The time for talking is over, Mike Ashley is one man and we are many.

We need action, anything is better than sitting on our backsides arguing over what to do about Mike Ashley.

mike ashleyI am tired of listening to people argue over what action should be taken; staying away from matches, not buying club merchandise, singing songs.

What’s right, what’s wrong, what ‘true’ supporters do…

We need to do something to get the ball rolling, no matter how small. I don’t need to remind people of what has went on in the past few years but the fact that Championship managers are dismissing the chance to take the reins of one of the biggest clubs in the country, is nothing less than an embarrassment (and god knows it’s not the first).

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I’ve tried apathy but every time a match kicks off I’m cheering on the lads, full of optimism and sheer stupid blind hope. After the final whistle I ask myself what’s the point supporting a team with no ambition!

Our players have been rewarded for their FA cup exit with a holiday in the sun. Like a battered wife we go back, thinking things will change.

Why should I give up though? Should we stay away and let him win? Ashley won’t care, gate receipts are petty cash. I won’t give up even if I could, this is my club!

I am willing to do just about anything to rid Newcastle United of this parasite. All I am asking for is someone with the respect of the fans to stand up and take the lead. We should be ashamed of ourselves for letting it go this far. Changing the manager is like changing the deckchairs on the Titanic. It doesn’t matter who it is, I’d take a terrible one and get relegated if it meant us being sold.

My opinion after the final whistle – stay in your seat and don’t leave. I’m open to anything though, it’s better than banging our heads against a wall. Mike Ashley is one man, we are many.

  • RexN

    You hit the nail on the head about concerted effort. If you go, you line Ashley’s pockets, those who boycott are replaced. If you go, who makes the noise in the stadium against Ashley? It was a respectful silence on Saturday. Those who walked out before were chastised, those who march are derided, those of us who did an ironic open bus tour are ridiculed by some.

    For once, now Pardew has gone and candidates are turning us down, there is no shield for Ashley. For those that go, 90 minutes of debasing his brand would be welcome.

    My own personal favourite is to pick a local match, Gateshead for example and fill their ground whilst coinciding with a boycott of a TV match, to show that we support local football but not what Ashley does to our club. The sad fact is that there are 50,000 who will always still turn up.

  • hairofthewolf

    I think the question is how can Newcastle fans support the team and not Mike Ashley?

    Just an idea, but what if someone could organize a boycott of a match where instead of staying at home, supporters gather at one location, 50,000 strong to sing and watch the match on a giant big screen or listen to it over loudspeakers? Maybe even outside of SJP.  I can’t think of any better way to show that the fans still love the team but not the owner.  I’m picturing happiness and camaraderie, lots of singing and waving banners, not anger and rioting.  I think the solution is positivity…  It would be much easier for fans to get on board with something that is happy and positive rather than something that is negative.

    Long live the toon..

  • justchampion

    Stop,with the relegation rubbish. How short is you memory? If we get relegated Ashley loses money, which means he is going nowhere. Did he do one last time he got us relegated?

  • Phildene

    If we get relegated Ashley will go and unfortunately, we haven’t got the same type of players who brought us back up again, so in all probability we’ll stay down for a while at least but the  fat man can’t afford to run this club in the Championship so could be a way out. 
    Personally we’d take anything to get rid of the cretin and if that means relegation then so be it, BUT can’t see Ashley risking it. 

    We used to be season ticket holders for many years (hubby 62yrs) but could;t take any more of the rubbish being dished out so cancelled them and have never regretted it. If we want to watch nufc we watch on the tele, but to tell the truth its taking us all out time to do that now as they’re awful to watch. 
    We need a clear out from the very top( owner) to the very bottom. The clubs is being run appallingly and the coaching staff? an absolute disgrace to we Geordies. How dare Carver and Stone call themselves Geordies when they’re taking wages from the fat man and in turn, produce the rubbish being watched saying they’re fans-its an insult to the fans themselves that.

