Newcastle United are working in partnership with Moussa Sissoko to try and sell him, in my opinion.

I don’t have secret documents or a dossier containing photos of dodgy meetings with shady characters or representatives of other clubs, which are probably the same people in reality…

moussa sissokoWhat I do have though is some common sense (though not all that much according to my wife) and some facts.

In the last 24 hours an interview with Moussa Sissoko was published in France, which for at least the third time repeated the same messages.

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He wants to plays for a ‘big’ club, he wants to play Champions League football, but for the moment he is ‘happy’ at Newcastle United. In this particular interview, maybe the only change was that he added that he would be 26 in August, pointing out clearly that he feels the clock is ticking.

Now ask any journalist and they will tell you that no player is allowed to do any interview without the club’s permission, indeed the newspapers/journalists know that if they did do such an interview without the club’s consent then they risk losing their press privileges and access to Newcastle United.

So we have a situation where every few months Moussa Sissoko is giving these interviews and sending out the same message.

I don’t know what ‘Come and get me’ translates to in French but the Newcastle midfielder is using it plenty.

So Sissoko keeps giving these unsettling (for fans) interviews, he’s not caught on the hop in the street and gives a one line answer to an off the cuff question, these are proper sit down interviews with major French media companies.

No disciplinary action by the club against the player or the media outlets, no refuting or clarification of the comments by the player and/or the club.

Amusingly, this time Moussa Sissoko himself actually tweeted his 146,000 followers with a link to the ‘exclusive interview’, just to make sure no doubt they are still listening in North London, Paris, wherever. Actually I was surprised that Newcastle United didn’t retweet his link to the latest ‘come and get me’ interview…

I am now convinced that just like Yohan Cabaye before him (remember, when Yohan was sold he said he’d come to an arrangement with NUFC that they would sell him in that January), an understanding has been reached between Sissoko and the club to work together to get his transfer at the highest possible price – a win/win situation for Mike Ashley and Moussa Sissoko, but another nightmare for the fans as the latest most saleable asset (AKA best player) is helped out of the club.

So no wonder the club don’t kick up a force when Sissoko is telling the world he will leave if any ‘big’ club comes in for him, while at the same time the local press keep putting out the message on behalf of the club that they are ‘hard sellers’, which translates from Geordie into English as – pay what the Newcastle owner wants and he’s yours.

Imoussa sissoko think is is also obvious now that any decent new players with any kind of a pedigree are being sold a certain dream when they agree to join Newcastle, the latest being the likes of Cabella, Janmaat and De Jong in the summer.

These players and their agents aren’t stupid, they can see that Newcastle have no ambition on the pitch and that successful players are allowed to move on.

I think it is guaranteed that these players are given the big sell of;

‘Look, you can see Newcastle aren’t going to be winning trophies but we’ll give you your chance in England, get plenty of matches, then if you show you can hack it in the Premier League you’ll then get a move to a decent club’.

With players such as Cabaye, Debuchy and Demba Ba referenced as players to aspire to.

Monday is the transfer deadline, prepare yourself. I think we will be seeing a bit more of a sales pitch from both Moussa Sissoko before we can potentially breathe easy again.

  • Paul Ben

    Great analysis, and completely buy into your reading of that.  It’s not a bad business model they have – i agree with your explanation of the dream they are selling to agents, it is like the way shops sell themselves to suppliers as a way of positioning on the sexy shelves their products best for their buyers, you might even have to pay to get on those shelves.  ” Come and play in the PL for 12-18 months on just half-decent money, and give the chance to get yourself a big-time payday”. 

    The upside is that it only works as long as we are in the PL, and so it means that at least the club are completely motivated to do whatever it takes avoid relegation, see the spending spree two years ago. 

    The downside is that that’s where club and fan interest parts company, so whilst 17 is ‘good enough’ for the club, that’s a terrible prospect for a fan – and a terrible reality last season :-(  Likewise, we want to develop attachments to football heroes that play for our club with passion and commitment to the club, and the reality is that the stayers are likely to only be the ones too bad to get an offer elsewhere. But I don’t want to blame just the here: there’s a lot of players who go along with this as a way of making big money.  

    I must admit, for passion and attachment i have found myself since the regime change at NUFC paying a lot more attention to other local clubs (mainly Whitley Bay in my case), and find the commitment of someone like Paul Chow far more appealing than the prospect of NUFC getting a 20 yr old rising star who’ll be off in 18 months with a sack of cash and stinging words for my beloved Newcastle.

  • tonytoontastic

    Paul Ben  Local football is no different. If a player does well at whitley bay and his work commitments fit for him to go to blyth then that’s what will happen. Where are most of whitley bays starting eleven from? Not many whitley lads that for sure, not many come through from their junior side or under 21 side. People will want to get the most money they can and to push themselves as much as possible ie playing at a higher level.

