Newcastle United have spoken to Bernd Schuster about becoming the next Newcastle manager (head coach), according to reports this morning.

The latest twist sees claims that United have spoken to the former German international and are due to continue those talks today.

next newcastle managerAccording to their sources, Talksport say that the out of work manager who left Malaga in May last year, has already spoken to Newcastle officials about which of the coaching staff Schuster would be prepared to keep.

It is now 25 days since Alan Pardew walked out of St.James’ Park and this week saw an interview with Lee Charnley which strongly suggested a permanent appointment wouldn’t be made until the summer.

Bernd Schuster was sacked after only one season by Malaga after taking them into the bottom half (11th) of La Liga, having finished 6th the season before he took over.

  • mrkgw

    Know nothing of him though, his involvement with Barcelona and Real Madrid are decent attributes to have in terms of CV. I just hope that the club make an appointment sooner rather than later. The thought of half of a season drifting towards the lower end of the table doesnt exactly inspire.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Reading of his ‘difficult’ temperament I cannot imagine for one moment Charnley and Ashley would go for him. Kind of makes a mockery of waiting for the best man as well.

  • paul janes

    My worry is any appointment will be conditional on how many of the current backroom staff he is willing to keep, in other words how little Ashley will have to pay out in buying out 8 year contracts.The likelihood that Remi Garde and indeed anyone of his stature would come in and work with the present incumbents is slim to none. No one is blind to the need not to waste money but with Ashley things are skewed to a ridiculous extent in favour of the finance over the football.

  • geordieladdo

    Ah, dont read too much into this surely?
    They’ave already said they are going to be speaking to plenty of applicants and doing ‘due diligence’ on everyone.
    It’s just an interview surely…
    This will go on until the summer i’d expect.

  • supermacsnewname

    19th richest club! Are any of the names mentioned among the best 19 managers?
    Look at the stadium – look at the support – look at the revenue – and stop looking at also rans like Bruce & Schuster. With 80 applications I’m actually pleased they have not made a quick move – I don’t trust fatso but I think that waiting to the end of the season with Carver in charge is probably the best plan.

  • Brownale69

    backroom staff on 5 year contract, would have to spend the Pard money to get rid of that shower!!
    Bernd sacked after one season taking down near the bottom of the league, should fit in well at the town then!

  • DZA187

    Another cheap option for the fatman then. I rather see Rob Lee become our new manager giving him a go, I mean’t head coach.

  • A lex

    Somehow, I doubt if we’re going to be inspired by the next incumbent, irrespective of how long Charnley takes to get his ‘best man’.

  • pissed off mag

    imagine the piss up we will have when tis fat slob dies, he must know we detest him and his arse kissing slime he calls friends, his girlfriend is only with him for money it cant be for looks kindness or personality

  • Jack A Donaldson

    Okay how can you mention his 11th place position last year with Malaga but not mention that he won the league with Real Madrid as their manager while being praised for bringing flair back to the Bernabeu , The Munez best coach trophie with Getafe in 2006 as well as leading a rather poor Getafe side to the final of the Copa del Ray as well as his esteemed playing career. 
    Think about this for a result as well in the semi final of the copa del ray in 06/07 the 1st leg Barce won 5-2 against Getafe, surely the dream of reaching the final was over right? 
    Wrong they won 4-0 against Barcelona, we could do a hell of a lot worse than a manager who Madrid only let go because of his style of dealing with the media.

  • Toonbadger

    thats why he asked CP for a payment it will cover the rest of them at no outlay to Fat Mick

  • A lex

    It’s the only thing on the horizon that fills me with eager anticipation.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Aye, we need to spike one of those pies he likes shoving in his face.

  • Maximus Moose

    Very Very Depressing