Yet another defeat against Southampton made it only two wins in twelve matches and the Newcastle players were clearly as gutted as the fans afterwards.

The fans drown their sorrows after watching yet another excitement/creativity free performance.

Supporters having the added headache and embarrassment of watching the farce that now is approaching four weeks without a manager.

Carver and his players meanwhile have flown off to the sunshine of Dubai but assured supporters that it is anything but a jolly…

newcastle playershhh

  • PeterRobson

    They look gutted to be getting away from the grind of struggling in to work in the freezing conditions !!!
    My deepest sympathies to all the squad members having to suffer a comfortable flight to sunny Dubai !!!

  • Brownale69

    Dont bother coming back

  • Tonytoon

    If Dubai offers the opportunity for good quality training rather than the snow and ice covered training pitches here then it makes sense – despite the obvious agenda implied in the tone of this article.

  • I don’t want to be hated for this but they are human and although they have not been at their best there on holiday/training. You could have a shocker at work and go to spain.

  • Hughie

    Stirring up more trouble with a stupid article. Presumably you would put them in the stocks or lock them in the training ground at Benton for two weeks on a diet of bread and water? Find something interesting to write about instead of trivial negative tittle tattle.

  • DownUnderMag

    It’s a training camp.  What do you want them to do, stay here with the freeing cold and probably get more injuries?  This is a great time to get the players out of here, away from the negative press and pressure and hopefully come back refreshed and ready to give their all in the second half of the season.  Obviously it would have been nicer to be still in the cup…but hey ho, life goes on…

  • tino o

    Hardly the players faults . some may have to cut short their hols when fcb cashes in on them

  • vbhgft

    Pathetic article. What do you expect – horsewhipping and a diet of gruel?

  • SimonM68

    Wow!!! Look at that bloke with the gegs on – right of picture – It’s a barely disguised  LIONEL MESSI!!!! MIKE WE LOVE YOU. ALL IS FORGIVEN!!

  • vbhgft

    SimonM68 That’s what I thought, then I realised he looked more like the bloke out of The Lightning Seeds!

  • killyted

    does not look that they are flying first class what a shame

  • Brownale69

    Fly WONGA………

  • Toonbadger

    vbhgft SimonM68  Its the Milky Bar Kid
    just put a cowboy hat on him

  • StephenBowers

    Makes a nice change to see them smiling.

  • Paul Patterson

    The whole idea of ‘Warm Weather training’ doesn’t sit right with this.
    You can’t use warm weather training on players that are going to be playing in the UK in January/February/March. And anyone that thinks this is sensible, is an idiot.
    You train in warm weather when you’re going to be playing in a Brazil World Cup or the like.
    Tynemouth beach would have been more suitable . .

  • SimonM68

    vbhgft SimonM68 there’s no sugar coating on our bloater of an iceberg though mate!!

  • likelylad

    Hmmm, someone is trying to stir things up I think.
    I am nearly sure that’s the photo from the Chelsea game.
    Anyhow, there’s nothing wrong with smiling. Its a coaches job to raise their spirits.
    At least Carver has finally did something right.

  • wor monga

    Give over.. why are you trying to stir things against the
    young players we’ve got, by using these tactics…nobody heads off to Abu Dhabi
    or anywhere in the Gulf States wearing a Parka…at least they probably won’t when
    they don’t have to catch the bus from the Haymarket to the airport. Young
    players don’t dwell on their last result…they have to move on from it, and that’s
    the way it has to be.

  • mYoung23

    Strange that, that’s the sign in like to give gouffran!!

  • Tonytoon

    You see, this is where I have a serious problem with some “fans”. The abuse of other posters (idiots? really?) whenever another has a different opinion to their own blinkered viewpoint. On the contrary I would suggest that comments such as this demonstrate the writer’s lack of ability to intelligently respond to a counter argument. And calling people idiots is one of the milder insults aimed at what are generally well considered and intelligently constructed contributions to the blog. Would you insult someone to their face like this? The computer keyboard has a lot to answer for.

  • Paul Patterson

    Surely you can’t think that this was a good idea. Travelling to Dubai- DUBAI and sampling the warm weather, then travelling all the way back and coming back into what is currently sub zero conditions – is brainless, no more no less.
    I’m not abusing other fans on this*, rather the club for doing it in the first place. Not the first idiotic idea they’ve had.
    *(I’m not into childish name calling and have been one of the more positive contributors to this site, even when results and attitudes have suggested I should be otherwise.)
    I feel I’ve demonstrated the arguement quite clear and honestly.
    And yes, I would have told whoever at the club that it was a plainly stupid (and idiotic) idea. One which was made before our FA Cup exit, which suggests the club took the decision that we would be out of the cup next weekend and that the trip would be made regardless of it’s effect on the FA Cup game.

  • dav_art

    Emirates colours are not purple. This article is a complete scam.  Typical of the sh!t stirring on this once respected site

  • A lex

    Stick to National Express for your hols bonny lad.