Siem de Jong could well be the jewel in the crown for Newcastle united.

This skilful player has the nuance required to unlock defences, the type of player we have not had since Yohan Cabaye.

He is a set-piece specialist, someone who can make dangerous free-kicks around the box actually troublesome for the opposition’s goalie. Similarly, we are in dire need of someone who has the ability to provide decent balls into the box. How many times have we seen the ball just lumped up to the box, hoping that Mike ‘The Huffelump’ Williamson will get his head on it, before then realising that he wouldn’t have a clue where the ball would go even if he did somehow actually get his head on the ball. He doesn’t exactly have a brilliant track record and yet we stick with it.

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With Siem, we will have someone who may still punt the ball to Mike, but at least that won’t be the only option we have. Siem will fill the void left by Yohan, he will be the new midfield general, and hopefully his ability to produce that slide rule pass to the likes of Perez (or even finish some himself) will hopefully make a huge difference to Newcastle in their remaining games this season.

Who knows, maybe he could have such an impact that we shoot up the table and finish in the top 6/7. Maybe even sneak some form of European football.

The league is so tight that any team going on a particularly good run can climb the table fast (as we did earlier in the season, except this time we wouldn’t be starting from 19th).

If we finish the season well, and move up the table to wherever, maybe that will make Mike Ashley realise that with a bit more investment, and with a decent manager, we could really have a  decent team, who could potentially push for those Champions League places and for the cups.

However, as we all know, if we were to do well for the rest of the season, Mike would think ‘I’ll just stick with this lot and the manager/head coach then, they obviously can do it without the need to spend anymore…”

The feeling of utter despair amongst the Newcastle fans runs deep and throughout.

So go out there and make us smile again, for 90 minutes at least.

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  • Jarra MIck

    Blokes a crock. Penny pinching gamble gone wrong.

  • Greekgeordie

    De Jong like Cabaey is a player that has the ability and the talent to move over the pitch at will, and be at the right place and time as required, so no manager can be blamed if he is having a bad game or form.
    as for crossing and taking set pieces I feel that R Taylor is the man for it when fit, in particular away from home when you expect the team to rely on set pieces to counter the home advantage.

  • Paul Patterson

    Let’s not put too much pressure on the lad. He could be a Cabella and take time to settle.

  • DownUnderMag

    He has the potential to set the club alight and most Dutch players do fairly well in the Premiership and seem to settle fairly well.  My biggest concern is with his fitness record, which wasn’t the greatest at his previous club and was a major factor in us getting him relatively cheap to start with.

    You look at the options we have when everyone is fit and it looks like an attacking lineup should be quite possible and hold it’s own.   De Jong is that player we need to link up play with the lone forward that (for some inexplicable reason) we keep persevering with.  Add Abeid’s passing ability we saw in those few games he played earlier and Aarons and Cabella as attacking options with Colback and Sissoko in the center holding it together, Janmaat getting forward when possible to overlap with the winger and it looks a threatening team.  Defence is the big worry since the form Colo is in and with no real quality in reserve it is dangerous – albeit with a clean sheet at the weekend but let’s not forget Hull’s chances and how bad they are at present.

    Injuries are our biggest concern – we need to strengthen the squad, but it isn’t going to happen as long as mediocrity and survival are out only goals.  Maybe getting Hoddle on board and his faith healer wasn’t such a bad idea to be honest…if we could keep everyone fit then we would be in for a real crack.

  • Alsteads

    Aaron’s just isn’t going to happen for me. He has obviously been tapped up in the background and FCB has dug his heels in with what he is worth paying. I hope I’m wrong but the silence from both sides about the kid speaks volumes for me

  • Bishbosh11

    There was an opportunity to invest and push on when we finished 5th! Ashley didn’t do it then and he won’t do it now! When are people going to realize that their optimism is in fact lunacy?

  • DownUnderMag

    Alsteads yeah the thought had crossed my mind – this injury that isn’t being reported on, no comeback date mentioned…it all just screams of not playing again for us ahead of his move in the summer.   Obvious potential but after one good game and question marks over injury you can’t help but think an agent sees a big payday at the end of the season….

  • wor monga

    You can’t get to be Ajax’s captain, and that well thought of
    without being something special…he had probably been playing through injury
    problems when he came, and the club have done the right thing, and got it
    sorted…this lad will be excellent for this club…but it may not happen
    overnight, and we have to expect that…because every club in this league is
    fighting now for whatever points it can pick up, but I have no doubts that Siem
    will be like a very good new signing for us…given time.

  • wor monga

    Bishbosh11  Probably when you realise that football is by nature based
    on optimism…football supporters have to be optimistic or else why would anybody
    support Hartlepool or Gateshead…you want to see your team beat whoever comes up
    next…at any level…
    We could have signed players when we finished 5Th
    like Spurs do and still finished lower next season…because throwing money at
    players and agents does not necessarily turn a club from a top five one into a
    top 4 one.

  • Bishbosh11

    wor monga Bishbosh11 Agreed. Football is based on optimism. You’re missing my point though! Being optimistic about football resuls
    is different from the lunacy of expecting a decent level of investment in the team. The two things are very seperate and should not be confused. It’s all about the bottom line these days so anything that interferes with that is quickly knocked on the head (Ie Any thought of European football or a cup run)