Mike Ashley is deliberately tearing the soul out of our great club so that the Newcastle fans lose all interest and walk away.

This leaves him with a Premier League franchise that he can claim is uneconomical in this region, so he can then take it up to Glasgow which allows Rangers to play in the premiership.

mike ashleyAs he already has Rangers Football Club, which is in a dire financial state and is deeply in debt to him personally, he has the control of both clubs thus giving him the power to amalgamate the clubs. As Newcastle United has no debts, other than allegedly to him, then it would cost him nothing to close the business down.

The support for a team in Glasgow playing in the English premiership would probably be in the region of 80,000+, with a global marketing operation for all his merchandising via Sports Direct. Plus the TV rights which would be more marketable for Rangers globally than Newcastle, thus giving him a far greater return on his investments.

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For those who say it would not be allowed, then look at Wimbledon and the MK Dons as an example where it has occurred in English football, while Swansea and  Cardiff have both played in the English Premier League whilst based in another country.

Both of these examples would be used by his legal team to enforce his rights and the FA are notorious for backing down when faced with difficult scenarios. In Rugby, Wasps have just been taken out of one city and placed in another without any consultation of their supporters, which was supported by their Premiership.

Ashley dislikes us just as much as the majority of Newcastle fans dislike and distrust him, in my opinion he would get great pleasure in removing the club away from the supporters and to leave the city without a club.

The above may seem impossible but he has proved that he can achieve amazing goals and he is a very good planner, often having long-term plans that he works to in small increments in all his business dealings.

We need to start protecting our club from such scenarios by ensuring law changes within the FA rules, to protect the entirety of great sporting clubs within the cities they belong too.

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  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    I want some of what you’re on, mate…

  • Carlij

    Isn’t the whole idea of owning Rangers that it gives sports direct champions league exposure on the cheap? Why would he put them in a league where he’s shown he won’t spend the money required to achieve the same thing??

  • john oneil

    Horrendous thought..!

  • mentalman

    I might be wrong but didn’t mk dons start at the bottom and work their way up?
    If that was the case surely owners of qatar teams etc would by a premier league club and then put their team in the premier league, in 10 years time there wouldn’t be an english team in the premier league

  • Brownale69

    Ha ha 100m each year for TV rights & world wide coverage for his company all FREE!!!
    There no money in Scottish football and never will be!
    80k? Wheres that from? Have you checked Rangers attendances lately? they have dropped by 10k this season to average 32k. Why leave / change the gravy boat at NUFC?  If Rangers get sold to american company?  he will no doubt broker a deal to sell his tat or get his moneys back with interest.

  • Polarboy

    Hysterical is one word I would use to describe this article, and I don’t mean ha, ha hysterical.

  • RexN

    An interesting proposition which I had given thought to and dismissed as improbable but not impossible. The main arguments for are that Swansea and Cardiff choose to be FA rather than FAW, presumably Rangers could opt for the same. Does Rangers have the potential to be a bigger global brand?

    The logistics make it a huge challenge, will the FA accept? What about the sunk costs in NUFC? What constitutes a “home grown” player in the transfer market? Is European qualification and global coverage cheaper if Rangers stay where they are?

    The biggest protection against it happening is probably the ownership of St James’ Park. NUFC owns the stands but the council own the land which makes the most valuable asset, other than TV income, the players in the physio room or occasionally on the pitch.

    Personally, I think the Pozzo model is far more likely but never say never.

  • gwip0102

    What a load of tosh

  • Toon69

    Well if MA wants to do that, we’ll just start a NewCo Newcastle Team, same as Rangers did & it’ll be funded by the fans, run by the fans & have no dealing with MA, SD or anyone else bar the Fans

  • Gillo81

    Someone should really sanction these articles. Absolute fantasy.

  • RexN

    mentalman The Dons part of the name came from Wimbledon. The franchise was relocated to Milton Keynes. There is a new Wimbledon (AFC)_that started from scratch.

    What may or may not have sealed the argument was that Wimbledon (now Dons) went into administration, the decision made by an independent tribunal despite opposition from both the FA and Football League.

    Hope that helps.

  • GeorgiaPeter

    You must tell me what you are  using mate cos it’s causing some fantastic images. How you have the cajones to sit behind a keyboard and dream up this absolut feces is beyond comprehension and for me, you should be sectioned.

  • GeorgiaPeter

    RexN Porciestreet;
    You lot are all on something illegal. absolutely unbelievable.

  • GeorgiaPeter

    mentalman Porciestreet;
    This stupid argument has so many holes in it…….!

