season, for now I only want to stay focused on the present and the games that we have coming up.

“I have a good relationship with the players and the club so there is still time to discuss the issue, whenever I leave Napoli, whether that is in a year or five years, I want the team to be more mature.”

There is absolutely no way Benitez will come to Newcastle United, or at least the Newcastle United we have at the minute under Ashley.

At Liverpool he was given a fortune to spend and amongst the many signings he made were Torres £33m, Mascherano £19m, Keane £21m, Babel £15m, Kuyt £16m, Aquilani£18m and Johnson £18m. He won plenty trophies but was given the backing to do it.

In his one transfer window when at Inter Milan, Benitez was allowed to spend £41m in summer 2010, including £16m each on Pazzini and Ranocchia.

As temporary manager until the end of the season at Chelsea after Roberto Di Mattei’s sacking, Benitez was still allowed to bring in Demba Ba and Wallace in the Winter window, despite having £100m worth of Di Matteo new signings such as Hazard, Oscar and Azpilicueta at his disposal.

Appointed to manage Napoli in summer 2013, Rafael Benitez has so far spent around £120m in two seasons, including £50m on a trio of Real Madrid players which included Higuain.

Napoli are currently in third place in Serie A, four points clear of Fiorentina, a position that would put them into a qualifier for Champions League football.

Why on earth would he come to Newcastle United?

A phrase that has being used is that Benitez has ‘unfinished business’ in the Premier League. So how does coming to Newcastle and being given no say on players and given the minimum amount of new signings possible, with the aim simply of survival in the league, somehow equal giving him the chance to complete this ‘unfinished business’?

Yes Rafael Benitez will really show his critics when Newcastle scrap it out with Burnley, Palace and the mackems in a battle to stay up!

The sad truth is of course that if only Newcastle United were ran with ambition then somebody like Rafael Benitez (or better!) would be desperate for the job.

As it stands now though, only the very desperate are going to have any interest in coming near St. James’ Park.


  • prestondave

    Please stop all of this nonsense. I can give you ONE reason why no manager or player of any decent stature will come to St James Park.
    MIKE ASHLEY.Now please drop it.

  • GeorgeBainbridge

    Just perhaps we are starting on the second stage of Mike Ashley’s reign aim to be a top 6 club spend more on recruits but still sell at a high price then in 2 years a top four and then…..?
    As a 5 year season ticket  Muf oops I mean Mag I need to have some hope
    Have a nice day
    Toon Toon Black & White Armeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • supermacsnewname

    remember Bald Eagle Jim Smith ? – he gave two good reasons why someone like him was appointed to such a “big club”
    – the club was in trouble
    – and no one else wanted it (poisoned chalice he later called it) 
    sound familiar?

  • supermacsnewname

    prestondave it is not our policy to sign players of “decent stature”

  • supermacsnewname

    prestondave come to think of it who can we describe as of “decent stature” since Owen?
    – ruling out freebies, we get young cheap foreigners few of us have heard of,  some with injury of attitude problems, some work out and are sold on but most disappear (often on loan)
    even Cabaye comes into this pattern – he became of “decent stature” then he was off
    Ba? injury prone, no one else took the risk, had get out clause
    Remy? used us
    Collo? possibly, decent but who knew him, who offered big money for him

  • Greggy164

    There will still be some nutcases amongst Newcasle fans that believe Mike will come good for them. He will never change his ways. On the football side there is no ambition as long as you stay in league. No desire to try and be better. Everything is smashing as long as you are running at a profit

  • NUFC9

    supermacsnewname prestondave   Good point.  If you go through all the signings in the Ashley era, only very few were established internationals with a good pedigree that you’d expect the bigger clubs to be interested in.  Debuchy and Janmaat stand out as regular full internationals who’d both just had strong a World Cup/Euros when we got them.  Maybe Colo and Cisse too.  He had a good goals record in the German league. 
    Other than that, our buys have mostly been a combination young, promising but unproven foreigners with sell on potential (Santon, Cabaye, Sissoko, Bassong), cheap buys from weaker leagues and/or freebies (Gouffran, Amalfitano, Marveaux, etc.), journeymen (Williamson, Perch, Simpson), or damaged goods (HBA, Ba, Campbell).

