It has been revealed this morning that Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley has posted his intent to take out security over Ibrox, the home of Rangers.

The ‘notice of intention’ to take out security has been posted by Mike Ashley under the Sports Direct mantle.

mike ashleySTV have reported that they have seen the relevant documents which show that Ashley/Sports Direct intend to add their name to the title deed of the ground.

The Newcastle United owner has five weeks to complete the application but this is seen as a clear sign that Mike Ashley will provide a further loan to keep Rangers trading, the Glasgow club having already said that they don’t even have enough cash to see out January.

In recent days Rangers turned down a package of around £20m from USA based Robert Sarver, stating it wasn’t a high enough offer.

If Mike Ashley does indeed take up security of Ibrox in return for a loan then it will be something nobody else has managed, as a contingent liability was detailed in the club’s accounts relating to claims by Craig Whyte that he was the legal owner of Ibrox.

Also, by lodging this document, if any other party came forward to provide funding they couldn’t secure the loan against Ibrox, because Mike Ashley’s notice of intention takes precedence.

As Newcastle fans we continue to wonder what Mike Ashley has planned for both Rangers and especially Newcastle United.

The fact he is clearly not giving up his Rangers involvement easily suggests that his hold over the Glasgow club will be ongoing but how will that impact on United?

  • mrkgw

    If this means Ashley selling Newcastle then lets hope he departs sooner rather than later. Pardew has been gone a couple of weeks and still, no managerial appointment. No prospective January signings either. The way that he has treat supporters and dictated things at the club are appalling. Good luck Rangers – you will need it.

  • Maximus Moose

    Rangers knocked back 2 bids in the last week, Why ?  because Big Mike`s already there to swoop like the Shyte Hawk he is. Brown paper bags all round for the Jocko`s

  • Phildene

    And he is unlikely to bring a head coach at all as this is probably a smoke screen to take away the fact of not one player coming in. Infact his usual ploy. We will be stuck with Carver.
    Let’s hope he buggas off to Ibrox and damn soon. It also seems the thought of the impending court hearing by the SFA. Doesn’t bother him one iota.

  • Steve1221

    This news doesn’t make it sound like Ashley has any intention of packing his bags and moving north, now that Rangers and the SFA have spited him it sounds more like he’s hoping for Rangers to fall apart so that he can tear down Ibrox and build a Sports Direct Superstore.

  • Toonbadger

    There`s nothing stopping him buying properties, It would just make him the landlord, not the owner of the club. So in reality he could do what he wanted with it, eg demolish it, kick them out, Splatter S*orts d*rect all over it, rename it etc etc It would be his to do with as he pleased and no one could stop him. Now if I can think of that, he and his minions certainly can. He would certainly be calling all the shots