With it now approaching a months since Alan Pardew walked, even John Carver has said that Mike Ashley has to get the manager/head coach position sorted.

While both the caretaker manager and his players have said all the right things about not being affected by uncertainty and lack of leadership, after the defeat to Southampton, Carver has admitted that the inaction is damaging the football club.

mike ashleyThe atmosphere was shocking yesterday teatime and as Pardew’s former assistant points out, everybody is sitting there wondering what’s going on.

“Everybody is not sure what’s going on, they are just sitting there waiting for it and I think, after the result tonight,that the decision will be made.

“They (Mike Ashley) have to do something about it, whether it is me or it is somebody else.”

I know I can do it…;

“They are almost three weeks into the process now and I know for a fact they have been working hard behind the scenes. They have got to do something about it.

“I know I can do it and I know the work that we have done and how we have played.”

At any normal club a caretaker boss posting three defeats and a fortunate 3-3 draw would immediately be ruled out.

However, this is not a normal club and Mike Ashley is not a normal owner.

Finding a top class person to take a job where they will have no say on transfers is laughable and I dread the moment when the next yes man is unveiled – a massive missed chance for a fresh start an new impetus after finally getting rid of Alan Pardew.

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  • Brownale69

    I thought the statement that went out a couple of weeks ago was Mr Ashley had nowt to do with the next manager (cough cough) and he had entrusted his lackeys to do the work? or is he still waiting for the Pard cheque to clear?

  • Brownale69

    Can someone answer one question? In the history of NUFC have we ever got compensation from another club for a manager? I cant recall it but am happy to be informed. FFS we got money for Pard and we cant even spend it!!! Oh maybe its to pay off the debt!

  • tino o

    Taken for mugs again honestly no decent manager will come nothing will ever change under fcb. Time to concentrate on getting him out keep protests for live games as sky and bbc will edit them out. They can’t edit live! Take banners asking people not to buy merchandise outside club shops on matchday don’t drink in shearers bar! Don’t use stadium bars! GET HIM OUT!

  • SimonM68

    “Mike Ashley has to do something” – John Carver
    Yes, haul his trotters out of the trough and get lost!

  • Maximus Moose

    Bottom line is Big Mike doesn’t give a Monkeys  

  • Phildene

    I tend to agree with you tino o, But you’re still playing into Ashleys hand by simply going to the matches. Not buying merchandise etc isn’t the only way and, not being funny, is rather pathetic considering all the thousands of sheep who are still paying money to him by going. This has to stop-no wonder he takes the fans for mugs as they are.

  • toon tony

    Don’t know if any compensation was involved but the last time I can remember a manager left us to join another club was Gordon Lee. !!!??

  • GeorgiaPeter

    Just read that De-Boer has had no contact whatsoever si it would come as no surprise at all that they probably not even contacted anyone else yet. Cashley is a plague on the North Easst.

  • GeorgiaPeter

    tino o  Porciestreet;
    You complain like loads more. you Whinge and whine on about being taken for mugs and being ripped off etc etc, then what? you go back the following week and hand over your hard-earned again. You are mugs alright and there won’t be any end to it so long as you stumble around in the dark believing that Nikey- Mikey is going to all of a sudden change into th Millionaire giver in place of the rapist. For Gods sake wake up you lot…..!You will be very lucky to see Newcastle United anywhere near that which you grew up venerating, anytime in your lifetime unless you get off your lethargig a***s and do something positive to win your club back.. Do you love it or what…..?  I can just hear your replies… Eeeeee, well a divn’t reeely naa wor a can dee like, F****n pathetic the lot of you. Stand up or shut up. Rant owa.
    Howaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the Lads.

  • DownUnderMag

    Carver has the passion, but like it or not we need someone more capable of revamping the first team, developing youth and masterminding spates of tactical genius.  We have a skeleton squad at the moment so there isn’t a lot of options for Carver and it showed against the saints, just no answer to try out when things weren’t working.

    Personally I would just like an inquest into why we continue getting so many injuries and why our youth players seem bereft of any tactical understanding of first team affairs when they do finally get in the side?  If you have seen any youth games of late, the pace is appalling and can’t be preparing them for premiership life at all….not to mention our loan players don’t even get a game so that isn’t helping them either….

  • A lex

    Revamping and developing – no chance, Ashley is still around.
    Skeleton squad – Ashley again.
    Injuries –  unmotivated players at an unmotivated club.
    Youth players bereft of tactics – Beardsley. He’s consistently not delivered for years from the academy, and it pains me to say this of a truly magical player.

  • mrkgw

    Mike Ashley needs to go, taking incompetents Carver and Charnley with him. Shockers, all of them.

  • A lex

    mrkgw Agree. I was just too young for the League Cup Final in ’76, and my ‘active’ support began in season 76/77. Not at all did I think I’d reach this point without a trophy to witness. There have been some dismal situations over my near-40 years of active support, but never one as bad as this now, where the horizon looks as bleak as it is possible to get.
    We simply have to make things so bad for Ashley that he thinks, “I’ve had enough” and he removes himself.

  • Jarra MIck

    Spot on Georgia

  • toonterrier

    Carver knows whats happening and is reading from the large ones script. It was obvious with the team selection for the Leicester game that he was following orders. No doubt if he’s not a naughty boy and tells it as it isnt the job will be his until at least the end of the season. At best he is a Championship coach and even then he would struggle. We need a complete clear out starting with the owner followed by all his minnions hopefully sooner rather than later..

  • DownUnderMag

    A lex DownUnderMag while i’m no fan of the fat controller, it pains me to say that part of his footballing model should actually work – there is no reason that we can’t acquire players through the scouting of Carr, for bargain prices, and develop a competitive squad for the Premiership without paying silly fees.    Other areas just let that down….such as refusing to pay competitive market rate wages.

    The youth is definitely a problem.  As I see it, that should be a constant stream of players good enough to come into the first team and do a job, maybe not superstars, but good average Premiership players.   This would then compliment the bought players meaning less money required to buy players in and possibly offsetting wage increases to keep those players around.

    The youth players seem to have no tactical knowledge, no idea of how to play in their position and their fitness levels are awful.  Not every player will have the skills of Ronaldo, but surely they can run around for 10 minutes off the bench without looking like they are going to pass-out?  I would also expect the bare minimum of them being able to pass the ball more than 5 yards without falling over their own feet.   Like you said, as painful as it is, and as good a player as he was, maybe it’s time to get rid of Beardsley and have an overhaul of the academy and general coaching staff??