National journalists have rounded on Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley’s running of Newcastle United, calling the head coach recruitment policy an embarrassing shambles and alleged that they are sucking the life out of the club.

On Sunday morning, the journalist gathered for the Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports, tore to bits the ridiculous Lee Charnley comments made in an interview with Mark Douglas from the Chronicle.

newcastle unitedAndy Dunn (Mirror), Shaun Custis (Sun) and Henry Winter (Telegraph) let rip.

This is part of what they had to say;

Who will get job?

Shaun Custis

“Somebody who is completely compliant, who is prepared to just train the players, take whoever is bought for them, be told what to do and when to do it, by the Chief Executive and the Chairman.”

Model for success?

Shaun Custis

“It does happen at some clubs and it has even happened at Chelsea. It does happen and you have Directors of football or Chairmen, dictating policy. I think this manager of Newcastle would have less say at a Premier League club than any manager who has ever existed.”

Andy Dunn

“It (Lee Charnley’s interview) was one of the most depressing…monologues, in most places, about what he wants in the head coach. He basically said this head coach will have no influence on who they buy, little or no influence on who they sell, will be told what they can and cannot say to the media.

“The manager should be the focal point of the club, of the fans, of the community. The way Sir Bobby Robson was, that Kevin Keegan was, Ferguson at Manchester United or Jose Mourinho at Chelsea.

“I see Frank De Boer linked but can you really see him wanting to go and just basically be a yes man?”

Shaun Custis

“The soul is being ripped out of Newcastle United. What the manager says to the media is part of what makes the football club great, what generates interest.

“My dad went to the game against Southampton and hadn’t been for a couple of years, couldn’t believe how quiet it was, nobody has got the enthusiasm now, it is permeating down from the boardroom, through the manager and almost through the players. You can’t just suck the life out of a football club like that, it’s gone.”

Andy Dunn

“One of phrases he (Lee Charnley) uses is they want a manager who wouldn’t be nervous of getting a replacement for a player who is sold if the value is good, it was like gobbledegook. In other words he was saying, actually if we get a bid for a player we think is good, he goes and then the replacement will be decided by Lee Charnley or Graham Carr.”

Henry Winter

“They are trying to run Newcastle united like a shop but you can’t, because you can’t put emotions up for sale.”

  • Brownale69

    Well done! Speaking for all of us……….Chronnie and co take note and speak up

  • scotty63

    Waiting for the bans to be handed down

  • Hughie

    Fine apart from the inaccuracies, but you can’t expect accuracy from the press can you !! Read Charnley’s statement again. He did not say that the coach will have no influence in who they buy– he said that the coach would not make the final decision. That happens at virtually every club in the country–it is called funding. I agree with Henry Winter’s last comment though–spot on. On the other hand, the national press have no problem being banned from SJP, and not getting their free seats and sandwiches, because it actually increases their column inch potential by giving them a further reason to stir up even more crap about the Toon at every opportunity.

  • MalcolmRynn

    Hughie  So you think that what they are saying is crap, and that Charnley is the man to take this club forward? Its fairly obvious there is little or no ambition at this club

  • A lex

    Fatty and his puppets being highlighted in national tv and newspapers. All negative publicity. He won;t like that one bit. GREAT NEWS!!!!

  • Paul Patterson

    No business in history has done more to alienate it’s customers than the current lot at Newcastle United.
    Yet, people still turn up.

  • Demented_Man

    Hughie That’s just splitting hairs though, isn’t it?  We all know the opinion of the new ‘Head Coach’ will not matter a damn..  Perhaps ‘little or no influence’ would have been more accurate.
    Maybe they’ll give up on the idea of a Head Coach altogether and go back to the pre-1950s model, where the board picked the team!  They might as well.

