Yesterday we asked you the question; Should Newcastle United have tried to sign Jermain Defoe?

With United desperate for at least one new goalscorer and nothing else seemingly happening in the transfer market for Newcastle, have they let a decent signing slip by?

jermain defoeCountless times over the years United had been linked with Defoe, even in the summer transfer window there was yet more speculation that Newcastle could sign him just as the window was closing.

Moving forward to this current transfer window however and it has been confirmed that Defoe has passed his medical for Sunderland, with the signing expected to be announced by teh mackems today and Jozy Altidore heading back to the MLS as part of the arrangement.


The bare facts are that Jermain Defoe is now 32 years of age and his most recent goalscoring form is that of 10 goals in 22 games for Spurs last season and 12 in 17 for Toronto.

The soon to be Sunderland striker is reported to have agreed a deal which will see him paid £70,000 a week.

The verdict of the Newcastle fans?

Almost exactly two to one in favour of NOT wanting to sign him;

65% No keep well away 35% Yes should have gone for him.

Some supporters left comments along the lines of not wanting Defoe because it could mean less games for Ayoze Perez.

Well apart from the fact he could get injured and we’d be left with Emmanuel Riviere as our only senior option for at least the next month.

I would love to see a real quality goalscorer brought in for Ayoze Perez to play WITH, not instead of, whether Jermain Defoe could have been that player we’ll just never know now.

  • Steve1221

    I just don’t see any way Defoe and Perez could work playing together.

  • AMarkDixon

    54 league goals in his last 6 seasons.  Says it all really.

  • Keegans perm

    Cava man! He just dusnt undastand. Dafoe could be wor new famous numba 9 playing in front of 55k screaming members or the Geordie nashun

  • mentalman

    I couldn’t believe it when i saw the scum were paying 14million for him and giving him 70k per week.
    I remember a few seasons ago when he should have been at the top of his game he turned us down because he didn’t want to move to the north east.

  • Paul Patterson

    If he’s gone for £14m and £80k a week, then I wouldn’t have voted yes. That’s about £10m more than he’s worth . .

  • rufusTfirefly

    Paul Patterson No transfer fee Paul. Straight swap for Jozy Altidore and £70,000 a week.

  • mYoung23

    We’re people gettin he’s a prolific goal scorer, ya lucky if he plays n thats wen he was younger n fitter, he’s done amazing to get the deal he has, he was even to expensive for QPR n we all no there policy, plenty other strikers better, cheaper n younger. Makems just Cudnt b bothered to do any scouting or work to find any1, he’ll end up injured spending most his time in london

  • Paul Patterson

    rufusTfirefly Paul Patterson  Ok. I would’ve have swapped him for Riviere then . Lol.

  • Mal44

    It’s a fantastic deal – for Defoe