According to various reports in Portugal, Newcastle United have made an offer of £7.5m for Andre Carrillo.

The versatile Peruvian attacker can play right across the front three and with only eighteen months left on his contract, Sporting Lisbon are keen to get his future sorted one way or another.

andre carrilloThe twenty three year old has 21 senior international caps for Nobby Solano’s old international team and has starred in the Champions League this season for Sporting, including in the two games against Chelsea.

Since arriving from Peru three and a half years ago the striker/winger hasn’t exactly been prolific with only 13 club goals, while at international level he only has a single strike to his name.

Amongst the Portuguese media that have covered the transfer story is Zero Zero and they say that Sporting are holding out for nearer £12m, the transfer further complicated by the fact that Andre Carrillo’s current club only own half of his registration.

Newcastle have been regularly linked recently with a number of players in Portugal, whether this proves to be the ‘new France’ for Graham Carr and Newcastle United remains to be seen.

  • GToon

    Who is bidding for him? We haven’t got a coach/manager or anything to try and sign a player have we?

  • beardsleys cat

    Wont sign anyone fatty will gamble on staying at the cheapest cost!

  • Carver for North Korea

    GToon Carr

  • Carver for North Korea

    Ha Ha Ha

  • Shaker_Shakrah

    If we just signed this player :)
    He will just shine with Newcastle
    100% sure !!!!!!!!!!

  • toonterrier

    Thirteen goals in three seasons sounds like the new Shola. Too expensive for the poor owner who has bettter things to spend his money on like Rangers. Still think we will have Ameobi back in the toon shirt at the end of the month when the club have tried hard but couldn’t get the players they were after as they wanted to win things,.play in Europe and earn a decent wage. Cant wait for the name of the next superstar we are expecting to sign. Must be at least ten so far this month.

  • Phildene

    We aint getting anybody in, that’s why they’re playing along with this head coach malarky till end of trans window ,  then announce to all that Carvers got the job-stil no incomings though. 

    You should all know by now this is the press/media talking and that fatty won’t spend any of his money at all on this club-he’s been here 7 years and some of you still live in hope! 

    It’s all very well this ‘Self-Sufficient’ thing IF the ruddy greedy owner would let this club have what’s rightfully it’s to have instead ofd damn well creaming it off at every chance-tv/ sky monies -this is Millions of £’s we’re talking about which is going straight into fattys pocket every years. I know I’ve gone off subject but its all rubbish this speculation.  

    We should NOT have to sell to buy if our club had what it’s rightfully due and we’re steadily being royally ripped off by Ashley!

  • Carver for North Korea

    toonterrier the legend that is Shola Ameobi

  • toonterrier

    Carver for North Korea toonterrier 

  • Melchett

    Charnley says we already have the 25 players we’re allowed, so I assume it would mean peddling someone, and Cisse (big offer from China) along with Guti look favourites at the minute.

  • Maximus Moose

    When Nufc say we`re not looking to make any signings, it means we arent telling you mugs anything, ive no doubt in my mind at least 1 player will be signed in January !

  • Melchett

    Maximus Moose Supermac would be nice :)

  • Maximus Moose

    Melchett Maximus Moose You never know with that bunch of Snides

  • MarkJackson2

    Won’t believe it till i see it but this season he’s scored 6 and assisted 11. Think he’s more like a Walcott type player than an actual striker.

  • radgiegadgie

    And fac

  • Melchett

    radgiegadgie Forgot about him, I thought he’d left already tbh.

  • mrkgw

    Fed up with the parasites running our club. Theyre a complete disgrace.

  • SebastianMarquina