Mike Williamson and I were born ten days apart in November of 1983, by way of achievements, he has accomplished way more so far in his career then I could ever dream of replicating.

At points of last season, the lanky United number 6 was the first name on the Newcastle team sheet and rightly so. Some of the Geordie faithful even dared to believe that our local team could be represented, by an Englishman, on the biggest footballing stage of them all.

mike williamsonWith some calling for the man dubbed ‘MIKE BRAZILIAMSON’ to get a late place in the England squad for 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Over the course of the 2013-2014season, one of few highlights, in my opinion Mike Williamson was Newcastle United’s most reliable defender. He got the simple stuff right, won the ball in the air 9 out of 10 times and generally for most of the season,  the ball ran nicely for the former Portsmouth and Wycombe man.

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Fast forward only half a season and we see a very different Mike Williamson. The once relied upon centre-half causes more groans when the team sheet comes out then any other player it seems, except maybe Yoan Gouffran whose black and white story is a similar one…

Like Williamson, early in that 2013-14 season, Gouffran was on smashing form – scoring, going past wing-backs for fun, covering well when needed and regularly putting in Man of the Match winning shifts. Gouffran’s fall from grace has been a frustrating one for fans, but not as disheartening as Williamson’s.

Newcastle United fans’ confidence in the man has fallen so exponentially that in two different ‘starting XI vs Southampton’ surveys conducted today, one in the Evening Chronicle and one on here. Paul Dummett was the overwhelming choice to partner club captain Fabricio Coloccini in the heart of the defence – Paul Dummett, an unproven young left-back over a player as vastly experienced as Williamson!

And yet, I am amongst them. I too would pick Dummett ahead of Williamson. The fact of the matter is that the once calm, steadfast and reliable ‘Iron Mike Braziliamson’ now seems to panic uncharacteristically on the ball, lose his man repeatedly at set-plays, as well as making hurried and rash passing errors.

I hope either Mike either regains the form he picked up last season, or John Carver (or whoever is picking the team over the coming weeks of the season) sees sense and starts Dummett… because we all know we’re not getting any new players this transfer window!

  • vbhgft

    Williamson has become a scapegoat, and a very easy one at that. Considering his background before he joined NUFC he has done exceptionally well, for one of limited ability. I feel his treatment from many supporters is harsh. Nevertheless, I still want him replaced.

    Furthermore, many people see him as “Pardew’s man” forgetting that he was actually bought by their beloved Chris Hughton.

    Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa was just as bad in his appearances for NUFC, if not worse, ditto Marveaux vs. Gouffran. However those now-departed players have joined the ranks of “geniuses we let go’ as that old perceived wisdom kicks in yet again.

  • nufcmag777

    It just goes to show how far we have fallen when we have Williamson at NUFC at all-We have let in nearly 120 goals in 2 seasons-I know he is not alone and Collo is just as bad at times but theres only Ashley to blame.

  • SimonM68

    vbhgft Agree completely. Let’s not forget he was effectively a Portsmouth reserve for goodness sake. For me he always gives 100% and sure, he makes some errors and in an ideal world we’d have better alternatives, but I don;t like knocking ‘tryers’. 
    Casting my mind back, when did Newcastle ever honestly look good in that position? One good season from Darren Peacock after a shaky start and a cameo of how it should be done from Woodgate maybe???

  • vbhgft

    SimonM68 vbhgft We’ve also had some stinkers – Marcelino, Boumsong, Bramble (the latter bought by Bobby Robson for what was it? £6 million!).

    Peacock, Howey, Dabizas, Albert, Woodgate all had their dodgy monents. We’ve never had a truly great centre-back.

    Williamson is a good bloke, it seems, in a sea of mercenary money-grabbers. For that he deserves a break.

  • Hez

    Agree with fans thinking and dreaming the likes of Marveaux and Yanga were amazing at NUFC and then go nuts about how we “lost” them, the pair of them were more lost at nufc and right to get rid. The best one for with the fans on blogs and Twitter etc is Jack Alnwick. After 20 mins against Chelsea and flapping at a Drogba goal fans on here were going nuts at Pardew for not picking this “world class” youngster before and his terrible treatment of this star keeper. 5 games and 5 terrible apprearnces later the same fans couldn’t get Krul back in goal quick enough. Very fickle nufc fans or just too easy to write you inflated option on blogs!?

  • vbhgft

    Hez Or the “resurrection” of Jonas Gutierrez from “Pardew’s useless favourite who gets wrongly selected week in week out” to “shockingly treated crowd favourite”. Laughable.

    Don’t mean to be callous about Gutierrez. I wish him all the very best, but the point is true.

  • SimonM68

    vbhgft SimonM68 He does indeed. Steve Howie… one howler a game but still that reference to his brother is my favourite all time terrace ‘song’ if it passes for a song – brief and to the point!

  • Mal44

    For whatever reason Williamson seems to get the blame for anything that goes wrong on the pitch; if he’s playing every goal conceded is his fault if he happens to be on the pitch at the time. The fact is we paid around £1 million for him and, though I have no information, my guess is he’s one of the lowest paid players in the first team squad. Despite this he’s made around 150 first team appearances. The problem in my view is that far too much has been asked of him. He should be a squad player, the reliable back up that can be brought in to do a decent job when we have a few injuries to contend with. It’s not his fault that, despite all of us knowing we have needed that good, commanding centre half for goodness knows how long, the powers that be have failed miserably in actually coming up with the goods – remember the 8 goals a season centre back we were going to sign about 3 years ago. The result is he has to play week in week out because we have no-one better and, let’s face it how many of us could do a decent job at work if we are continually criticised and blamed for everything that goes wrong. Perhaps his outstanding form last year was due to the fact, for once, he seemed to be appreciated.

  • vbhgft

    Mal44 Spot on. Williamson should be a James Perch-style 3rd or 4th choice (because unlike at Chelsea or Man City, world class layers aren’t going to happy warming the bench).

    He was blamed by many for the first Chelsea goal, when in fact it was Krul (completely) and Coloccini (partly) who were to blame. Krul got off extremely lightly for not watching what was going on, but then he can do no wrong.

  • wor monga

    Willo is just an honest journeyman no more or less, but
    Dummett can make that central position his own given time…he’s already shown
    that he can handle it, and also be a threat up front which is something that,
    unfortunately, big Mike will never be.