  • GarryThompson

    it may sound like the realms of fantasy, but this kind of thing happens in america, a team moving to another city/state to bolster revenue for whatever reason. 
    for all this piece seems ludicrous, are we just not burying our fears in denial?

  • JukioLaker

    1 it’a not a franchise 2 it’s not uneconomical 3 wasps was in the same country under the same governing body 4 actually there’s no point continuing.

  • RexN They don’t choose to be FA, they have always been FA since the establishment of their respective clubs.  There was no Welsh league when the clubs were founded, which came after in 1992. They chose not to move from the league they have always been in. There is no opt-in option available to clubs to join the English FA from another country.

  • GeorgeBainbridge

    Please engage brain before you write such rubbish

  • Billy Goat

    Jackanory time again.

  • GarryThompson I don’t even know how to reply to this, the way teams work in america isn’t ever going to happen over here.

  • NE1

    Rangers would have to start at the bottom of the league. Would take them at least 10 years (no guarantee) to get to premier league.

  • Cuse

    Utter, utter fantasy. Were you in the pub when you wrote this?

    Factually wrong and paranoid beyond belief. Uneconomic? The fat man doesn’t do anything uneconomic.


  • jentoon

    surely this makes no sense at all, cannot see the FA allowing it anyway, sooner Ashley goes the better, think we are all waiting for something good to happen but cannot see much good news anytime soon

  • LeazesEnder

    Yes I wondered if this was a possibility…. this kind thing happens in america with Ice Hockey,and  baseball with teams moving and changing their names and it has been done here with Wimbledon and Wasps, and Newcastle Brown Ale.  
    It would leave a lot of people with nothing to do on a Saturday except feed the ducks in Leazes Park wondering where it all went wrong!

  • Ricardo9

    Cant see it myself. theres more chance of him moving Rangers to Newcastle and entering us in the Scottish leagues. I reckon Gouffran would be a star in Scotland.

  • 2 Tone

    The single most ridiculous post I’ve seen on this site with the exception of everything APBAW posts. Get this, its NOT a franchise. In the States the NFL, Baseball and Hockey are all run on the franchise model. To bring Cardiff and Swansea in as a precedent is ludicrous. Their place in the EPL happened under a completely different set of circumstances and age.
    10 out of 10 though for the effort to find such a left field perspective on our existence under the large pond life who owns our great club.

  • mrkgw

    Worrying stuff. Lets hope that nothing like this EVER happens to our club. That said, you can see Ashley trying such a stunt as he seemingly has scant regard for the supporters.

  • Jim Joe Billy Bob

    Obviously straight from the Sports Direct PR office in Hong Kong…

  • RexN

    Virsino RexN I see your point about leagues. However, when it comes to FAm Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham regularly represented the FAW in Europe until 1993.

  • LeazesEnder

    2 Tone ..and Wimbledon is a franchise?

  • DownUnderMag

    LeazesEnder 2 Tone Exactly, no matter how ludicrous or unlikely some of us may think certain things are to happen, i’m fairly certain we didn’t think about name changes to the ground, paid advertising removed in favour of free signs in the ground or half the other things that now seem the norm at this ridiculously run club.

    Like it or not, Ashley OWNS NUFC, and if it can happen to Wimbledon then i’m sure Ashley won’t hesitate to do what is right for him and not give a second thought to the fans.

  • AlfieDiaz

    Total utter crap.

  • 2 Tone

    Hi. What I was trying to point out, but not very well I agree, us the difference between ownership and franchise. The NFL has 32 franchises (teams) and only the league not the franchise owner decides if the size of the league can be increased. Bear in mind the NFL exists only within the boundaries of thd USA.
    Wimbledon moved within the boundaries of the English FA . I do not believe that you can move a franchise (team), from the English FA to a completely different organisation, the Scottish FA. At least I bloody hope not.

  • Jimminie Crickett

    Ridiculous. Ashley would lose all the money he spent to buy the club.
    If he thinks he could make a profit on selling a rangers BPL club out of the cost to buy both clubs then maybe. But he won’t.
    Just complete paranoia out of your hatred for the man. He doesn’t care about you enough to return the hatred so your fear of him screwing to this extreme is pure fantasy. Get a life, this NUFC business is obviously causing you to lose your sanity.

  • Meditative Mag

    Very disappointed that this article did not include alien space ships and bottom probes.

  • DarrenDuffy

    Rangers would have to start at the bottom of the english league tho wouldnt they

  • Tommy Lucchese

    Nurse! Nurse! Your patient has escaped!

  • Geordiexile

    This has to be one of the most rediculous conspiracy theories have ever come across! What kind of medication is this guy on! Legally an impossibility never mind how daft it sounds from a commercial perspective!

