The future of Papiss Cisse future could well be decided by Saturday.

While Newcastle United have exited the FA Cup and picked up only one point out of nine in the Premier League, the striker hasn’t exactly been playing it for laughs either.

papiss cisseOnly eight days after their African Cup of Nations campaign started, Senegal were eliminated yesterday with defeat by Algeria.

Cisse had sat out the first two matches and then finally got his chance with 36 minutes yesterday, already trailing 1-0 the introduction of the Newcastle forward made no difference with Algeria doubling their lead before the end.

Exactly why Senegal’s top striker had been left out is unknown, though in response to him not playing some pundits had speculated rather bizarrely that Senegal were keeping him for the later stages.

Struggling through their first two matches, Senegal used six substitutes in total but not Papiss Cisse amongst them, leading to worries that ongoing problems with his knee could be the reason, Alan Pardew having said a number of times that the striker wouldn’t be properly fit until next season at the earliest.

Whatever the reasons for the inaction, there is no reason surely why Papiss Cisse won’t be back in time and available for Hull on Saturday.

In the background of course we have had repeated speculation that a number of clubs are interested in taking Papiss Cisse this January and who could blame them, with the Newcastle striker currently having the best average goal per minutes average in the Premier League, with nine goals from limited opportunities.

Many of us will feel the writing is on the wall as with only eighteen months left on his contract and turning thirty in the summer, Mike Ashley will for sure see a depreciating asset if he doesn’t sell him now.

If Papiss Cisse is involved at Hull on Saturday then I think he’ll be here at least until the summer but I have a feeling we will once again hear Mike Ashley’s cash till ringing before then, having already banked close to £10m by ‘selling’ Alan Pardew and the deal that went through for Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa yesterday.

Cheick Tiote could also be on his way home shortly, the Ivory Coast play their final group match at 6pm today (UK time) against Cameroon and all four countries in the group are tied on two points.

  • Brownale69

    Thank goodness for his goals this season….9 so far 1 more than Rooney, & Van Persie, same as Hazard and they play for a “decent teams” is there anyone else in the squad goin to score 9 goals?

  • No Brainer

    I’ll bear the backside in Fenwick’s if he leaves this window.

  • AshfordDeanoP

    Aren’t we over egging Papiss? Grateful for his contribution this season but he hasn’t exactly delivered as we would had hoped over the seasons. If we got someone in and sold Papiss would that be so bad at his age and with his knee concerns? Appreciate that it is a big ‘if’ to replace him in this window!! You never know……

  • No Brainer

    Brownale69 Perez

  • Steve1221

    No matter what’s happening, I can guarantee Cisse wont be available on Saturday, noone ever gets back from the African Nations that quickly.

  • DownUnderMag

    Seems the wrong striker was claimed to have a dodgy knee…

  • Mal44

    AshfordDeanoP ‘ Appreciate that it is a big ‘if’ to replace him in this window!! You never know……’

    I think we do know what would happen if we did sell him. It would be just too late to get our main target ‘over the line’.

  • wor monga

    DownUnderMag He broke a kneecap at the end of last season…and if you want
    to cripple somebody smash their kneecap, and they won’t bend that leg again for
    a long time, if ever…learned that one off the IRA. It’s down to guts and
    determination that is seeing him able to play 45mins this season.

  • Carver for North Korea

    No Brainer Brownale69 Nope

  • Carver for North Korea

    watched him play last night he didnt look like he had any fitness problems at all & without his Goals we`d be in the bottom 3

  • jentoon

    He has been good so far considering his injury problem, but we are back to the same old all we are is a selling club with very little ambition whilst Ashley owns us. Hopefully the wally with the brolly will not be our next manager, cannot stand the bloke, rooting for DeBoer it would be great but it is maybe dream on!

  • mrkgw

    I reckon that the Ashley january sales will kick in towards deadline day. Have to fund that Rangers loan somehow, and I suspect that any profits will pour into our north of the border rivals.

  • No Brainer

    Are you saying that to justify your crazy hatred of the club. You have absolutely no historical evidence that tge club or its owner behaves in such away so can’t back that up. Why do you do it. Is it yourself you don’t like through a lack of self achievement, do something about that first then take an objective view.
    Can I ask what you would do differently?

  • Steve1221

    Carver for North Korea So the injury problem which is stopping him from playing much more than 45 minutes didnt flare up during his 36 minutes on the pitch? That’s surprising

  • DarrenTeasdale

    Cisse has 30 months left on his contract, not 18 months.  He’s contracted till July 2017.