If nothing else, Saturday’s defeat at the hands of Southampton showed one thing, that John Carver should not be given the Newcastle United job on a permanent basis.

As a number two, he shows unquestionable passion for his beloved club and occasionally provides a bit of useful advice. However, in the main role with nobody to hide behind, his tactical incapability is coming to the fore.

john carverSticking in my mind are two decisions made by John Carver in his brief spell as caretaker boss, one of which was at the weekend. Both coincidentally are centred around the use of young striker Adam Armstrong.

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Casting your mind back to the 3-3 draw at home to Burnley, Armstrong came on for Emmanuel Riviere. The French striker was possibly having his best game in a black and white shirt, providing a useful aerial threat in addition to holding the ball up and linking play.

After an hour he was replaced by Armstrong and the game changed. This of course is not the young lad’s fault, if you are told you’re going on then you don’t question the decision. A different type of player, Armstrong isn’t as physical and couldn’t provide an aerial threat. Ultimately it cost the Magpies the win.

Moving on to the weekend just gone, yet another defeat and perhaps slightly unfortunate, but you don’t get every decision from referees. You just have to do your best and use the resources you have at your disposal.

By this, I mean not bringing on a centre-back after eighty minutes when you desperately need a goal. Yes he may have a height advantage but his goal scoring record speaks for itself- one goal in his entire Newcastle career.

Admittedly, Armstrong hasn’t yet scored himself in his limited first team opportunities, but he does possess a very good record in youth football and could certainly have caused the  opposing defence a few problems.

In these two instances John Carver’s lack of managerial experience definitely told, subsequently proving that the club’s hierarchy must look elsewhere for Alan Pardew’s successor.

  • geordieladdo

    Totally take your points on board and agree with some of them definitely!
    You could however, regardless of who is in charge, argue that the squad that is available to him isn’t anywhere near good enough.
    The game you talked about against Burnley – Riviere I agree was having a decent game in terms of holding up the ball and laying it off. Thats where it ends for me though, he had an amazing chance and fell over the ball, a headed chance and put it wide. The lad just doesn’t look like he’s gonna find the net.
    So what do you then do, you look at other possibilities – thats where the problem lies. What options were available to him? a young unproven 17 year old got the nod – would this happen at the majority of other Premier League teams?
    The squad isn’t good enough and for that he cannot be blamed.
    I do however, for lots of other reasons, agree with you that he shouldn’t get the job.

  • No Brainer

    Dummett felt he had pulled his hamstring about 3-4 mins earlier and was signalling to the bench having used the other two subs he had no choice.?????????????????????????????????

  • A lex

    I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve felt all along that Armstrong won’t make it.

    Like Brayson, Holland and Gudjonnson before, he’s got bags of skill and goals, but will simply be too physically lightweight to ever cut it at the higher level.

  • SimonM68

    ” Two big calls for John Carver” – one from Blueline and the other from Noda!

  • Maximus Moose

    SimonM68 i`ll Pay

  • Just change the system we play would be refreshing. 442. How about it? We have the players. Use perez and riviere, do something I shout a lot.

  • mentalman

    I take it you didn’t watch the match, it was clear to see to everyone that Dummett had hurt himself, if holding your thigh and waving at the bench isn’t enough of an indication he then limped off the pitch again holding his leg so would you suggest either leaving him on to do more damage to himself or replacing him with a striker and leaving a weak defence even weaker.
    As for Riviere he had his best game against Burnley, perhaps he was taken off because he has just returned from injury and played hardly any competitive football recently.
    I don’t want Carver to get the job but at least criticise him for his mistakes not the fact that his hands are tied because of our squad

  • vbhgft

    mentalman People on this site find any excuse to criticise the current incumbent. They did it with Pardew. They are now doing it with Carver. They twist every substitution to fit their bilious agenda after each match. Even if wins are forthcoming, they are called “lucky”.

    This carries on further in other ways and finds them labelling players who were once vilified but haven’t played for a while as “class players badly treated”. Two such players are Davide Santon and Jonas Gutierrez.

    Similarly, under-performing players who have left are called “lost geniuses”. Such as Hatem Ben Arfa, Sylvain Marveaux and Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa. Past performances get mythologised and over-credited, such as Mbiwa blocking a couple of shots at Tottenham, or Marveaux’s ball for Cisse’s winner against Stoke, or Ben Arfa’s winner against Fulham. They conveniently forget the stinkers all three of those players regularly served up,

    When people dare to criticise Tiote’s scoring record they will bleat out “oh didn’t you see his goal against Arsenal, or that disallowed one against Man City?”.

    Wins over Chelsea were lucky. Man United? Well, they were rubbish at the time. Wins over everyone were lucky. What about those derby defeats, eh? Think about those!

    It really is laughable.

  • toonterrier

    What Carver needs is a new number two to help paper over the cracks. Its time we brought in a woman to do the job. Be a first for the Premier league. I hear Polly Filler is available and she would fit in nicely  with Ashleys plans.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Bringing on Armstrong for Riviere: “ultimately it cost the Magpies the win”. What a nonsensical statement.  Stopped reading after that.