  • flanders71

    What a load of bollox!
    What has become of the mag?

  • beardsleys cat

    Do you really believe this will happen ffs?????????

  • gwip0102

    You can’t. The prospect of Rangers or Celtic moving to English football has been considered before and for many reasons it’s not practical.
    I can’t believe how many people are giving this the time of day.
    1. while MA owns nufc he is not even the majority shareholder at Rangers, he does not have the ability to make unilateral decisions regarding both clubs.
    2. There is no business case to support resolving NUFC
    3. The premier league does not operate in a closed league with franchises. If a club folds the league would adjust through either a 2 down / 4 up scenario – there is no mechanism for another club to move into the league without gaining qualification.
    4. If such a solution existed Celtic would be the logical Scottish club as the only one with the commercial draw combined with anything like a team capable of existing in the league – rangers is not even in the SPL.
    5. As things stand today, NUFC meets his commercial objectives… Why risk this?
    So, simply, he couldn’t do it, he isn’t on a position to do it even if the rules permitted it and there is no commercial sense in the move.

  • davyburns

    He has 9% in rangers. Have a look at companies house

  • MartinJW


  • Gordonthetoony

    Lets remember Ashley owns only 9% of Rangers shares and that 37% are owned by 3 groups opposed to him which makes it harder for him to get the 75% backing from existing shareholders to take over.( I believe that’s the correct figures ).
    People should forget what happens in the USA as it has absolutely no bearing on what happens in the English FA.

  • IanWilson1

    What a stupid bloody article. What was this bloke smoking when he wrote this????

  • Big Kevsy

    IanWilson1 here there’s nowt wrong with an occasional toke on the crack [i[e u tory facka

  • Who said that

    Rangers aren’t in the champions league

  • Bluenose

    rangers attendances have dropped, this is undoubtedly true, but still to average 32,000 playing against the likes of Dumbarton, Alloa, Cowdenbeath and East Fife is something that would never happen with any Club apart from Rangers, that is why we are a far bigger global brand than NUFC or any English club, with the exception of Man Utd or Liverpool, our attendances have dropped because we are operating a boycott policy of ” not a penny more” to try and get rid of the crooks, including Ashley, who are running the club.

  • PJR09

    Who the F— wrote this shite ? Grow up you idiot

  • PJR09

    Bluenose gwip0102 Home to Hibs Aug 5th ATTENDANCE: 18,138.  Home to Hearts 10th Aug ATTENDANCE: 43,683. Home to Dumbarton  23 Aug  ATTENDANCE: 31,175. Home to Inverness 16 sept ATTENDANCE: 15,208.  Home to St Johnston 28 Oct ATT: 13,023  Home to Hearts 22 Nov ATT: 17,004   Average att = roughly 23K   didnt bother with away crowds cause there so low !

  • Fonzeig Bear

    Sounds like a plan to me.
    Let’s be honest, apart from the fans who turn up innocently at Sports Direct Megadome (or whatever it’s called) Glasgow Rangers are a far more lucrative prospect – on every level.
    Deal with it.

  • Billy Goat

    Fonzeig Bear  Its always nice to have a child on this site to allow childish expression. Just as a curiosity ? did your Mammy help you with the long words

  • Fonzeig Bear

    Billy Goat Fonzeig Bear Apart from the humorous undertone, the salient point is – it may turn into reality.
    We’ll just ignore your curious attempt at something grammatically flawed. Especially the seemingly more childish reference to “Your Mum” that was perfectly executed. ;)

  • Gwiggs

    Rangers fan – think both sets of fans are in the same boat here, none of us want him anything to do with our clubs, similar too that we support our clubs no matter what.
    Renaming the stadiums of teams like Newcastle os a joke, i fear he is shaping up to try that with Ibrox too.
    Would love to see Rangers in the Prem but not like that.
    Ashley out….of football !

  • crsles1690

    At the end of the day the mans a genus when it comes to business if there’s a way round something he will find it

  • JasonLee6

    Fonzeig Bear how exactly are a club that ply their trade in the Scottish league possibly be considered to be more lucrative then a club who’s last season turnover was £150 million? all the while struggling to sign any players, terrible ownership and no manager and we still a mid table team with a global fan base of approx 7 million fans, compared to rangers estimated 3.5 – 4 million fans, you have a bit bigger stadium, by about 7000 but that’s where it ends, Newcastle United are far more lucrative then rangers in the premier league, but rangers are more lucrative to mike Ashleys Sports direct empire because that’s where is real money is made, even if you win the SPFL your winnings are only £2.5 million a year, Newcastle and many other prem teams sell more in soft drinks alone then that, your club would have to be rebuilt with premiership quality players after working your way up the divisions, which will be no way as easy as your march up the Scottish divisions…….

