After first leaking news to their new preferred media partner the Chronicle, Newcastle United have now released an official club statement on the Newcastle Head Coach situation.

In the statement released on Monday afternoon, United have confirmed that John Carver will be doing the job until the end of the current season.

head coachAlan Pardew’s former assistant gets the job after three defeats and a draw in his four matches as caretaker.

Official Newcastle United club statement

Newcastle United can confirm that John Carver will take the role of head coach until the end of the 2014/15 season.

Managing director, Lee Charnley

“At the beginning of this process it was my desire and intention to appoint an individual to the position of head coach who would be available to start immediately.

“Having now explored at some length the options available to us at this time, the decision has been taken to defer the appointment of a permanent head coach until the end of the season.

“The head coach will be a long-term appointment that will play a major role in shaping the future on-field progression of Newcastle United and it is vitally important that we get the right individual.

“John has a long history with the Club and has the full support of the board. Our goal for the season of a minimum top ten finish remains unchanged and we are confident that John, supported by the backroom staff, will be able to deliver this.”

John Carver:

“This is a proud day for me.

“I have worked with, and learnt from, the best manager that this football club has had in Sir Bobby Robson. I know what this Club means to this city and its people. I believe in my players and the staff I have around me.

“I am confident that we can deliver exciting successful football and look forward with relish to my role as head coach of this great football club.”

  • DZA187

    Another bad decision by the fatman – Can Ashley do anything right!

  • Brownale69

    80 applicants and they give it to Carver?!!!! Word fail………..

  • jimblag

    Good luck John. It’s not your fault you want the job, I would too.
    Let’s hope by the end of the season it’s an emotional goodbye to someone who got some good results in his few months in charge. Fingers crossed.
    Please, please can the club pull out all the stops to make sure we get a top quality, respected football man in at the VERY START of the summer, there is no excuse now to not get someone who will deliver.

  • Polarboy

    If, and that’s a very big if, we get someone like a De Boer or a Garde, and we could only get them by waiting, then I could almost get on board with this decision. If we wait and then appoint someone like McClaren, who I hate with a passion, then I will despair even more than I currently am which I didn’t think was possible.

  • Carver for North Korea


  • Carver for North Korea

    Brownale69 80 applicants 79 of them were Alistair McGowan The other 1 got the job

  • Carver for North Korea

    DZA187 The Hokey Cokey

  • Willvenus1

    Prediction Mr Charnley. John Carver keeps us in the premier league as there will be at least 3 teams worse than us. You will appoint a permanent head coach at the end of the season, John Carver. Can you also explain what “on-field progression” you are talking about, because I havnt seen any?

  • No Brainer

    Chelsea first half and we were every bit as good as Southampton

  • No Brainer

    I like John i think the football has been better and they just haven’t been the same teams as before.
    He wouldn’t be my first choice.
    I’m not worried about going down, I’m more worried about finishing 7th or 8th and him not really being the man for the Job is Ashley though turning us into a GEORDIE set up.

  • toon tony

    Don’t get me wrong, I wanted Pardew out after the headbutting incident. So if in the FCB ‘s eyes he was a top manager who he backed under pressure during our diabolical run, and there was no contingency plan to replace him ….why give him permission to talk to Palace and let him leave. I can only think of 3 million reasons.

  • Willvenus1

    We lost both games. Sorry, that must have been the progression he was referring to, my mistake

