Will the backroom staff be easiest way to judge new Newcastle Head Coach?

I only ask because like most of the rest of you I’ve googled these potential foreign coaches/managers we might get and to be honest, I haven’t really got a clue whether somebody who’s finished seventh in Germany or fifth in France, is the right one for Newcastle United.

newcastle head coachI obviously know that no-hopers like Tim Sherwood would be a disaster but how can you tell whether the one appointed, if it ever happens, is any good?

I have decided that my very own newly patented system of deciding, will simply be based on who their backroom staff are.

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Putting it simply, if the successful candidate just turns up with a bin liner full of clothes and says how much he’s looking forward to working with Stone, Beardsley and Carver then we’ll know we have got a wrong un.

If instead he turns up with a decent entourage of people with a credible track record at other clubs, then I’ll welcome him and his coaching team with open arms and give them every bit of support.

By the way – when I speak of a decent entourage of coaches/staff, I’m not talking about bringing back Fat Sam and his double decker bus full of analysts.

The new man might have the post of Head Coach instead of Manager but we have to know that he is driven to transform the club’s fortunes by getting everything he can out of the current squad and any new signings.

That will not be the case if we’re stuck with the current backroom, where scoring from a corner is seen as the equivalent of a hole in one in golf.

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  • Brownale69

    Hear Hear………it cant have all been Pard who coached the players in corners, free kicks, tactics can it? Dumb and Dumber and co must have had some input.  Noticed Pard didnt take ANY of them with him! Oh and Carver is on a 5 year contract so may be costly for Cashley to get rid of? Any “new” coach who brings his henchmen will cost money………tho the 3 mill we got for selling Pard mite help!!! Now thats a good bit of business!!

  • Jarmin Geordie

    I think backroom staff are the reason we haven’t yet got an appointment, ie a new guy will want his own men around him and Newcastle won’t pay compen to secure said men and also board don’t want to pay off Carver, Stone etc. who all have 5 years left on their contracts, solution is, sadly, appoint Carver.

  • MarkKilmister

    No doubt the three stooges will be given the gig until the end of the season.

    Trying to attract any of the likes of de Boer, Benitez or anyone else currently in charge at a decent European club is a non-started when Ashley has the final say, he’d just want someone in who’s cheap as chips and could do him the job of just keeping the club in the league, nothing more, nothing less. Pardew did that job for him to a tee, even though at times it looked like it could have gone completely wrong a few seasons ago. 

    No way has Ashley learnt from his mistakes in the coaching department or for that matter wants to even know that with a decent backroom staff & manager/head coach in place coupled with actually signing the players at the top of the clubs (Carr’s) wish list will the team with promising youth players could even be coached properly to actually reach that top level and by then actually attract the right & proper fees they so deserve if we are to be no more than a selling club.

  • Willvenus1

    How do you know Pardew didn’t ask them but they turned him down?

  • Paul Patterson

    We will be stuck with Carver until the TV Money looks at risk.
    Even an idiot will get us the 10-15 points that will be needed to stay up this season (That’s only 3-4 wins and the odd draw). So Ashley will plod through to February (No signings) and possibly flog 1-2 players, safe in fact that we will stay up because it’s a bottom half of the league. You have to get to Liverpool (8th) before you find a side that has won more than 3 in the last 10 games (Staggering fact).
    I personally expect anyone from 12th down to get relegated (Sunderland are on the worst run of form- 1 win in 10).
    So based on this Ashley will take the gamble and pocket the profits. Limited risk- Massive profits. £100m tv money and whatever player fees coming in . .

  • Crawcrooklad

    On a similar note, how long has Derek Wright been there? If I got run over by a bus, I’d be seriously worried if I saw him coming to my rescue. Broken toenail, player doesn’t reappear for the rest of the season…

  • Jarra MIck

    We need a clean sweep to get rid of all the third rate coaches with their third rate tactics and coaching methods. Carver, stone, Beardsley and woodman can all go. The full back room team might get a start at Hartlepool if they are desperate. Oh and they can take that sycophantic half wit Moncur with them.

  • Munich Mag

    It’s a real pity that this new lifefyre system doesn’t allow you to give someone the thumbs down …