I know that many, it not all, Newcastle fans are absolutely loving Ayoze Perez.

The kid is slight, skilful and a breath of fresh air to watch, the difference between watching him and the days of Ameobi lumbering around make for quite a stark contrast.

ayoze perezPerez has endeared himself to the Newcastle faithful with his skill, his desire and his workrate, which are all top drawer. I look forward to (hopefully) watching this young striker turn into someone of the same ilk as a young Michael Owen (less the injuries): a poacher, a finisher, a tireless worker and someone who gives 100%.

However, maybe controversially, I would not be playing Perez as a striker in this team, as it just does not suit.

In the current system, Ayoze is too isolated, he is not a big target man who can hold up play and allow others to join the attack. The only one in our current starting 11 who could do that with real effect would be Sissoko, but he is having such a good (but not brilliant) season playing in that number 10 role, and I currently would not want to change that at all.

Therefore, Perez should not be the starting centre forward as he does not get the support he needs. Perez is so much more than a target man, he is subtle, he is skilful and he beats people, he isn’t there to boss a defence and get on to a long ball hoofed up there by a certain donkey at the back…..Mike.

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Therefore, if Perez is not starting at centre forward it has to be Riviere. Many people have written Riviere off already, however, I believe given a good run of games he could possible become a good striker (maybe not great, but good). He is strong, he is quick and would definitely do a better job of holding up the play than Perez would in this current formation/style of play.

However, I do believe that Perez needs to be on the pitch, he has so much to offer us and has the ability to get up and down the field and work his way into the box, where he could easily poach a goal.

Therefore, get him out on the wing. Gouffran does nothing, therefore should not be there, so have Perez one wing, Cabella the other and Sissoko sitting behind Riviere. This formation would give us skill and pace on the wings as well as wingers who can cut inside and cause defenders problems. Then through the middle we have both powerhouse strength, with the ability to compete with defenders both in the air and on the floor.

Riviere obviously does know where the goal is, just look at his record last season (10 goals in 30 Ligue 1 matches – 11 of those 30 appearances as a sub).

I believe that with some confidence and once the Pardew effect has gone, he could be good, and until we revert to playing 2 up top, Perez should not be the lone striker.

God knows what we are going to do when we get Siem de Jong back. He will have to fit in somewhere and personally, I cannot wait…..

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  • Steve1221

    What is this Pardew effect? Cisse, Ba, Rémy and Ayoze didnt have many issues finding the net when they joined the club.

  • mentalman

    I’ve liked him out wide when he’s played there, having said that I he would play well up front alongside riviere. Gouff seems to have improved since Pardew left and seems to be getting into striker positions more, maybe its time to try him in his favoured position.

  • Paul Patterson

    There is a formation that we could play (with everyone fit) that would look really good on paper and with a bit of time, would come good.
    It involves a back four (Haidara, Dummett, Colo, Janmaat) Colback and Sissoko in the middle and De Jong, Perez and Ameobi sitting off Cisse up front. Then as the game goes on, you’d have Obertan and Cabella to come on and widen the play in the last 30 minutes.
    Alternatively, you could start with a back four, use Colback as a holding midfielder and start Cabella and Obertan on the wings, with De Jong and Sissoko supporting Cisse or Perez up front. Sissoko can drop back when needed.
    Good stuff, but this lot in charge won’t think of it . .

  • tom foreman

    can anyone tell me what’s happening with Aarons

  • wor monga

    What’s gannin on here, like…an article on the Mag that
    actually gives an objective account on football…Perez for me is a real class
    talent who already possesses most of the polished skills of a top class European
    striker, and I find it hard to fathom how he was allowed out of Spain by any of
    their ‘big’ clubs. To him there is no theory (or sense) of holding up play or
    muscling it out with defenders to win possession in the area…it is more a case
    of moving into the right space, and someone creating the pass for him…then the
    defender has to either take the ball off him, cleanly, or watch the ball go in
    the net. No reason he cannot stay as lone striker, but the creativity from the
    wings and central midfield must improve to get the best out of him…hopefully
    that will happen with De Jong.

