Confirmed this afternoon that Newcastle United have sold Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa.

The defender played the 20th match on Sunday of his successful loan spell at AS Roma and this triggered an automatic permanent transfer, for a fee said to be around £5.5m in total, including the loan payment already agreed.

However, interesting to see that a table has appeared showing details of the best ball playing defenders this season, the criteria was the accuracy of passing and players had to have played at least ten matches and played in one of Europe’s top five leagues (England, Italy, France, Germany, Spain).

The Squawka website has produced the following table pf the top ten;


You may be interested to know that other players featuring out of all the defenders in the five leagues are Steven Taylor (Ranked 40th with 88% accuracy), Fabricio Coloccini (Ranked 65 with 86% accuracy), Mike Williamson (Ranked 133 with 83% accuracy), Paul Dummett (Ranked 361 with 75% accuracy). Guessing that Dummett’s games at left-back bring his accuracy down with full-backs playing more forward balls when under pressure.

  • Maximus Moose

    He`s no good to us,  At Nufc it`s boot it up the field & hope for the Best

  • nev fur

    Pity he’s crap at defending though

  • Double Carpet

    So we’re judging defenders on their ability to pass the ball are we? I’ll give you it’s important, but I’d argue that being able to defend is more important. And he was usually hopeless at it. Positionally poor, often half asleep, weak in the air and tackle, and physically not up to the pace and power of the Premier League – which he himself admitted. Anyone remember the Everton game? He was like a rabbit in the headlights.
    He’ll do fine in Italy and in European games which are slower, more tactical and less physical – but he wasn’t cut out for our league.
    Won’t be missed.

  • mentalman

    I’d have liked to have seen what he was like under a different manager but we’ll not know now. He wasn’t good enough for the premier league so I can see why we got rid.
    I always thought we could have tried him in the tiote role

  • likelylad

    Best teams play from the back.
    By your logic then all of our defenders should be sold because they have all had their own offdays

  • likelylad

    Based on what? When he did have a small run as CB we hardly conceded

  • DownUnderMag

    I get where people are coming from saying he wasn’t up to Premiership standard, he did make some crucial mistakes.  However, for those who can’t remember Colocini’s relegation season or expect everyone to hit the ground running like Cabaye did, some players need more time to adjust to the English style and speed.  MYM never got a chance, he was used as a scapegoat by Pardew who never used him in the right position and didn’t really give him a chance in a settled side.   I’m sure he would have had an easier time of things if the midfield and forwards hadn’t been gifting the ball away constantly.  Judging a centre half on a handful of performances when the whole team was playing poorly is harsh and just shows how short sighted this club is at times.

    I read this morning that we are supposedly in the market for anywhere up to 6 U21 players from Spain and England….let’s hope they get more of a chance to develop their game before being sold off than this guy was given or this latest 5 year plan won’t do much better than the last ones…

  • Double Carpet

    Nope. Not sure how your logic got you to that conclusion. The Everton game was one example, there were plenty of others. Sure, he had to play with some poor defenders, but he was an accident waiting to happen in quite a few games.
    Of course the best teams play from the back, but being a good defender comes first. If I had to choose between a hard as nails solid CB and a silky good passer – the defender wins every time.
    Centre backs need to be reliable and strong. As we know, sadly, we haven’t got one who fits the bill, so I’ll agree with you that they could all be sold. But the full backs are generally OK though, particularly Janmaat.

  • Mal44

    I tend to agree with those who say he hasn’t really had a fair crack of the whip but I’m not particularly upset that we’ve sold him. The annoying thing is not replacing him, particularly with Taylor out for the season. As usual we are only a couple of injuries away from a defensive crisis. Where is that top class centre half we’ve needed for about 3 years now?

  • ArtyH

    Sorry hes gone, not given a chance, shoved in and made a scape goat, best c.h on the books and sold for peenuts. Just shows how badly our club is being run, he will go on and shine at any club which plays football. Was stifled here playing long ball stuff. This is the signs for the future if the regimen is not kicked out. I’m so sick of the same rubbish and being taken for a mug, might have to start watching rugby or some other sport, one which treats the supporters correctly and not like fools.

  • No Brainer

    Wtf you talking about it didn’t wirk fir him here simples.

  • nev fur

    Based on watching him play, his man marking was non existent, he lacks arial strength, both essential qualities in centre defence. Comparing our results with him at CB to our team without him there not only doesn’t tell the full story but also misses the point that our other central defenders are also not good enough as we all know although Everton away last season mbiwa was shocking yet Williamson in the second half looked world class in comparison. Nothing against the lad but he’s not a premier league CB

  • nev fur

    Problem is that other teams also boot it up there to a big man too and he wasn’t good in the air

  • Double Carpet

    Agree totally.
    He is a good example of someone who became a really good player in many eyes simply by not playing. To some, everything Pardew did was wrong, ergo Mbiwa was a great player. He wasn’t in the PL. He might be in Italy. Best of luck to him.

  • Albert27

    He was useless for us. As bad as boumsong. Remember everton away. Rubbish in the air and his positioning. Bye.

  • radgiegadgie

    A good player shines regardless, he simply was not suited to this environment.
    Perhaps another Jon Dahl tommasson

  • radgiegadgie

    There are not many about and certainly not on the cheap

  • mentalman

    3 years we’ve needed better centre halves for a lot longer than 3 years

  • geordieladdo

    ArtyH £5.5M worth of peanuts is a lot of peanuts….
    You best get used to it i’m afraid as the regime are going nowhere fast…

  • Steve1221

    I see his team mate is in 3rd, passing the ball from centre back to centre back must make Roma a very exciting team to watch.
    I was willing to give M’Biwa a chance to adapt until he started turning his back and ducking out of challenges, his ability wasn’t the only issue, he was also a coward.