Tim Krul says he is ‘really excited’ for the upcoming matches and believes Newcastle can be ‘right up there with the top teams in no time’, if they put a run of form together similar to that in November.

The United keeper has pointed to the performance at Chelsea and especially midfield trio Colback, Anita and Cabella.

tim krulKrul also believes that Siem De Jong has shades of Cesc Fabregas about him and can score goals and make things happen when he returns.

The original assessment was that De Jong would be back around now, but Newcastle United have given next to no information on the midfielder in recent times, and he hasn’t even taken part in any friendly matches as yet.

“He (Siem De Jong) is a little bit like Fabregas, he can get on the ball and make things happen. He has also got goals in him and we need that.

“If you create four or five chances like at Chelsea, then you have to be sticking at least one of them away.”

Tight Premier League;

“I was really impressed with Cabella, Colback and Anita in midfield, I am really excited for the games to come.

“I’d strongly disagree with anyone who was saying there’s not much to play for, the Premier League’s so tight that if we go on one of those runs like we went on in November, we can be right up there with the top teams in no time.”

When Alan Pardew walked, United were 5 points off sixth place and 7 points off fourth, that has now grown to 7 and 10 respectively.

With a manager/head coach appointed and a couple of quality players bought, I have every belief that United would stand a chance of getting up towards that top six as Krul suggests.

However, with the club currently floating aimlessly along with no new players or manager/head coach, it is looking yet another wasted season.

  • Maximus Moose

    Lunatic !

  • “If ifs and ands were pots and pans there’d be no work for tinkers’ hands”
    Think Tim has forgotten about the total lack of any football ambition from our illustrious owner – other than “mid-table to keep the TV cash rolling in”

  • A lex

    With comments like that, sounds as if he’s taken his eye off the ball…………for the second time this week!

  • SimonM68

    Tim’s been back home while he was injured, sampling the gange in those Amsterdam cafes….

  • prestondave

    Obviously not realised he isnt reading the Ashley script and is dreaming about the team he hopes to be at in the transfer window.

  • Brownale69

    Is he taking over STaylors role as spokesman?

  • toonterrier

    He’s obviously been taking the wrong medication during his absence. Come back down to earth Tim.take the rose tinted glasses off and join the rest of us disallusioned supporters. Saying that I watched Southampton last ninght and wasn’t impressed with their performance but I haven’t been impressed with Newcastle for the last few years. Lose on saturday then expect a mass exodus of players and supporters in the near future.