  • Daftenoughtoganandwinit

    I am not sure how I stand with this. John Carver is better
    than the 80 candidates? As all of these who applied must have been ready for
    work or ready to jump ship wherever they were. Surely someone was more
    qualified than Carver and Pardew to mention it. Even allowing for any money payable to buy out
    the interested applicants current contracts the Slug had 3 million Partridge
    money to use. It beggars belief to work out this club. Carver in my opinion has
    3 black marks (nails in the already ordered coffin) against him already.
    Firstly having a go
    at young fans who had made the short cheap trip to Southampton
    and were absolutely sick of the Moron
    at the time before a ball was kicked. The said youngsters were proved right
    after one of the most spineless displays in recent years unfolded. (didn’t see
    you want to have a go at the bigger lads as the ground filled up or at the end
    either John)
    Secondly fielding the instructed weakened team for the
    Leicester game in the FA Cup, losing then trying to wave to the fans at the end
    only to think better and head back the other direction. Lots of people stuck up
    for you after the Southampton game.Yes you have black and white blood and care I
    have no doubt but some people see anybody working for the Slug as disloyal
    especially if you are from around here.Bare that in mind John and you too Penfold. And bare In mind when you
    fielded the weakened team you lost a lot of respect that day too, especially as
    over 4k had travelled for a competition we strive to get out of as quickly as possible
    it seems. The fans still believed we should have a go.
    And lastly for now in the past people like Richard Dennis
    and Glenn Roeder got jobs through picking up a mixture of unexpected results
    and keeping form going. This with player power (1977 to 77-78 season) and loyal
    professionals supporting Glenn (Alan Shearer 2006) and with a good percentage of
    fans fairly happy in the second case, not sure for Dinnis but finishing Gordon Lees
    season off and getting into Europe helped. What I am saying here results were
    achieved. In this case we have played four
    lost 3 and drew one at home against blinking Burnley who
    hammered us to be fair. If I went for a job with that form/record or had been
    put in a temporary position and had a similar return I would be back in the
    dole queue before I knew it
    As usual I will back him (whoever him is these days) to the hilt
    once every game starts but to me this talk of “13 pts is all we need” scares the
    life out of me. It’s a big ask the way we are going. Can’t see our next win for total confusion but
    stress again I will back him it just my opinion which counts for nothing.Good luck mate

  • alreet

    I think a teeny bit of light has shone. They snapped at the chance to get rid of pards without compo and got 3 mill to top it off. Giving carver the post for now is a freebie for them. Wats the point of not getting the guy u really want coz of contracts. Wait till summer but we need to have an agreement In place so our top choice doesnt get nabbed.
    I think most ppl on here would have de boer over garde if indeed thats wat we have on the cards. We will see though.
    This season is a bit of a waste with a manager transition. Injuries and getting dumped out of the cups.
    We need to avoid any kind of brush with the big R and get some points on the board. Get to the end of the season then get the man in we need.
    Rebuild quickly and get the infamous centre back and striker weve needed for many a year then start a fresh page.
    Im starting to learn to embrace this situation coz it wont change and hasnt in 10 years.
    Ffp is starting to kick in and hard for teams like barca. Manc. Psg and others. It really cant all be about buying every year or how much is spent. I remember turkeys like 50 mil torres. 35 mill carroll. 16 mill owen. 16 mill balotelli. I could go on.
    Lets invest loads more into young player facilities. Putting the money in where it really counts.
    Im not saying he should be spending nowt and we need to be alot more entertaining but its a wise way of doing things.
    It has to be the best scout job carr has ever done and we do need to nail this one no messin.
    De boer has to be the guy. Bring ronny as well and get this team up top again.

  • No Brainer

    Utter rubbish booing is ok shouting that the team is set up wrong and voicing it those in charge are all ok. But out right vile abuse full of expletives deserves tackling.
    He was fully justified in facing up to them.

  • Daftenoughtoganandwinit

    No he was not. He was supposed to set an example. Having a go at kids or even say they were older. They are the clubs fans for goodness sake who had travelled and spent money following the club. He admitted himself he shouldn’t have done it and it was the worst day of his toon life. He tried to defend a useless manager who will get sussed at palace and show Mike what a loyal servant he is. Tut tut

  • No Brainer

    Ok saint

  • vbhgft

    Daftenoughtoganandwinit Oh dear, did that nasty Mr Carver shout at you? Pathetic. 

    You and your like spew out vitriolic bile, week in week out at the manager and players then when someone like Carver dares to have a go back you go crying to teacher. Absolutely f***ing PATHETIC!

  • Daftenoughtoganandwinit

    I said from the off i would back him. I never get at the players or manager at the match. Carver will get my support. Its vile like you who yields to the slug week in week out. Turn up and respect the regime Dont even dare to have an opinion. AYE he will do. Its progress mr chanley said so. PATHETIC.

  • stevennufc

    looks like “yes men” are harder to find than the fat man thought!…….best just keep the one we aready have then eh!……who woud have guessed!