It might have taken some time coming but Remy Cabella produced a real quality finish for his first Newcastle goal after six months at Newcastle United.

Taking advantage of gifted possession, the Frenchman strode forward before unleashing a swerving left foot shot that flew past the Hull keeper.

Cabella may have over-elaborated a lot of the time but his recent displays, especially at Chelsea, have suggested that there is better to come.

Less step overs and more vicious left foot finishes!

Enjoy Remy Cabella’s quality first ever United goal below.

Thanks to Slobop25 for the vine;

  • No Brainer

    That’s it I’m never going back these guys are taking the mick out of us GENUINE TRUE fans. When we were challenging for everything it was mint. Did you see that fat bloke there today went to the match.
    I heard from a good source that he pulled carver aside at half time and told him that he had to let hull back into the game your not allowed to get up the league table.

    I mean this guy is unbelievable they (thats BT) they have video footage of it but he has threatened that he will start selling phones in his shops if they show it to anyone.



  • PeterRobson

    Calling it “gifted possession” is a bit unfair to Cabella !! He had the foresight to get into a position to take advantage of a defensive lapse !!! Even so, he´s starting to show why he was worth the money and attention.