    We have been and always will be a selling club, go back to supermac, alan kennedy and terry mac in the 70s to waddle Beardsley and gazza in the eighties and so on, it will never change.

  • Paul Ben

    tonytoontastic You’re definitely right there generally speaking.  I suppose i am clouded in that regard by Paul Chow’s fantastic record.

  • Snappermac

    Why does the Mag publish EVERY negative view by every jouno wannabes? Sick of reading the crap.

  • Snappermac

    EVERY club is a selling club if the offer is right, Beckham, Ronaldo left Manure, Drogba left Chelsea, Bale left Spurs it goes on and on. Get a grip and give your head a shake.

  • wor monga

    …“I am now convinced
    that just like Yohan Cabaye before him (remember, when Yohan was sold he said
    he’d come to an arrangement with NUFC that they would sell him in that
    January), an understanding has been reached between Sissoko and the club”…
    You conveniently ‘forgot’
    to mention there…that Cabaye had earlier withdrawn his labour in order to
    force a move away from the club, and would only resume playing when he had been
    given an assurance that he would be allowed to move in the next window, if an
    appropriate fee was forthcoming…
    …and there’s not much
    point keeping a player who resorts to those kind of ‘blackmail’ tactics to
    force a move away, Dean…is there?… and as far as I am aware, Sissoko hasn’t
    resorted to those shameful tricks ,yet…has he!!!

  • Brownale69

    sorry no chance to get a replacement before the deadline…….

  • GToon

    Snappermac Because there arent articles like “Newcastle working with Sissoko to win a cup” or “Toon determined to finish top 5” or “Ashley ploughs profits back onto pitch”.

  • Alexh1984

    Even a club like Aston Villa shows a bit of promise compared to us. Teams were tracking Benteke, he signed a new contract, then Delph, again signed a new contract. Here it’s play for a year or 2 then your free to go for a profit. In the long run this is going to have a huge effect. Why would anyone not from newcastle support the team? No heros or club legends for kids to idolise, just profit. By the time Ashley leaves we’ll be an empty shell. Unless the fans actually decide to try and do something about it instead of arguing or just sitting at home on a computer.

  • Opiner1

    Snappermac Did Chelsea sell Drogba?

  • Stephen Sheppard

    looks like he wants off, from his various comments…min 20mil plz

  • NatTurner

    Snappermac  The difference is that when the players you mentioned left they didn’t leave the team gutted.  There were replacements there and more bought.  If Sissoko leaves we will be even more rubbish than we were after we sold Cabaye.  At least when he was sold Sissoko remained.  We’ll literally have  no one to get the ball from the back to the front.  Williamson’s hoofing will be the only option.  Sissoko is one of the only players who gives us a touch of class on the pitch.  Remove Janmaat, Sissoko, and Perez and we’re a Championship team.

  • GToon

    Snappermac But they use the money to replace those players. Thats the difference.

  • likelylad

    He’s not our best player by a long shot

  • toon tony

    If we were a club with ambition, maybe they wouldn’t want to leave, maybe they would look forward to new players coming to push us up the league,maybe if our owner wasn’t a F greedy B.

  • vbhgft

    Embarrassing drivel.

  • No Brainer

    Alexh1984 how long were cole ferdinand ginola here for?

  • No Brainer

    NatTurner Snappermac oh when ronaldo and bale left their fans where gutted as where lfc’s with suarez and everton with rooney and and and and and and the list is endless

  • No Brainer

    GToon Snappermac but they are doing that.

  • No Brainer

    More rubbish

  • NatTurner

    likelylad  Who do you rate above Sissoko?

  • NatTurner

    No Brainer Not to the same extent.

  • Conman

    In my opinion, he will go at the end of the season. We have a poor squad as it is and although we have points in the bag, we cannot flirt with relegation. By losing our best player this season, it really would leave us looking down the table at what is coming up behind us.

  • Alexh1984

    Ginola was here aged 28-30 during the peak of his career, Ferdinand 28-31 so the same principle. Brought at peaks rather than sold before. How long was shearer, speed, lee, Beardsley, Robert or Given here?

  • SimonM68

    Alexh1984 Don’t be saying anything good about Villa Alex – I got told off for that yesterday ;-)

  • SimonM68

    Sissoko – once his exile on the wing ended, he’s looked like a match winner when he’s been up for it. He’s not always up for it mind.
    I get that he wants away – fair enough – nothing against him for that,  but his conduct hasn’t been great has it. Players don’t ask for a transfer very often (for fear of losing loyalty bonuses – highly ironic in itself), but this lad has done everything but.  He’s bared his a*se in the shop window and wailed on like a cat on heat.
    He might find out, like quite a few before him, that the “club of my dreams”  turns into “the bench of my dreams”…

  • Mister Tee

    Who is doing what exactly?

