Newcastle United were once again named today in the top twenty football club turnovers in the World.

The Deloitte 2015 football rich list pitching United at number 19 with a turnover of £129.7m (before player trading).

newcastle unitedWhat produces that position amongst the world’s (rich) elite?

Various factors come into play, with Champions League participation (almost all of the 20 clubs), rich owners who generate massive extra income via their families/friends/contacts (Man City/PSG), or deep commercial penetration around the world (Real Madrid, Liverpool, Man Utd etc).

Newcastle United have none of these.

Newcastle are helped by the cash-laden TV deals along with the rest of the Premier League but by far the biggest factor that makes United special, are the fans.

They/we are the big attraction at Newcastle United and in their yearly reports in the past, Deloitte regularly pointed this out.

This is why after the obvious English ‘big’ six who have competed in the Premier League over recent years, Newcastle are easily the next biggest English club and it is the fans who drive the commercial and matchday income that pushes United ahead of the rest, despite the free Sports Direct etc advertising.

These are the twenty clubs with the biggest turnovers (place in the Deloitte list in brackets) but listed here by the average crowds they attracted in that 2013/14 season.

79,856 Borussia Dortmund (11th)

75,203 Manchester United  (2nd)

71,988 Barcelona (4th)

71,131 Bayern Munich (3rd)

70,739 Real Madrid (1st)

61,269 Schalke (14th)

60,014 Arsenal (8th)

50,688 Newcastle United (19th)

47,166 Manchester City (6th)

45,768 Inter Milan (17th)

45,420 PSG (5th)

44,831 Liverpool (9th)

41,474 Chelsea (7th)

39,975 Atletico Madrid (15th)

39,317 AC Milan (12th)

38,045 Napoli (16th)

37,732 Everton (20th)

35,899 Spurs (13th)

35,564 Juventus (10th)

35,000 Galatasaray (18th)

As the vast majority of us realise, the potential of Newcastle United is enormous and with the right level of ambition, there’s no reason why one day the club could also be in the top eight when it comes to turnover, not just top eight when it comes to which of the rich list has the biggest support.

  • LeazesEnder

    So turnover is nearly back to pre Ashley levels…. and we did it without Champions League money…or cup run money…or merchandise…or advertising!… what a club!

  • Brownale69

    LeazesEnder so where is all the debt and the money

  • Pulse33

    Doesn’t this show with some investment and the right coach we can become  force. 19th and nowhere near the champions league shows how much higher we could be.

  • DownUnderMag

    It’s not even about how much we are making or not under Ashley, it’s not even about how much is spent on players either.

    Nope for me, it is all about HOW can we be in the top 20 clubs and STILL see zero effect on that debt the club apparently still owes Ashley?

  • A lex

    DownUnderMag Do you really need the “how?” explained?