  • Bluenose

    Sorry Jason but you have to get your facts right, both our stadiums are roughly same capacity,(think Newcastles slightly more), Rangers global fan base, taking in ex pats in USA, Canada,Australia and New Zealand alone, roughly 10 million, true our turnover just now is nowhere near any English club because of Sky money, so you have to ask yourself why is Ashley so interested in Rangers and so desperate to sell Newcastle, by common agreement Ashley is a brilliant businessman, so WHY ?

  • JasonLee6

    Bluenose your right about the stadiums my bad, I actually thought for some reason Ibrox was the same size as Parkhead almost, didnt realise that it was actually a few hundred smaller then SJP, as for global fan base is concerned nowhere have i seen when i googled it did i see 10 million, and fan base is ALWAYS taking in to consideration expats, its is a total number, and from what i found it is in the region of between 3-5 million, that being said its not an exact science but lets say its top end and its 5 million even with that number,its still much shorter then Newcastles, and we have NO history hardly. 

    That being said the point was to the other comment claiming that Rangers are far more lucrative then Newcastle  is just a ludicrous claim, and  when even in the championship had a turnover higher then most premier league teams of OVER £100 million, for a championship side is UNHEARD off, that’s probably 7-8 years trading for Rangers, and all while being profitable as well. 

    Coming back to your point about Ashley wanting rangers, my theory which may be a little bit out there but I see Ashley using the stadiums and relative success as a way of boosting his global expansion of his sports direct company, which by the way since he has marketed it all over Newcastle has seen his profits soar by 50% and his expansion in to European stores where he now has 140 stores, with more expansion plans, Newcastle will turn a profit of around £10million this year, unless we sell Sissoko which could be an extra £10-15million profit so that is £25 million potentially, Sports Direct combined with the free advertising around SJP and media coverage over the same period Profit = £239 Million, get a football club like Newcastle back into Europe, probably a minimum£100million+worth of new players and some luck which is never gonna happen, to get rangers back in the SPFL and winning the league would cost a fraction of that, i mean with a few decent players they will be back there next season unless Hearts have a meltdown, bring in a few players and they are suddenly competing for the league again, that is how poor the SPFL is, And I think he is seeing that weakness as a mass marketing plan, football is not his endgame, Retail is and expansion and profit is key to that, thats the only reason i can think of because that is exactly the model he is using at Newcastle which has worked to a point but its far more expensive trying to get Newcastle to be a competing club again when u Have the likes of City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool all with large budgets at the ready compared to Who in Scotland has a decent budget for players???Celtic, even they cant sign anyone of real quality because the money just isnt there, i think its a case of speculate to accumulate, but with Newcastle that just isnt Viable or cost effective

  • beardsleys cat

    Rangers means champions league in at least 4 years…..equaling massive world wide advertising for sports tat direct…..money in advertising on a global scale for fatty to gorge on….Its a win win for the fat man….minimal input massive profit.

  • beardsleys cat

    Rangers will be in champions league in at least four years…..equaling world wide advertising for fatty sports tat direct…..free advertising fatty can only dream of getting with the toon…..Hopefully this will be enough to send him on his way….God help ya’s I have a soft spot for the Ger’s and I would not wish this leech on to anyone…..keep the faith eh.

  • ToonDownUnder

    Fonzeig Bear Billy Goat

    A far more probable scenario is one where Mike Ashley sells Newcastle United and buys a majority ownership at Rangers. 

    A club with a (relatively) stable presence in the English Premier League, the most watched league in the world, are a much more lucrative option than Rangers are for the time being. 

    My guess is that Ashley’s plan is to time the sale of Newcastle United and the acquisition of Rangers FC with the promotion of  Rangers to the Scottish Premiership.

    Ashley has a much better chance of getting into Europe via the SPL. He could also, theoretically, spend less money putting together a team that occupy 1st or 2nd spot year in year out in the SPL, than keeping NUFC afloat in the EPL.

  • david rodger

    never happin rangers fans would never back this also we would stand side by side with newcastle fans so it dosnt happen all bull sit rangers fans would never stand by and let a great football club like newcastle be done away with no chance

  • david rodger

    Never happen Rangers fans would never agree to this . We would stand side by side with Newcastle fans so it cant happen also we would never stand by and watch a brill football Club like N ewcastle utd die no chance Ashey get out of our clubs now