  • Mancmag

    When Aaron’s is fully match fit it is essential he gets a run of games to see how good he really is. I think Perez and Aarons are stars in the making and if we can get de Jong fully match fit too our style of play could change completely. I wouldn’t dismiss Abeid either, he looked class before he was injured.

  • cwtoon88

    Rivierre could work in the heskey role but if we have any ambition ( funny I know) wed need a better centre forward

  • Big Kevsy

    wor monga who are you like, the voice of dissent? Perez played as a number 10 against Burnley and Everton, it’s only because we have no available strikers (unless you count Riviere who was misses sitter after sitter) at this point in time.

  • cwtoon88

    Paul Patterson

    De Jong on the wing? Dummett? Sammy?

    Saylor gets stick but compared to Dummett its like comparing John Terry to Mike Williamson. No strength, no pace, terrible on the ball and awful positioning are a great mix for a defender

    Aarons has played 2 games but he looks far  better than Sammy and Cabella offer so much more despite being inconsistent, sammys best attribute is that nobody knows what he will do

    Put Cabella in for Sammy, Saylor for Dummett and sawp de Jong to the middle and Cabella out wide

    Also take Colback out and replace with Abeid and even though Cisse is inconsistent he is still far superior to Rivierre

    Then you might have a good team

  • cwtoon88

    mentalman From what Iv seen of Gouff in recent games he has little moments which look good on a highlight reel but when actually watching him he still does very little

  • likelylad

    Sounds like you have been pardewed. Put a great striker on the wing ha ha.
    The way we play is not the only way to play.
    Put Rivierre as centre forward, put Perez off the shoulder as a number 10.
    Have Sissoko bombing forward from deep like rob lee did in his early days.

  • wor monga

    Big Kevsy wor monga Football by numbers Kevsy…that’s a bit too modern for me…Perez
    has all the striking skills needed at any level of the game for me…moves into
    space…keeps himself onside…has a brilliant first touch to take a pass, and knows
    instinctively where the goal is…if you want Milburn, Lofthouse, Hurst or
    Macdonald then this lad is definitely not for you.

  • mentalman

    Your right but his very little in the last couples of games has been a lot more than in the last season and a half, I’m sure I’m not the only person who used to forget he was playing. The last few games he seems to be at least threatening the opposition goal which he hasn’t done for a long time. it seems as though carver isn’t willing to drop him so why not try him up front, he’s a better option than Armstrong

  • GToon

    The problem with him is that he is young, hard working, very talented and therefore next on the shelf for the shop keeper to make a profit from. In days gone by i would have been excited the thought of him progressing at SJP and would get my kids shirts with his name on. Not any more. Its just a matter of time before he departs to another club and i don’t use the word “bigger” cos for me no such club exists. It’s just another club thats all.

  • GToon

    Mancmag Aye, its just about keeping them fit. They are potentially great players in the making.

  • GToon

    cwtoon88 Paul Patterson I would keep Colback in – he’s been great so far i think. Always gives his best and keeps going even when the result has already been decided.

  • GToon

    Steve1221 Its about playing players out of position which then has the knock on effect of ruining their confidence and makes people wonder why we signed them in the first place. Case in point being the way Cisse was played on the wing or whatever until he looked totally useless and devoid of any confidence. This is after the season where you rightly pointed out “he had no trouble finding the net”.

  • Billco

    mentalman  Gouffran improved ????

  • cwtoon88

    GToon cwtoon88 Paul Patterson I do like Colback, i just think Abeid could be the better player in the long run and needs the game time

  • NatTurner

    For me it’d be a toss-up between Riviere and Shola.

  • jimblag

    cwtoon88 Paul Patterson The best thing about Aarons is he’s fearless. Proper arrogant Bristolian rude boy, I love it.