Whatever happened to Peter Beardsley?

Sometimes it is the things that aren’t said, rather than what is spoken, that are the interesting bits.

So I think was the case when I saw the article on here this morning, carrying quotes from John Carver blathering on about he wouldn’t be messing about and it would be all go from here on in…

peter beardsleyAmongst what he said, was the importance he attached to those who were going to help him do the job, at least for the rest of this season.

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Carver saying;

“When you are a manager you have to manage the football club, but the role has changed and it gives me maximum time on the training ground, coaching the players.

“What I have done is given Steve (Stone) and Dave (Watson) more responsibility because they are very good at what they do, it’s important that you delegate to those who are talented.”

Very strange that there is suddenly no mention of Peter Beardsley, you know, that Peter Beardsley who was sitting next to John Carver on the bench after Alan Pardew’s departure.

In fact once it was clear that no quick appointment would be made, there was even talk of Beardsley getting the job in charge of the team on a temporary basis.

Instead, he has been dropped from the bench for the last game or two and not listed by John Carver as one of the ‘talented’ people who are key to helping him.

Anybody who has been to any talk-ins will be well aware of how slavishly Peter Beardsley sticks up for Mike Ashley, so hard to see any orders from up top making Carver get rid of Beardsley from the first team scene.

What it does suggest is that while John Carver clearly has little say on most things at Newcastle United, the fact that he appears to be choosing who does and doesn’t work alongside him, suggests to me that barring disaster (relegation) we may well be seeing our fair share of John Carver way beyond this initial appointment to the end of the season.

  • RexN

    I was asking the same question last week. Watson was appearing in NUFC photos from the training ground and was in the dugout too.

    The strange thing is, of all the coaches, Peter B has far and away the best record of any this season, topping the reserve league with 70% wind and only 10% defeats. Surely Carver doesn’t see Peter B as a threat?

    The only other thing I can come up with is that Watson was part of the inner circle of the 2003-04 group of those who got their Pro Licence around the same time – Carver, Joyce, Pardew, Watson, Donachie.

  • wor monga

    Thought you’d be happy
    with that move then, Sam…considering the amount of ‘slagging off’ and name
    calling that one of our great club heros, Beardsly gets subjected to on a
    regular basis from the likes of you and your fellow Mag writers…
    …nevertheless you
    couldn’t resist getting one last dig at him before he goes back to coaching the
    …Could be a good move
    moving Watson up though, seeing as he was an excellent central defender in his
    long career, and that is an area where we need to see an immediate improvement.

  • Seventy2

    RexN – Just remember, what happens at Pro Licence Training Camp stays at Pro Licence Training Camp!

  • GToon

    Dont think there’s anything in this really Sam. Pedro is doing the u21s and doing a great job. Think he has got his hands full with that. And it is a pretty important role as he is providing the next generation for the first 11.

  • RexN

    wor monga Are you confusing our Dave Watson, 12 caps, right back and central defender with Dave Watson 65 caps and towering central defender?

  • MilitantGeordie

    Beardo said to Carver ” can i take a 12 week holiday? ” but Carver translated that as ” I’m away for a leak… Ok?” so Carver said ” Aye ok mate… See you when you get back “. Beardo is probably in Barbados as we speak.

  • PeterS84

    Answer is simple, Beardsley is running the whole academy including the under 21 team so already has a full time job, Watson was only running the under 18’s team so easier for him to step up and assist Carver.

    Beardsley doing a great job for Under 21’s so why rock the boat.

  • PhilYare

    pedro his probs to nice a bloke to be promoted to the chief circle of liars and unassociated folk who are required to sail mike ashleys rat ship

    im unsure about this talk of talent however the biggest quality of them all is missing from those that run newcastle united these days and that my friends is integrity

  • likelylad

    That makes no sense.
    Carver wants the job so would do anything that is beneficial to getting first team results.
    Watson should have moved up to u21 and Beardsley as first team coach.
    How can Watson not be good enough for the U21’s but good enough for the first team?

  • PeterS84

    likelylad Watson is coaching a team (under 18’s) so had stepped up to help coach a team (1st team) Beardsley is managing the academy and his role is more involved than just coaching a team.

    its easier for the club to replace Watson in the academy than it is to replace Beardsley.

  • No Brainer

    nowt he is an ideal coach

  • whickhamrobbie

    Beardsley providing the next generation for the first 11 ? .in what universe ?
    our academy and reserves lack (as the first team) direction . we are way behind in that department and always have been.
    Development of our OWN has always taken second fiddle to signing foreign and selling on.

  • Jarra MIck

    Monga Beardsley is my all time favourite toon player and I go back to the early 70’s. Unfortunately now I think he is a slimy little Cnut who supports the tawts who have taken the joy out of our club, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Oh and you can add Moncur to that short list of heroes of mine who I now despise.

  • MartinJW

    Beardsley is and always will be a legend. Supremely gifted.   Probably one of the top 5 players ever to play for Newcastle United.

  • wor monga

    RexN…no not confusing
    this Dave Watson with the Mackem’s one who might have picked up a lot more caps
    during some very exceptionally poor years for our International team’s fortunes,
    but our coach’s record of honours gained (including an FA League Champions
    medal) during his long and distinguished career in the centre of Everton’s
    defence (alongside Ratcliffe) should earn due respect from our defenders…even
    if it doesn’t from the usual keyboard critics on here.

  • Christopher Murphy

    aye, if he’s half the Manager he was as a player…Champions League Every Season.

  • Christopher Murphy

    couldn’t take him serious with that face