Where outsiders, especially the media, get Newcastle fans so wrong, is that they mistake (intentionally or not) the supporters’ passionate hope for things to go well, as instead an expectation of success.

So when the slightest glimmer of light appears and fans start getting optimistic and talking of what could be possible, all we get is ‘here we go again, the daft Toon Army think they are going to win the Premier League, Champions League, World Cup…’.

newcastle fansSadly, most fans wanting to permanently look at their glasses as half full, plays right into the hands of somebody like Mike Ashley and indeed John Hall & Freddy Shepherd before him.

Back then it was buy Michael Owen or some foreign player on a massive fee and they’ll fill the ground – and do you know what, they were right.

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After a shocking ten months and only five Premier League wins in that time, October/November brought five wins on the bounce and the half season tickets went on sale…the rest is of course history.

Job done, guarantee of St. James’ Park more or less full, just about enough points to pretty much make sure of staying up, why buy any players or indeed hurry to have somebody in charge of the team.

With players as well our punters are always looking on the upside.

It is a bit like when any of us reminisce about our own playing days, we like to concentrate on that time when we were younger, fitter, basically at our best, no matter how ‘slim’ a period that was. We don’t think about still feeling knackered after huffing and puffing the way around the five a side pitch four days ago.

I think Newcastle have one player who could play for any Premier League team in the shape of Moussa Sissoko.

Then you have Daryl Janmaat who could potentially do more or less the same but as a defender he can only have so much influence on our team when others aren’t up to it.

After that you have Ayoze Pere who is doing well and has the potential to progress and be very good, then there is…

Coming back to thinking about when you were at your best, I think pretty much all of us have been guilty when it comes to Fabricio Coloccini and Tim Krul.

They are two of our better players still but are they really that good? Neither of them are the player that was part of the team that finished fifth, apart from the odd one-off game for each, such as Krul at White Hart Lane last season.

I bet most fans when talking about the team list these two players as ones who could fit in at Man City or Chelsea. Once they could have but not any more.

Yesterday, watching that game would you honestly take Colo and Krul over Forster and Fonte for Southampton?

Maybe Krul would have kept more of his form at an ambitious club but his time may have gone for that chance.

If our pair were that good, why did one not even go to Brazil last summer and the other was seen as only a penalty shoot-out specialist?

The two of them will continue to be two of our better players and do their best but their decline in form is a serious pointer to the declining underlying standard of our squad.

It isn’t just a new manager/head coach United desperately need, there is serious investment needed in the squad if we aren’t to face mounting problems very soon.

  • Shaker_Shakrah

    The photo reminded me how USELESS Coloccini was yesterday !!

  • bill black

    The business plan has been sent out by Ashley for years make money on players, buy to keep mid table, have one or two good bargains each year. Tell the coach and everyone else at the club what to do and via the P.R what to say, make sure the fans are always in the dark. Stick two fingers up at them and having players sick when it suits the business plan.  That is our club under Ashley.

  • Paul Patterson

    Krul, Janmaat, Sissoko, Perez, Colback.
    I’m happy enough with that spine of the team. The rest? Useless!
    Oh, and Colo is definitely finished- Oh and he’s Captain . .

  • Maximus Moose

    U0001f198 U0001f198 U0001f198 U0001f198 U0001f198

  • Phildene

    Collo’s useless-end of

  • Brownale69

    Tactics are to blame the players dont have a clue what they are supposed to do. I have no idea of the Saints team but they know how to play with each other and do their jobs. We just look lost

  • Maximus Moose

    Brownale69 Good Coach

  • Gordonthetoony

    Yesterday again illustrated the need for 2 new CB’s. Colo has gone, poor positioning and poor heading ability.  I think it’s time to blood Streete, Satka or Good,  they can’t be any worse than Colo, Dummett or Williamson.

  • AshGT

    So which of the two goals was the fault of a CB?

