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Have Newcastle fans ever heard about personal responsibility?

7 years ago

Over the years I’ve always laughed at how many Newcastle fans appear to see personal responsibility as somebody else’s….responsibility.

Standing in the pub when whatever crisis has hit Newcastle United at that particular point, I’d overhear supporters saying ‘You know what they should do…’ or ‘You know what should happen is….

A typical example is the end of last season when thousands walked out of St. James’ Park at the Cardiff match, a few on the hour mark and many more on the 69th minute.

I was one who walked out on the 69th minute and as I was straight down the steps from the Gallowgate End and stood opposite the ground as the rest poured out, there was easily six or seven thousand who left, maybe more.

Anyway, I’m not talking about those who left, it is the ones who stayed.

Or more to the point, those who stayed BUT said something like ‘If only it had been organised better…’, or ‘If only THEY had agreed on one time….’.

Why do so many Newcastle fans need somebody to hold their hand?

If you believed it was right to make a statement that you weren’t happy with the shambles at the club, why couldn’t you just get up yourself and walk out – whether it was the 60th, the 69th or the 64th and 30 seconds? Why is it always somebody else’s responsibility? Were they supposed to give you a piggyback down the stairs?

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You also hear many many fans saying they would stay away if there was a ‘properly organised’ boycott. Why do you need to somebody else top take responsibility as to whether you do or don’t go to the match (give Mike Ashley your money)?

The time has surely come when fans have to take a look at themselves and ask if they are going to keep on supporting this evil that has gripped our club.

If you stop going to the match you aren’t turning your back on Newcastle United, instead you are bringing the day we get our club back just a tiny bit closer.

I was on the ten year deal and last January I decided I’d had enough of Mike Ashley laughing at me while picking my pockets. I cancelled my season ticket and haven’t gone to home matches since that Cardiff end of season match.

I’d ask all of you who are on these recurring deals to think what you want to do and whether you want to continue helping to keep Mike Ashley at this football club?

If you are on a ten/nine/eight year deal you will need to cancel this month if you don’t want to be tied in to going next season. I haven’t regretted doing it for one second, I get to as many away matches as possible and watch all the home ones in the pub – I’d love to go back but I won’t until the curse of Mike Ashley is removed from this football club.

It may just tip the balance for him to sell up if thousands of fans cancel for next season.

But forget about the other thousands of fans for a minute, what are YOU going to do?

A class article on here the other day showed how Mike Ashley will have made around £50m profits last season at Newcastle United, instead of investing in the squad, quite handy that you won’t find this out from the club until February at the earliest when they announce the financials for 2013/14, AFTER the deadline for these 10/9/8 year deals has passed.

By the way, the club aren’t going to remind you that you have to cancel this month if you don’t want to go next season, it is YOUR responsibility.

Today has brought reports that Moussa Sissoko is off to PSG for £20m and while we wait to see if it comes true, the fact that I haven’t seen a single person saying it is probably bollocks, tells you everything.

Whether he leaves or not in January, the club is going nowhere, or should I say – nowhere good.

Newcastle United will never have fresh life breathed into it until the cancer that is Mike Ashley is separated from the football club.

Don’t wait for somebody else to do something, it is time for YOU to take responsibility.

Remember, saying you’ll show Mike Ashley what you think by shouting at him at the match doesn’t work, he doesn’t care.

It is like going into Sports Direct and spending £50 on stuff, then standing outside and saying the stuff he sells is crap.

He doesn’t care, he just wants your money and your presence next to his adverts that are beaned around the world.

Best way to support Newcastle United is to take the biggest leap of faith and cancel your season ticket.

Individual action and responsibility by us all will help get out club back quicker than most of you think.


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