Much debate as to whether John Carver is the right man for the Newcastle Head Coach job.

The club have made clear that the former Newcastle United apprentice is going to get the job long-term, despite the pretence of looking for a credible candidate in January.

After scouring the World and reading through supposedly 80 applications for the job, nobody looked better than John Carver.

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So I thought it worthwhile to look at the real John Carver, what qualities does he possess that make him the obvious choice to lead our mental club….

Loves the Toon

He used to work with Sir Bobby Robson

Lee Charnley says he’s great

Knows some of the words to the Blaydon Races

He isn’t Alan Pardew

He’s from Newcastle

Some of his players say he’s great

He supports Newcastle United

Steve Stone says he’s great

He’s a Geordie

I look forward to reading your suggestions below…

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  • NUFC9

    11. Will do exactly what he’s told to do.
    12.  Will say exactly what he’s told to say.

  • hettonmag

    NUFC9  13. The  Chronicle love  him.

  • Toonarden

    14. He’s crap at his job

  • howaymebonnylads

    … because there’s nobody else willing to work under these conditions?

  • Maximus Moose

    He eats Gregg`s Stotties & loves Saveloy Dips washed down with Broon Ale 
    Charver for England
    A proper Geordie

  • GToon

    He might prove to be a really good manager. Who knows. I’m sure anybody who manages NUFC under Ashley won’t fulfil their potential anyway. What i would say though is that all of the uncertainty surrounding the new manager and then the feeling that Carver is last choice because everybody NUFC approached said “no” wont help his cause. Compare and contrast our situation with WBA and Villa who managed to appoint decent managers (based on their history) in no time at all. It puts Carver under pressure because there is some implication that somehow “we know better” and are more in the know than other clubs who just go and get a manager. What does it matter if the manager does or doesn’t have a say on transfers? I mean when we had Keegan, Hughton and Pardew Ashley didn’t listen to them and buy the players the club needed anyway!! The bottom line though is that Ashley has taken a calculated risk. A gamble that we had enough points to stay up. At the moment it looks like he has won. Again.

  • supermacsnewname

    well, we’re not going to change now are we, so we may as well shut up and let him get on with his probation period – it’s upto him – if he fails (possible, like Kinnear) he’s out, if he’s adequate (probable, like Hughton) he could get a chance, if he succeeds (possible, like Roeder) then the job’s his
    but we’ve been here before and its never worked for long
    unfortunately good managers are in demand so they’re fussy with their club choices and are not cheap – so it all looks bleak to me – we will end up with an average guy, on average wages, low transfer budget and little independence – Carver fits the bill if he passes the interview

  • supermacsnewname

    come to think of it, fatso could bring Chrisie Hughton back -he  fits the bill, got more experience now, and will confuse (if not silence) critics

  • wor monga

    Even though this article is only a poor attempt at sarcasm…which
    is said to be the lowest form of wit…I’ve gone through those 10 reasons, and
    can’t find a problem with any of them, but if Carver can do a decent job (top
    10 or higher) with the players he has available then maybe he deserves the job…
    one thing is certain though… and that’s if he doesn’t get it,
    the one who does will be subjected to this same kind of treatment from the (we
    love the club) Mag’s coaching experts…and if his team doesn’t challenge for the
    top 4, straight off…it will be open season on him by the club hate brigade!!

  • LeazesEnder

    wor monga prophetic whinger!

  • wor monga

    supermacsnewname    He’s certainly got a lot more experience of getting the sack
    from clubs now, and if he can keep Brighton out of League 1 this season, he’ll
    certainly have done a fairly  good job…but
    are you sure that Chris is really the man who can take the club forward?

  • Hughie

    More statements of the obvious from Mackem Dean Wilkins– sarcasm aplenty but devoid of anything remotely thoughtful or interesting.
    Try another job mate because you are a waste of space on this site!! Do you ever slag off your editors at the Mag in public? No difference to expecting Carver to do that to Ashley and co eh, so don’t be so stupid!! Give Carver a chance until the end of the season, and don’t forget that he is working with same players (those who are not injured) he inherited as head coach. Some of them are not good enough, but as with Ashley , he will know that but isn’t going to admit it in public. Remember too that he has already done more for Cabella and Haidara than Pardew ever did. So give the bloke a chance.

  • supermacsnewname

    1957 you’re right, I’d take the job like a shot – I’d be , or in other words an average newcastle manager

  • supermacsnewname

    wor monga supermacsnewname no, not to take it forward, but an acceptable choice to stabilise a decent squad and take some heat out of the situation, certainly no worse than Carver but with more experience – you may recall that he’s had the job twice already and made few (if any) enemies

  • GToon

    wor monga Aye but it would take me 5 minutes to sort this club out with the money Ashley has at his disposal not jut his personal wealth. Try this for starters: nah, we aren’t selling until we replace them first, nah we arent selling that land on the cheap instead we’re gonna develop the Gallowgate end and turn us into a 60,000 stadium to compete with the big guns and thats coming straight off the front of the shirts and instead we are gonna pay the NSPCC 4 million to put their logo on. We will have a fan on the board, the member scheme that you have to join before you can get an away ticket will be dropped and we are gonna compete to win every cup and our aim for the season is to finish first. Can you imagine the feel good factor if some of that lot was implemented? Is that list unreasonable? Would it bankrupt his largeness? Will any of it happen? Nah, not a chance.

  • Demented_Man

    Hughie Not slagging off your boss in public is one thing; the nauseating mutual backslapping we’ve witnessed recently among the regime’s cronies is quite another.  If we can’t prevent Carver getting the job, at least let’s be honest about the reasons he will get it.

  • Pottsie

    3 points, I would argue that they have learned the lesson about buying first before we sell, Janmat being the example and we have the 3rd biggest ground in premiership, when it comes to grounds we are up thier with the best. Gtoon, like myself you will never be a millionaire because the rich don’t get rich by caring about charities and due to that we will never own NUFC.

  • Chemical Dave


  • Chemical Dave

    wor monga 
    11. There’s no chance of the club trying to be the best it can be with Carver in charge, just the way ‘prophetic whinger’ mong likes it.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Pottsie How can you or anyone say that at this moment? Down to the bare bones of a squad which still contains a complete ghost (Ferryra) taking a place.
    Our defence hope rides on Williamson and Collo staying uninjured, and that is frightening statement  in itself. Every last one of us, fans of Ashley or most certainly not, knew since last season we needed signings at the back and up front.
    Spurs are about to rebuild so we’ll be down to 4th in stadium capacity by the way. Miles behind them in revenue of all types too. Fatty made sure we cant extend, all for another 3 million grubby quid to add to his 4 thousand million.
    Truth is, he could and can run this club on a financially sound basis, but still be a human being and not a complete blood sucking [email protected] in the process .- if he so wished.
    It comes to something when we can thank St James’ keeping its name because of Wonga.