  • DownUnderMag

    What often gets lost is this simple point…  All the fans want is 100% effort by all that represent the club.  Win, lose or draw, as long as they have given their all for the cause then most fans will cut them some slack. No we won’t be happy with losing, but we will acknowledge effort and passion for the shirt!

    This is why the cup games infuriate the fans.   We don’t expect to win, we are used to no trophies.  What we all want though is just to try our hardest to win…and rightly get upset when the club make a farce out of anything that isn’t making money for the owner!

  • Jonny194

    I totally agree with the comments.
    We are as a club resigned to the lower part of the league.
    Ashley is a shrewd businessman and that will never change.
    He is making money from Newcastle and requires little input from outsiders such as press/supporters.
    He takes great joy at supporters trying to influence him on decisions which will never change.
    If you are prepared to pay and watch Newcastle you are entitled to an opinion, but in my opinion you are existing your breath.

  • Conman

    I’m afraid that both goals came from balls through the air, down the middle that were both missed by Colo. there was still work to do after that but both could have been averted if Colo had won the headers. He even got beat in the air off Shane Long for the second one.

  • Maximus Moose

    AshGT both

  • MickWatson

    Coloccini is terrible these days, responsible for so many goals we concede, including the first yesterday. We desperately need new central defenders

  • AshGT

    I admit he’s not what he was, but just getting beaten to a header 40 yards from goal and then Janmaat not being tight enough and the shot going through Krul is hardly makes the goal Coloccini’s fault.

  • Jarra MIck

    Colo was beaten in the air for both goals. We desperately need someone who can compete in the air and isn’t a complete knacker on the ground. I don’t think we will get one unless we sell someone.

  • Angels North

    There was a bloke in the Gallowgate yesterday who arrived a few minutes late. He reckoned there was a woman stood outside the box office with a handful of tickets selling them off for £2.50 a pop. One kid went up to her and said he’d have one but didn’t have change from a twenty. She gave it away for nowt. After witnessing what followed, I bet he wished he’d asked her for a ticket and a bullseye in order to put up with that shite. Absolute garbage

  • mrkgw

    Ashley out! Disgrace of an owner, not fit to govern our club. Time to force him out.

  • Stonesy

    What made me laugh/fall off my chair was Guy Mowbray on Football Focus pontificating that “the last thing Swansea want is to become a selling club like…..Heerenveen or Groenigen in Holland”. Firstly, apparently it is inconceivable to a BBC reporter that Swansea would become a selling club. Secondly, as a former Northeast radio reporter he would fail to spot a more obvious comparison closer to home. Far from us having unrealistically high expectations the baffling problem is the media’s blind spot to what is happening to our club.

  • GToon

    Its fine for us to point the finger at Colo for not winning the headers but lets just stop and think for a minute. Apparently Carver has said how they all watched videos of Pelle and his input to their team and his importance in holding up the long ball. We then moan at Colo for not winning headers against somebody half a foot taller than him while we leave Williamson on the bench. Now its easy to sit here after the event and type away but if i was in charge that would be one game i would have put Williamson in with the specific job of man marking Pelle and winning the headers. Williamson looks terrified when he gets the ball at his feet but he’s a big lad and should be put in for games against other big lads surely? I mean you’d play him against Carroll but drop him against Defoe. Doesnt that make sense?

  • hettonmag

    GToon  Long won the ball against Collo which led to the second goal  hardly a giant is he, but I take your point as  Collo has never been much good in the air.

  • The trooper

    So, if we do appoint a new head coach this week all of our players are in Dubai and unable to get aquatinted instantly with the new guy and his tactics???!
    You can’t make this up!

  • Jarra MIck

    Paul I think we will lose at least two of the players you have mentioned either now or in the summer.

  • Paul Patterson

    He WON’T be appointed this week . .

  • Paul Patterson

    You will probably be proven correct.