  • Hughie

    No I used the word “fine”, and the other hint in what I said related to Winter’s comment. I don’t know Charnley and nor do you, but his first attempt to engage with the wider world was an appalling banal diatribe, and explains why he has been so shy to date. His first skill is apparently accountancy but, like you , I have severe doubts about any other qualification that makes him suitable to manage or direct a business which is at the pinnacle of the British entertainment industry– namely PL football.  Let us hope he proves us wrong eh!

  • mr newcastle

    why dont we hire a few coaches and go down to pay him a nice visit he wont face us so let us face him

  • mr newcastle

    take our tents we can camp right next to him oh and use his watering whole he may be pleased to see a few hundred of us

  • Rabid Dog

    The interesting part of the whole head coach principle is
    that Ashley, Charnley (and Carr) realise that the manager/coach’s tenure is
    based upon results. The whole framework around the manager can remain consistent
    and run according to the club policy. If Carver (or uncle tom cobbeley for all I
    know) gets the job, and does not perform they can swap him for another without
    having to completely change the framework and set up they have decided upon.
    They often referto the club as a
    project, the head coach would be a team member of that project, dispensable and
    replaceable whereas normally the manager would be responsible for a lot more
    and the impact of sacking them would have greater impact.
    They are trying to remove the risk associated with a manger,
    I get why they are doing it, I don’t like the idea, there is no emotion, just
    data based decision making based on non-football criteria.

  • No Brainer

    That is not what he said.

  • No Brainer

    mr newcastle okay when?

  • No Brainer

    Hughie Precisely what he said. the idea that a coach can do all of this whilst scouting is mad. If he had £27m Tony Pulis would buy Juan Mata. Mata would not fit into any Pulis team.

    That is the point of this, KK took three million out of this club with his court case as he could not control everything that was to do with money at the club. I think he was over stretching the job. No business can allow that. Remember he did the same to get Kilcline over the line. An owner or CEO or MD have to have calm quiet control over the business they are to do that ensures the club goes on.

    My real concern is that the club seem to be trying to put the england team of the future together and we all know england are sh**

  • mijmo

    These muppets know as much about the soul of newcastle as they know about quantam physics. They have their own axe to grind here and would not give tuppence  for the club or its fans.

  • GeorgiaPeter

    Hughie Porciestreet;
    Lets face it, if he’s a mate of Nikey Mikey, he has all the qualifications he needsas all his aids are sycophants.

  • Hughie

    No Brainer Hughie Well said!

  • Maximus Moose

    mijmo you my friend are a complete A$$HOLE

  • DZA187

    If the fatman had his way he would have our coaches on 8quid a hour to match some of his shop workers. The only way we get rid of Ashley if he lowers the price of the club to allow someone else to buy it.

  • Opiner1

    It’s a shame they waited until their mate Pardew was gone until they started having a go at the club.

  • DZA187

    Opiner1 Shaun Custis who is a newcastle fan is always having digs at the club.

  • No Brainer

    Have you got the address for mick yet the driver needs it to work out a price

  • gazchampion

    Perhaps the few hundred (even a thousand) protesters we have seen in the past actually are the ones who have stopped going to SJP! I believe that boycotting SJP would be the ONLY way to make cashley take notice. starve his cash-cow! A half-empty SJP would be guaranteed BAD publicity for MA and co. as the media know how well NUFC is supported. Hit him where it hurts… in “the wallet” so to speak! He has got NUFC on life-support now, literally trickle-feeding the club just enough to keep it alive.

  • A lex

    Correct. A poorly attended SJP would make NUFC an unattractive proposition for prime viewing and affect the worth of stadium marketing. Hell, even Wonga would question the advertising worth of the sponsorship.
    Their own stupid policies of this “head coach” mullarkey is putting people off coming here, no matter what pr spin they try to put on it.
    And, any player thinking about us only thinks from the point of view of career development / their next step – never about what they could win by coming here.
    Really, if fans don’t want the last 8 years to continue, now is the chance to grab an opportunity to put real pressure on Ashleys ownership for the remainder of this season

  • No Brainer

    Alex you the man I’m right behind you lets do this. Were can we meet to start this my school or yours?