Should Newcastle United have tried to sign Jermain Defoe?

Countless times over the years United have been linked with the striker, even in the summer transfer window there was yet more speculation that Newcastle could sign him just as the window was closing.

jermain defoeAfterwards Jermain Defoe said;

“I was at home seeing other things – like ‘Jermain Defoe might be going to Newcastle’. I’m thinking: ‘What? That’s news to me.’ It was mad.”

Moving forward to this current transfer window however and today it has been confirmed that Defoe has passed his medical for Sunderland, with a deal expected to be completed shortly and Jozy Altidore heading back to the MLS as part of the arrangement.

Defoe telling The Mirror;

“I felt so sharp, all the hard work has paid off. I can’t wait to start scoring goals for Sunderland.

“People might look at my age, but I have always looked after myself and I hope I can show that with my performances.”

The bare facts are that Jermain Defoe is now 32 years of age and his most recent goalscoring form is that of 10 goals in 22 games for Spurs last season and 12 in 17 for Toronto.

The soon to be Sunderland striker is reported to have agreed a deal which will see him paid £70,000 a week.

With United desperate for at least one new goalscorer, our question today is should Newcastle have tried to sign Jermain Defoe? Vote now.

  • prestondave

    I looked at the title of this article before I read it and thought “what a pointless waste of time”. Then I read it and realised that he had signed for the enemy. It is a very sorry state of affairs at our club when teams that have not got the fans or financial clout that we have ( and have not) can sign a player of Defoes ability on £70k a week which I think in todays football is honestly not massive wages compared to some. They are willing to spend for survival and we try and wing it yet again. Not just whinging about strikers here but a CB as well is in dire need. Tired of it all and wish fatty would just go and let the fans have their club back and for some their pride and dignity.

  • Bachman

    Defoe scores goals, plain and simple

    32 is nothing although I don’t know what Sunderland have paid to secure him.

    I’m sure a lot of clubs would have been in for him though. Goalscorers really are priceless!

  • Maximus Moose

    Bachman i like Defoe & as you say he always delivers

  • pissed off mag

    mackems paid to much for a player who was only a sub before he left for usa hardly played

  • mYoung23

    He was always injured wen younger, he’s a poacher but never been anywhere near finishing top prem goal scorer, he’s always done ok but never been top quality, he didn’t wanna sign for a team outside London wen he was younger coz he thought he was to good, only thing took him to north east now is the cash, even qpr aren’t stupid enough to pay them wages!! He’ll do ok for 6month if he stays injury free, but then he’s on a high wage for another 3 years, I’d of taken him on loan for 6month but gutted if we’d signed him for 3 n half years, doesnt look good for the future, let’s get Danny ings in :-)

  • mYoung23

    He was always a poor man’s Michael Owen n now he’s gone to a poor mans stoke,

  • Bachman

    If BBC Sport is to be believed, its said that Defoe will be a straight swap (no transfer fee) with Altidore going to Toronto!

    That could be the best bit of business this season!

  • Brian Standen

    Absolutely not ! if he was still that good a better club would have gone after him, as for 70k a week, really? Sunderland have a history of signing premier league has beens, Wes Brown John o Shea etc, this is their policy and they are welcome to it! Defoe will score a goal or 2 but he is not a top top striker simple as!

  • toontom68

    Why bother…..our season is over isnt it??

  • toontom68

    Brian Standen which of our top top strikers would keep him out then?

  • Brian Standen

    That is a different question, but do you really think Jermaine Defoe represents value for money? It’s all about opinions, but it was reported Defoe had contact with 10 premier league clubs, really…ten? If he did would he not have chosen a different option. No big club wanted him and that says enough for me. That said we are of course short on striking options, as we are alao short on management options, quite frankly it’s a mess!

  • Bachman

    Brian Standen Give him chances (something that’s not a given at Sunderland) and he will convert many me thinks. He’s simply a very good finisher!

    Frank Lampard was not wanted by Chelsea and was all set for the MLS until City came in last minute to beef their squad up. What’s happened since goes to show what can happen.