  • Jarra MIck

    Conman When does footballing common sense come into it? These lot are chancers, if they can sell they will. If Sissoko doesn’t go it will be because no one has stumped up the cash not because the club think we need him to avoid relegation. A few years ago the fans would be going mental about any of our players touting himself round, now we just accept it. We have all been Ashlied.

  • No Brainer

    The club are working with sissoko to win a cup especially ameobi when he played him in against man city.

  • Mister Tee

    Oh yeah, I remember that.
    I also remember we got smashed off Spurs the round after.
    Never mind the Club still had the chance to work with him to win the FA Cup.
    What’s that?
    They didn’t play him in the FA Cup against Leicester???
    Feel free to write an article about the other 2 topics though.

  • No Brainer

    Not 100% on this but are we talking about the same fa cup game in which nufc’s reserves scored exactly the same legitimate goals as tge opposition. Sorry my mistake I am 100% on this we are out of the fa cup only due to a stipid linesman

  • Mister Tee

    Yes, its always a good idea to play the “reserves” in a competition you’d like to win especially when you are playing a fellow Premier League side.
    Maybe if we had of played a couple of first teamers it would have helped but they were (conveniently) injured.
    It always sounds very childish to place the blame soley at the feet of the officials (or at least it does the way you do it!) when trying to say we shouldn’t have lost to Leicester as anyone who has watched football for more than 5 minutes will just tell you that those decisions even themselves out over the season. I can’t remember many off the top of my head but then those sort of things never stick in the memory do they?
    What did the stats look like in that game?
    Did we have many chances or corners compared to Leicester or was it, overall, a fair result?
    Ask any supporter of any club in the world and they will have a story of how “the referee was to blame” but hardly any of “the referee saved us there”.
    Perhaps we had used up a bit of good luck the match before when Burnley could of beat us at St James’ but they kept on hitting the woodwork.

  • No Brainer

    Nufc possession 54% lcfc 3 shots on target nufc 2 but it does not include the legitinate goal so even a game and dull it was pitifull but we should of had a replay. 12 corners lcfc 8 nufc
    Or burnley had the luck when we scored a goal for them we did didn’t we.
    this year we have had three glaring ref decisions crucial ref decisions against us cabella pulled down against chelsea away by the last man southampton handball and none for.
    remember man city last year
    but worse we sacked bobby when jimmy floyd punched the ball in the net
    a linesman didn’t know where the lines were.against Norwich And a ref who did’nt have the balls to send sorenson off after 4 minutes when he assaulted bellemy. I don’t think it evens itself out that is just accepting the status quo

  • Mister Tee

    Dear me.
    Do I really have to spell it out for you mate?
    I have just said that fans always remember decisions that go against them and not for them and you just go and list a load of decisions that have went against us.
    That. Is. What. I. Said.
    So we have never had any own goals scored for us? Ever?
    Never got away with a handball in our own area? Ever?
    Never got lucky with a sending off? Ever?
    What about Cisse against West Brom a couple of year back?
    He deflected a Sammy Ameobi shot into the goal.
    With his backside.
    When he wasnt looking.
    To give us an undeserved win.
    In the last minute!
    What about Cisse against Everton this season!!!
    He nearly knocked Seamus Colemans head off.
    3 times!!!!
    But he stayed on the pitch.
    And scored!!!!
    And we won!
    It might have been different had he been (rightly) sent off.
    What about the 4-4 with Arsenal?
    The 2nd penalty when Williamson went over was dubious to say the least as was Bartons collapse to win the free kick that eventually ended up at Tiotes left foot.
    If I remember rightly Leon Best had a goal wrongly disallowed in that game but then so did Van Persie just after Tiote scored.
    I cant remember many more but there will be, trust me on that.

  • No Brainer

    Mister Tee Don’t agree about the Williamson penalty it was a two handed shove. Barton was slammed into. Cosse had been pulled for long enough before hitting Coleman so that equalled itself there and the which is why I did not mention it.

    If you watch it again van Persia was off side fact and Harper had stopped playing as the lines an had flagged already so bests was a perfectly good goal as you say .

    So we still came off worse

  • Mister Tee

    I find that last post very sad and I think you are clutching at straws.
    I would also leave off the wacky baccy if I were you mate, they say it makes you paranoid.
    It’ll probably help with your spelling as well.

  • No Brainer

    To coin s phrase, what you talking about fool.
    I don’t think I was clutching I just disproved your reasoning for saying it evens itself out.
    By your suggestion of ameobi deflection ….. oh I gave up your mind is closed for sone reason other than fact so its not worth bothering.

  • Mister Tee

    Definitely give it up!