An amusing subject cropped up this week, with Sunderland fans outraged that they get a raw deal on Match of The Day, with the BBC refusing to show their regular goalless draws first.

Analysis of the shows so far this season have found that the mackems are last on the programme more than anybody else (seven times) and the only time they have been on first was with an 8-0 defeat at Southampton!

sunderland fansIn contrast, Newcastle have been shown first three times including the home win over Chelsea and only shown last on two occasions.

The mackem ‘entertainers’ are rightly outraged, after all they have had more goalless draws (five) this season than any other Premier League club.

It gets better because when the BBC were asked for their observations, they couldn’t have been more patronising to the mackems.

Saying that the Sunderland fans should be happy if the trend continues of them not being shown at the top end of the programme, as it will mean they haven’t even got themselves into a relegation fight to get anybody else interested in them!

sunderland fansMark Cole (BBC head of football) said;

“It’s not personal, we have got a couple of Sunderland fans in the office and the chap who does all the stats is a Sunderland fan, so he is keeping a particular eye on it.

“If they are on last by the end of the season the most, it then means they will still be in the Premier League, because they won’t be drawn into those big relegation battles that feature highly in the programme.”

sunderland fans

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  • Toonbadger

    don’t get 0-0 draws then and play better football

  • GToon

    Its a shame we couldnt add to their 0-0 draws last month……:-(

  • LeazesEnder

    How many times are we on first when we haven’t played one of the top three or four?… The MOTD website claims running order is based upon the days talking points and quality of match, and there is no bias, but the people who create those taking points are based upon the media which is London and Lancashire (Manchester) based (as is the FA, and the Referees association).  

    The commentators and staff at MOTD have the final  input and they are of the same regional persuasions…of course there is bias…its built in to the rules, so they can claim impartiality…really!

    There are three highlighted games, where the BBC send the top commentators, and plan for in the week ahead, (maybe a supplementary Football Focus or TV Magazine article)… and only if one is a drab 0-0 draw do they relegate it down the running order…

    …no bias really?

  • SimonM68

    Maybe they should diversify and try a different TV programme. What’ about Dragon’s Den?  “We’d build a new ground, give it an incredibly idiotic name, put S&N ale in the bars ….”
    For that reason and many others as well……I’m out!!!