Earlier today it was confirmed that the Newcastle United squad, management and admin staff, would all get a bonus if the team finish top ten in the Premier League this season.

For some teams finishing top is the holy grail, for others top four and Champions League qualification.

top tenWhilst on Tyneside top ten is where the glory is…or rather, Mike Ashley safely banking another season of TV cash, free advertising for his business empire and all the other fringe benefits from his involvement with Newcastle United.

So as we close in on the latter stages of Mike Ashley’s eighth season at Newcastle, just how do United measure up to the aim of glorious top ten finishes under the current owner?

Thanks to the excellent @MikeAshleyLies for the table below, showing how many times each club has finished in the top ten whilst Mike Ashley has been at Newcastle;

Premier-League-Top-Ten-FinishesIn the seven seasons before Ashley arrived at Newcastle, United finished top half on four occasions and only Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea and Manchester United achieved that more times in those seven years.

Under Mike Ashley Newcastle finished fifth in 2011/12 and then just scraped it by ending up tenth after a dismal second half of the season last year.

  • justchampion

    If you reward mediocrity, then mediocrity is what you get. There is no further incentive to push on. Not that they should need any incentive…

  • wor monga

    Another earth shattering statistical shopping list of…football
    trivia taken from that non-stop compiler of anti-Toon statistical trivia you
    keep plugging on here…and all of them designed to tell us what a rubbish club
    we are supporting…and that incessant whinging and griping will change things
    for the better.
    Well Jackie…some Toon
    supporters on here have been whinging constantly for 7 years now so how about another
    list showing how much improvement we’ve had in that time…compared with the
    clubs who have never ever made the top ten, but who’s fans don’t feel compelled
    to cringe about it.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    wor monga feel free to list the improvements we have experienced in the last 7 years. Sacking Houghton, losing.KK (then being sued by him at which the club was all but judged of telling lies) . Dennis Wise, Xisco, Kinnear (twice), Pardew, one cup match win in 5 years and the list goes on. I’d love to know what you feel is an improvement during any of this.

  • pissed off mag

    wor monga  improvement hahahahaha you mackem clown

  • vbhgft

    More Smithfield toilet.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Vbhgft – to you. A rather sad  statistic, no? Please remind everyone of your comment stating we are all the reeking masses and you and your likes are the way forward in football support.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Vbhgft said – 

    “The sooner football is gentrified away from the braying, reeking hoi polloi the better. The future is people such as myself and others of a like mind.No place in our new world for dinosaurs.”

    Whatever his arguments are, he is certainly not one of us. Please take note.