Just like Moussa Sissoko, Remy Cabella has this week been speaking to the media back home in France.

However, unlike Sissoko’s repeated ‘come and get me’ pleas including in his latest interview, Cabella is more relaxed about his position at Newcastle United.

remy cabellaTalking to Midi Libre, which is the local newspaper in Montpellier, French international Remy Cabella has reflected on his time at St. James’ Park so far.

“I’m enjoying myself and each game is intense from the first until the final minute.

“Arriving from Montpellier I needed time to adapt. I lived through several months which were a little difficult, both on the bench and on the pitch.

No regrets;

“I’m discovering a new league and new players, now I feel much better and I am playing my normal game.

“I do not regret the decision (moving to Newcastle) at all. It was my decision and I take full responsibility for it, which I don’t regret.”

Too easy just to leave;

“When we are put in difficult situation we learn a lot.

“Should I say to myself, ‘Ok, I am leaving now’ because I am not playing or only a little? That is too easy. “

It took 2 or 3 years to feel good;

“At Montpellier I rose steadily and when I became a pro for the first time it was difficult.

“It took me two or three years to feel good and now here, I arrive with other new players, we need  (time)to create something here.”

Regular football needed for Euros 2016;

“In order for me to be at the Euros (hosted by France in 2016) I need to be starting and performing for my club.

“I came here for that reason and to experience something else, when I fill in the gaps  I will be better and I will return to the national team.”

  • Hughie

    He is too lightweight to play anywhere other than on the wing I suspect, in which case he has competition from Sammy, Obertan and Aarons. Draw your own opinions!!

  • wor monga

    Exactly…Well said,

  • jimblag

    Hughie In that sense we are blessed with some promise on the wings, if you also include Ryan Taylor too. Juries out on all of them but if the winds blowing in the right direction all 5 can be good on their day.

  • SimonM68

    1957 Agree on the (stationary most of the time) stepovers.  He’s not convinced me yet by a long way but size isn’t everything (ask my missus – or better still, look at Modric for instance, or that other little midfield genius…..what was he called ….Dennis Wise ;-) Jury’s out I think?

  • GToon

    He’s much better when the ball is moving for him to run on to and then carry on the momentum towards the defender. He is struggling with getting the ball in a standing position and having to beat a defender and covering winger. I think he could learn a lot from what Ginola used to do when he was blocked – a pinpoint pass right across the pitch to the other wing.

  • GToon

    jimblag Hughie I dont think Ryan Taylor would have put that free kick into row z against the mackems like Dummet did. Taylor brings a lot to the team. I think he’s a very underrated player.