  • Tommy Lucchese

    The illusion was shattered in 2008/09 when they forced KK out. We are now as far back as we were in early 1992 and have been so since February 2009 when we stood on the slippery slope which ended in relegation by cashing in on a broken hearted goalkeeper.
    Something special needs to happen here or all hope is gone, the love will be lost, a generation of fans will give up and another generation will listen to their parents then question why they would want to emotionally involve themselves in something that doesn’t love them back.
    Half full, half empty, no just empty……

  • mentalman

    Coloccini should never have been going for that header 40yds from goal, he cant win headers against Long so why try against Pelle sit back and deal with it when he passes to a team mate

  • mentalman


  • Carlo Gambino

    If Ashley is, truly, only interested in his investment he needs to appoint someone to take charge of the team this week because were we to lose at Hull and a couple of other results don’t go our way then we are in for a really difficult time.

  • justchampion

    Tommy Lucchese To true Tommy, i live down south, both my kids were born down here but support newvcastle. How do i keep them from the clutches of arsenal or chelsea??? Why should i keep them from their clutches??

  • justchampion

    No mention by anyone of the shocking goalkeeping error for the first goal?

  • ash1001

    Heh, guys what gives with popping at Colo, OK the guy may not be the best but look around him at present, he does not know who is going to be around him from one week to next, as for who’s in front of him we have “have I got to get with 5 metres of and opposing player ANITA”, then there’s “where’s Jack oh hes covering for ANITA again”.
    Look at Jacks merit marks since Anita came back into the team, they have dropped off. that in turn puts pressure on those behind. Dummett is a long way off been a central defender, he is so slow of thought and turn, as for first time clearance they just do not exist, Haidera good as he is, is just getting up to speed and is much better going forward than defending.

    So guys give Colo a bit of slack, those around him are not helping his case.

  • fromtheheed

    Virjil van Dijk was mentioned early in the season by some of the media and today he is being linked with Arsenal and Southampton. Arsenal, everyone wants to go to Arsenal, but does Wenger want them? Are they good enough to be first choice or a very good squad player. 
    Dijk’s name is being linked to Southampton as they could pinch a CL place, and so the Toon may not be his 3rd or 4th choice, but we do need a replacement for the aging Colo. His record for winning headers and from what I’ve seen and reports we need to bring in some quality at the back. 
    He would be a start, but until the Fat Boy leaves we will be the same old Newcastle.
    I don’t think I have enough years left in me to see us be successful. 2 loses and were fighting relegation.

  • GToon

    hettonmag GToon Aye and he always seems to get tasked with competing in the air. When we played Blackburn in the cup a few years ago i couldn’t explain to my son why Colo was jumping for the headers while the other taller CB (Williamson i think) didn’t.

  • DownUnderMag

    ash1001 like it or not, Colo is not exactly setting hte world alight with his performances.  Personally I think he is trying too hard to cover the shortcomings of his team mates and thus always getting caught out of position himself….but even so he is still out of position too often.   I would love Carver to just sit him down and say “do your own job, marshal the defence by all means BUT leave them to do their own job and if they make a mistake then we have to live with it…if you try and cover then you are leaving things exposed…”  I don’t think it’s all Colo’s fault, but like it or not he is involved or directly at fault for most of the goals we are currently conceding.  The solution is one Ashley doesn’t want to here and that is to buy some adequate replacements for Saylor, Willo and Dummett and let Colo get on with his own job rather than worry about others not holding their own end up!

  • DownUnderMag

    justchampion Krul should have had that I agree…but the defence shouldn’t have allowed that much space for the shot either.   Don’t think anyone came out of that game with their reputation intact – well at least we won’t have any offers on them :)

  • DownUnderMag

    MickWatson Colo would be better in a better defence, right now too much responsibility is placed on his shoulders and he seems intent on covering the whole back four by himself and as such getting caught out of position too often.  He needs a good centre half alongside him and he can then just concentrate on his own job rather than everyone elses.