A very strange betting market for the next Newcastle manager, over three weeks of inaction bringing us to this desperate looking point.

While West Brom and Crystal Palace appointed replacements in a matter of days, Mike Ashley and his stooges are giving the matter careful consideration, making sure or the right candidate etc etc

next newcastle managerJust what the reaction will be when/if they finally the announcement after all this time, if they say ‘We’ve scoured the world and interviewed numerous candidates and we couldn’t find anybody with better credentials than John Carver…’

At the moment the caretaker boss is 3/1 second favourite for the next Newcastle manager (Head Coach) job, despite four games without a win including getting knocked out of the FA Cup by Leicester.

Maybe it is no surprise though when you see what we are left with otherwise in the betting, they’re all currently ‘resting’ – Garde, Tuchel, Curbishley, Labbadia, McCoist (gardening leave!) and Sherwood.

The ‘honourable’ exception is Steve McClaren.

To show how far we have sunk, does anybody think there is any chance of McClaren coming to Newcastle?

Whereas once you would have expected somebody like him to crawl over broken glass to get the job, why on earth would he consider leaving a promotion favourite like Derby County where he has total control of team affairs and transfers, for our nonsense of a club under Ashley?

So we can rule out the Wally with the Brolly and simply ask why this charade has gone on so long when they eventually pluck somebody from the ranks of the unemployed? Or John Carver…

The current betting as follows from BetVictor, click HERE to get the full list of odds;

2/1 Remi Garde

3/1 John Carver

4/1 Steve McClaren

12/1 Tim Sherwood

20/1 Bruno Labbadia

20/1 Alan Curbishley

25/1 Ally McCoist

33/1 Thomas Tuchel

As well as these other selected ones (click HERE to get the full list of odds);

To place a bet and/or to see odds for all potential next Newcastle managers go HERE

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  • Peaco

    Let’s hope that they’re not waiting for Tony Fernandez to sack candle head.

  • Paul Patterson

    Let’s not forget Steve McClaren has changed a lot since his days down smogside and England.
    He’s a better manager than people give him credit for.
    Sadly, he’s a Manager (Which were not looking for) he’s at a club (Which were not looking for) He’s going to want say in transfers (Which were not looking for).
    He might use a brolly with S****s D****t on it though . .

  • toon tony

    Watching yesterday, that’s the wishy washy type of football we’ll get no matter who’s head coach. 11 players going through the motions until someone relieves them from their contract. We’re going nowhere until the FCB is ran out of toon.

  • Brownale69

    Southampton had half their players out, but had a set game plan and it worked. Newcastle get to the half way line and had no idea of what  to do next. Only Ameobi running at them caused problems, clueless, useless, tactics non existent. Carver? No thanks. This club is a laughing stock. When i look around the whole of the ground is a advert for Wonga and Sports direct. Disgrace.

  • mentalman

    Don’t forget McClaren worked on the continent as a head coach so he is used to the role and not buying the players

  • NatTurner

    Carver would be shocking.  He’s essentially had a trial run and has shown three losses and a draw against Burnley.  If that’s good enough for the job the fans should be irate and I’d expect even the pundits would be questioning the decision.

  • Jarra MIck

    Christ not Fragile Rock now you are taking the p