    Don’t think its a massive miss  for us but still think it could be shrewd business by the mackems

  • toontom68

    Brian Standen Brian,we arent a big club either mate.
    Its being reported that there was no fee payabale….a swap deal with Altidore (must be worth about £20.000!) and wages of £70,000 a week is frankly buttons in the modern PL world.
    Would have been nice to see a real striker at SJP for a change!!
    I’ll be very surprised if he doesnt get enough goals to keep the mackems up.
    Its a mess alright!!

  • SimonM68

    Bachman If that’s true it’s nearly as good as the disposal of David Luiz for Fabregas and Costa (£ value wise anyway)..  The key here is the £70k – if we could / would pay that we’d potentially still have Remy teh bench warmer and could have a choice of numerous other decent goalscorers…

  • Bachman

    SimonM68 hahaha – Love it! Yes what PSG got and Chelsea got is pretty hilarious

    Spot on about the wages. If we are unwilling to pay 70k in this day and age with all the revenues coming in, then its just another depressing fact

  • Tonytoon

    Looks like desperation to me for Sunderland. He is well past his best and we’re not that desperate.

  • Steve1221

    Do we really want to be signing a has been to keep Perez out of the team?

  • No Brainer

    Does that mean Yes you think nufc should have signed Defoe. Staggering when he was availsble two days ago nobody on here was saying sign now that Sunderland have we’ve lost the plot What is that about? We should be laughing

  • geordieladdo

    Very pointless article indeed! Now I’m not saying this for any other reason than it would NEVER happen under this regime.

    Age, Wages, Lack of sell on value…

    We could be offered a whole array of very fine talent but if they don’t tick the three boxes mentioned above then we needn’t worry ourselves with whether or not we should sign them.

    Until Mike Ashley sells up and disappears back under the very large rock he crawled (was winched) from this will not change and we very sadly have to accept this as the policy we have to work under.

    Let’s not annoy / upset ourselves until then….

  • DownUnderMag

    Mashley would never sanction the moola to pay his wages.  The makems are in need of goals, its a “premiership survival” gamble for them, our problem lies more in needing a defender anyway and someone to actually supply the ball for our current strikers better.

  • Jim Joe Billy Bob

    Jermain Defoe, 70K a week for three and a half years, that is 12.2 million pounds! Also he will be be almost 36 years old at the end of his contract. Zero resale value. Defoe has not played in the Premier League for a year, and he would appear to be injury prone in the later stages of his career. No properly run professional football club would consider this a viable option, it smacks of desperation. Incidentally if NUFC did sign a player of the ‘value’ of Defoe, what would Perez’s future entail?…

  • johjohmyer

    Has beens that have been good enough 2 put Newcastle’s bait up a number of times of late I wonder if they can remember Kevin Keegan now wat happened 2 him 4 a has been.

  • alreet

    It has little to do with his wages as they are silly for a player of his age and not played in the prem for a while i just think its desperation from the scummers.
    Wouldnt be paid to take him. Just a dead weight now.
    If we get a good gaffer but dont buy or sell anyone this window it will be a good one for me

  • johjohmyer

    This season is far from over loads 2 play for Dafoe is’nt exactley an old man and would be a travesty if Sunderland had spent nowt sometimes clubs gamble and he isn’t that much of a gamble every club that’s employed him have benefitted from his goals when some big money comes in 4 sissoko where do you think he won’t go 2 ? Anywhere if they pay him £70,000 a week harsh facts, would Ashley turn down a profit?

  • No Brainer

    Look whilst no fee is involved the whole deal is worth £14m with the trading of altidore. Its simply not worth the expenditure to capture the services of an older injury prone sub. Danny ings would not cost much more in terms of a total package if any more at all.

  • No Brainer

    Agree about a CB for tge other job how about they sign some one like siem d…….

  • Brownale69

    bring back Shola for a fiver a week………..
    JUST kidding!!!

  • prestondave

    No Brainer – no , my point wasnt about us signing him in particular. My point was how they were willing to spend decent money in order to stay up and we were trying to scrape through with the squad we have. We are only a few games away from the bottom 3 and are not out of it yet especially if lower teams started getting wins.Ok,  forget us buying a striker but we should definately be investing in a CB or two but we wont because thats how the club is run. Chancers, thats all we are .