Playing young Newcastle players is the way forward.

I have been a reader of The Mag online and via twitter for quite some time but have never felt the urge to contribute before. Although this will be my first attempt, hopefully it’s not my last.

Onto my point – Why not let the kids play?

I’ve watched almost every one of our games this season and have to say, I’ve been greatly impressed with a lot of the young talent we have at the club. I firmly believe that they are the answer to a lot of our problems.

When I sat down to review a lot of our games this season, besides Sissoko, I can’t remember another senior player who has regularly performed well. However, players like Ayoze, Abeid, Dummett, Aarons and Colback have been extremely impressive when given their chance. I know some will argue that Colback is classed as a senior player having been around for a while but the lad is still young at only 25.

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We currently have more than 15 players under the age of 25, including Santon, Riviere, Good, Bigirimana, Vuckic and Haidara at the club but rarely see them given a chance.

One thing that regularly frustrated me under Pardew was his insistence on relying on senior players who were not producing the goods, while promoting players like Armstrong, Campbell, and Sammy Ameobi in interviews and yet never seeing them on the pitch.

Over the course of this season we have seen many of these youngsters come through and perform in my opinion, extremely well. Whilst many of them are not the complete product as of yet, I think they offer the team a lot more than some of the more senior players they are meant to be learning from.

I would much prefer to see a young, hungry player given their chance than watch the same players underperform week in, week out yet retain their place. Promoting from within would surely inject some energy into the side with players who have genuine enthusiasm to succeed and play well.

Looking at some of the young talent we have on our books and some who are due to finally join in the summer, I think we can be a little bit more optimistic about the future, if they finally get their chance.

  • bill black

    The future under Ashley will not change. The future being playing the cheapest players we can get to finish 17th to 8th and win the odd cup game with a team which is more a show window team, or lets see how they can play than trying to have a cup run.The kids will be put in if they meet the aim. Sad but that is all its about.

  • cwtoon88

    Dummett has been really impressive, you have killed the article before you have even started with that one, terrible at CB atrocious at LB, no pace, strength, ability on the ball, composure or positioning

    Young players need to be played but only if they are good enough players like Dummett and Sammy just arent

  • SimonM68

    What surprised me last  season (and this is a mirror image sadly) is that they didn’t play more of the kids from Jan onwards. Not because the senior players were largely poor (which they were), or to serve up anything of interest to the terraces – perish the thought-, but because you would think that it would fit with the business model.
    If you can’t go down (?) then surely taking a handful of youngsters who have come through the youth team and therefore cost nothing, giving them game time and therefore turning them into premiership ‘regulars’ by the end of the season maps ideally to Ashely’s ‘buy low sell high’ model, even if they become worth £1 -2m and go to championship teams…
    We are a shop window of course – just depends on what goods he wants to put in that window doesn’t it.

  • The Vicar


    You are 100% right. I couldn’t agree with you more. Ameobi, Dummett, Abied and the rest. Pardew was forced to use youngsters in the end and it worked. Last November he succeeded in spite of himself not because of himself.

    I know we are not going to buy this January transfer window and frankly I think this is no bad thing. We could end up giving Curtis Good an opportunity, the guy who just missed out on the world cup due to injury. Good was centre back for Australia (Asian champions) and was a star performer pre the WC. 

    In common with most supporter bases we seem far too keen to write off our own. We would rather waste squillians on players who are too concerned the money and not as concerned about our club. My view would be to grow AND KEEP players we develop through the youth system. So if one of our youngsters comes through the ranks and is EPL level, we turn down ALL offers.

  • The Vicar


    Totally disagree with you. Dummett is an excellent CB, probably the best we have on the books given the sad demise of Colo. Also Sammy is one of our best players. 

    If you read the neutral players assessments Sammy nearly always scores highly. This is because people without axes to grind work on stuff like: How many touches does the guy have? How many tackles? How many times does he give the ball away (which is one reason Sissoko does badly in these assessments)? Does he pass to a team mate as opposed to the opposition? 

    I challenge anyone to go on an “Ameobi watch” and then compare with some of our more celebrated players. You can get quite sophisticated with this, but even at the simplest level the picture is revealing. Sometimes I wonder, given his selections, just how good Pardew was at add and take away: that goes for some of our pundits.

  • cwtoon88

    The Vicar Iv watched and analysed both of these players and that is how I deem them not good enough. Stats do not tell the whole story someone could have 20 touches but they are all negative and another player could have had 5 and they could have been tough positive balls to play

    On Dummett, answer this what makes him such a good centre half in your view? He has no pace, he is weak in the tackle, he makes at least 1 mistake a game, he is poor in the air, he has no composure, his positioning is poor and he is terrible on the ball. ‘Being a geordie’ isnt an acceptable answer. Imagine if he wasnt from up here

    On Sammy the amount of times he dribbles or passed the ball out of play is shocking, his best attribute is his unpredictability and that isn’t sustainable. He has a knack of scoring or getting an assist but I think that mesmerizes people to the fact f how poor hes been the rest of the game, today is a prime example.

    The big problem with having them their is they could block the development of those that could be good player in Dummets case Good, Street and Satka and in Sammys Aarons and Roberts