Frank De Boer is seen by many Newcastle supporters as the ideal candidate to replace Alan Pardew and now it has been confirmed that United have enquired about the current Ajax boss.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Frank’s twin brother Ronald has said that there had been contact from Newcastle but that his sibling had said ‘not at this moment’.

frank de boerThis backs up other quotes from Frank De Boer where he has said whatever happens he will be seeing this season out with Ajax.

After playing club and international football together, Ronald De Boer now works with his brother as a coach at the Dutch giants.

No doubt wherever Frank De Boer ends up next, it must be a knocking bet that twin Ronald will be part of his off the pitch team.

Ronald De Boer;

“They asked if you are interested in coming to Newcastle and Frank said; ‘not at this moment’.

“He is not discussing anything for now, not even Newcastle.

“Even if a club comes, he is not talking.”

  • bill black

    If he is good and we get him we may get 35 points by December. Then he will be told to blood the kids for sell on value. This could get us up to 17th in the table of rich clubs. But as a fan I did not follow football from the age of 3 to look at the rich mans table. I loved taking a day of work and going to Watford to see us in a 3rd round replay cup game against Hendon. Great fans on both sides they played out of there skins first half then in the second half super Mac scored and the rest got going. 4-0 then Wembley FINAL against Liverpool. Those days are gone under Ashley and I am gone from SJP.

  • cwtoon88

    If he doesnt want it now he isn’t an appropriate candidate for the job, he doesn’t want it enough

    What I can see happening is nothing being announced till feb 1st after season ticket direct debit deadline, that its carver to the end of the season with a new manager coming in the summer but they wont announce who and if Carver keeps us up ( even he cant screw that up) he will get it full time

  • likelylad

    Its called integrity.
    Finishing the job he was contracted to do.
    This makes him a must have for the toon.

  • Twoforjoy

    He would be my choice! I like the way he doesn’t want to walk away mid way through a season, it shows he cares about doing things the right way. I get sick of the doom merchants wanting to look for excuses to moan about anything. If we have to wait until the summer so be it!

  • cwtoon88

    likelylad Intergrity is great but when you leave Carver in charge till the end of the season where worst case scenario is he takes us down and best case scenario he isolates our foreign players  and saps hope out of the club it doesnt leave the club in a good position for Mr Integrity to take over at the end of the season.

    You can try and take the moral highground abut him not leaving but Newcastle is our priority not Ajax and what we need is a manager now rather than just writing off the rest of the season

    The big worry is if Carver does average even he will get the job in any case, I remember Roeder getting the job till the end of the season so we could get somone better in the summer but we gave him another year and all the good managers who were available in the summer were gone and next year we ended up with big fat sam

  • Munich Mag

    bill black those were the good old days mate… will never be forgotten…

  • alreet

    At the moment i would hazard a guess at carver till the end of the season then a bigger name in the summer that cant come now.
    It does show alot of respect for yourself and your team that mid way in the season you wont budge. Kinda glad pards didnt have any though.
    If we do get him in the summer it would be ace and if his bro comes with and we get rid of john charva that would be a bonus.
    Wat else can we do but wait till the almighty waves his hand.

  • bill black

    Munich Mag bill black  What is like in Germany as some of the clubs are owned by the fans I am told. Can you still get a good time going to a match.