What were your Newcastle v Southampton player ratings?

Interesting to get an outside perspective and the industry leader for an independent viewpoint is the whoscored rating system (used by numerous sections of the football industry; including media, bookmakers and clubs themselves).

newcastle v southampton player ratingsOver 200 raw statistics are used to calculate the player ratings and are weighted according to influence in the game – taking into account the area of the pitch and its outcome for each important event.

The marks overall of the Newcastle v Southampton player ratings meant that United players on average rated 6.64, compared to the Saints’ 7.04.

Gouffran(see his spectacular goal HERE) and Cabella were rated best of ours – they must add a canny bit if you score a goal!

Newcastle United

7.9 Cabella

7.9 Gouffran

7.1 Dummett

6.9 Colback

6.9 Sissoko

6.8 Coloccini

6.8 Ameobi (Sub)

6.8 Haidara

6.5 Anita

6.4 Janmaat

6.3 Perez

6.0 Williamson (Sub)

5.9 Riviere (Sub)

5.1 Krul

Southampton: 8.6 Elia, 8.2 Fonte, 8.2 Gardoa, 7.4 Pelle, 7.3 Clyne, 7.1 Reed, 6.7 Ward-Prowse, 6.5 Davis, 6.4 Forster, 6.4 Bertrand, 6.2 Tadic,

Subs: 6.8 Long, 6.6 Cork, 6.2 Targett

  • Pulse33

    I kind of agree with ours. Krul and Jamaat had shockers while Perez was again isolated. I thought Gouffran played alright even without the goal and looked to get into goal scoring positions. Cabella did well again I thought. For me Sissoko was a little off in this game some of his passes and balls were done poorly although he didn’t play badly just some more composure with the final pass.

  • Paul Patterson

    Gouffran 7.9?

  • Belfast Ali

    Gouffran was my man of the match. He never stopped running and pushed forward when he could. If Shearer had scored that goal, it would have been hailed as a great piece of work.
    Krul cost us the game, he had three shots to save and failed miserably with all. Only the bar saved us from the third. If that had been Alnwick the posts on here would have been quick to point it out.

  • JarraChris

    The obvious lack of a Game Plan from a clueless coaching team was the main reason why we got nowt out this game and NO it would not have been any different if Pardew was in charge.

    Ashley Out!

  • AndrewCowley1

    No newcastle player warranted more then a 6.that was prob gouffran as well.krul was prob a 3,the first goal was so bad it was untrue.i looked with envious eyes at Fonte and pelle in particular exactly the players we need.same problems as always,poor defending,not enough players in the box,clueless in final third.

  • Belfast Ali

    I was looking enviously at Fraser Forester

  • Steve1221

    Why? He didn’t have a save to make

  • cwtoon88

    terrible ratings, Haidara and Anita best player’s on the park by some way. Anita far superior to Colback, Dummett was absolutely atrocious again, Gouff was poor just got lucky and Cabella faded massively
    These ratings look like they have been made by a stupid kid overexcited by stepovers and who scored and also whos been born in england