  • prestondave

    supermacsnewname prestondave – The simple fact is we are not an attractive club in terms of wages and ambition. Any player who is worth his salt will now look at  (big) clubs like Southampton and others who pay the going rate and buy players with a view to trying to achieve something.Yes, we have had decent players we havent really heard of coming through but they dont hang around long do they.? One being Fatty sells them on but also they all now know we are the stepping stone club. Anyway, Im now guilty of repeating what myself and others have been saying for a long time now.Just as an aside. I went to watch my son train with the seniors at a semi pro club last night. The effort and skill level was incredible. I kid you not some of these lads would fit into our NUFC no problem and it was great to watch. And they do it for love and a very small wage.

  • wor monga

    I think all Newcastle fans know exactly where we are on the
    food chain when it comes to attracting managers under Ashley…in exactly the
    same place where we’ve always been when it came to attracting top managers…near
    the bottom of the pecking order!!

    Of all the managers we’ve had since the late ‘50’s…there’s
    only been one who had been a top manager before he came here nearing 70, and
    yet still managed to do a successful job…despite having continuous battles with
    illness, and ageing…Sir Bob.

    Of the others…Keegan was a totally unknown managerial entity
    when he took us over in the 2nd Div…and went on to make the club a
    success, without gaining the top honours …it’s also fair to say he never did
    the same again with any other club after walking out on us.

    Of the rest only Joe Harvey is worthy of mention and he had
    been out of work since leaving Workington in the 4th Div,, four years

    Forget the others, but if you think any of them were top coaches/
    managers  then I’m sure you’ll be happy
    with whoever Ashley decides to go with!!

  • Tonytoon

    Sam Hepworth – one very good reason for not coming is people like you. What a misery.

  • Corkyjohn

    Truth hurts eh?

  • Willvenus1

    There is one good reason Rafa Benitez or anyone else won’t be coming to NUFC. The job will be given to John Carver on a permanent basis. End of

  • Greggy164

    Think of the history of your club. Some of the great names. Your forefathers will be turning in their graves watching whats being allowed your club

  • supermacsnewname

    prestondave supermacsnewname I know what you mean about top amateurs and semi-pros. But being a big fish in a little pond boosts players.
    I was a civil servant in Southampton in the 70s when Laurie Mac was manager. Our team had 3-4 lads in their early 20s who were amazing but who had simply decided that a steady civil service career with a pension was far more attractive than pro football (I remember 2 ex england players who became window cleaners – Jeff Astle and I think Stan Bowles).
    Laurie Mac saw them play in a CS Cup match and agreed they were better than his apprentices but that the real test was playing away in front of 30,000 fans screaming hate at you – he reconned only 1 in 1,000 didn’t freeze.

  • prestondave

    supermacsnewname prestondave Yeah, I suppose its a bit different when you are out there in front of all those eyes who are wishing you well but will hurl abuse at you if you mess up especially at a young age. My lad is only 16 but is at a level good enough to play with the seniors but he is a shy lad and would crumble if abuse was directed at him. But , you never know…..

  • supermacsnewname

    wor monga I can think of only 1 manager poached by a successful club – Gordon Lee by Everton. He said he was going to a “bigger club” which was probably true – but we celebrated his departure.
    Warning – his coach Richard Dinnis to over a team in europe & got us relegated

  • supermacsnewname

    prestondave supermacsnewname I wish him all the luck in the world mate
    I packed up serious youth games at 14 and regretted it – tell him we used to clap opponent penalty takers who scored, and lined up for 3 cheers at the end – you can’t beat that type of game

  • prestondave

    supermacsnewname prestondave Nice one Supermac I will pass it on. Its funny but a few years ago when we were in the Championship and the Toon played Preston at Deepdale i had my son on as mascot but could only get him on as a Preston mascot. Anyway, after the game had finished we walked around the pitch and up past the reporters box and guess who was there.? Supermac himself.!! So, I spoke to him at length as my other son used to play with his wifes son ( he married Brian Johnsons ex wife) but the best part was my youngest asking me afterwards ” so Dad, who was Supermac”?.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Just noticed a peculiarity – Llambias states on his Rangers bio that he increased turnover here to 123 million. He left June 2013. The club accounts to June 2013 says our turnover was 95.9 million. Big chunk of change difference there.

  • Colin Mcgeorge

    Hes not an idiot