  • Roppa

    I agree with Hairofthewolf, but it would require the support of the
    Council to arrange for 50,000 Geordies to safely congregate somewhere
    i.e the Town Moor.

    The appointment of the new manager /
    coach will tell us exactly his intentions for the Club, and if he
    appoints another ‘non entity’ like Pardew, Kinnear, Chris Houghton –
    bless him, John Carver, then we must unite as one, to fight for the ‘greater good’. 
    Let’s wait a week or two until Ashley plays his final hand and appoints a new manager – then surely, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind, that he is taking the pxss out of us all – hopefully then, we’ll be united and give him a taste of his own medicine! The Glaswegians are doing it, we must follow their lead!

  • Jarra MIck

    You are the problem and others like you. You talk about doing something but the fact is it is only by stopping going will you get back your self respect. Mass protests won’t work because most people are like you they like to talk about it but when it comes right down to it they can’t be bothered and are happy to turn up hoping that things will be different. This is why Ashley has such a hold on our club hang your head in shame David.

  • geordieladdo

    Sadly it’s a pointless argument! We should do this but others won’t. We should try this but others won’t.
    There is one thing mike ashley cares about and other than money that’s his baby Sports Direct! You direct lots of negativity at that loudly enough and frequently enough and when the sky/bt cameras are there he might just start to get a wee bit sick!
    Until someone unites all the different fans, of different opinions into acting in one uniform way then that maybe all we can do for now!

  • Conman

    I’m afraid that it’s lambs to the slaughter here after 7 years of fat Mike. The people who voted with their feet have now been replaced by minions. It looks as though we didn’t exist. I stopped at the start of last season and even though I miss the game, the [email protected] I don’t need.
    As soon as our fans grow some and either do the same or make it so uncomfortable that he has to go. It’s our club but look up the road at Rangers. They are fighting the fight. They will never back down until there is no alternative. The man is a disgrace. He’s just one man now though. Carver will be out soon and then let’s see what his master plan is.
    In the meantime, enjoy the football. It’s [email protected] but by going along, you are supporting the regime I’m afraid.

  • toonterrier

    The only way to put pressure on our beloved owner is by bad publicity. Next home televised game stay outside the ground until ten minutes after kick off and show the millions of viewers what we think about the running of our club.with fifty thousand empty seats. Sure Sky will make a meal out of it and it will  force the club to make a statement to explain the unrest amongst the supporters.

  • musicman 2000

    we are the problem us the fans we are too loyal and ashley knows this thats why he treats us like dirt because he knows we will come back no matter what he does if ashley was chairman of Arsenal or Liverpool there and he tried doing all the things to them that he has done to us they wouldnt have it there would be mass protests riots etc till he was gone.
    Now its embarrising being a newcastle fan the whole country thinks were a bunch of MUGS  So lets unite and show ASHLEY what people power is all about

  • Davidelder888

    I do not attend matches or buy Wonga branded merchandise. I watch the matches on TV and buy retro kits. I am not part of the problem or a sheep. We need leadership and to stop bickering like old women an do something.

  • musicman 2000

    Davidelder888 agreed

  • mrkgw

    Ashley out!

  • Little Davey

    musicman 2000  Unite behind what exactly.
    Nee chance. Apathy rules.
    “I’m not giving up my season ticket for anyone”
    But I reserve the right to Boo the Lads at the end.
    Soft deluded idiots
    Crying like Bairns, but not prepared to get off your lazy backsides.
    Laughing stock

  • Little Davey

    so you are prepared to do “almost anything” except give up your seat.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha
    And using what logic exactly would that have Fatty winning.
    Please explain.
    One thing is for certain in my mind. He would be embarrassed beyond belief to have a live tv match played to an empty stadium. Its not about the revenue ffs. Its all about his ego and his status.
    It is the only weapon in our locker. We have NOTHING else to hurt him with.
    Wake up and smell the coffee. Just once. Just one match.
    Nope apathy rules. we cant even be bothered to sing the FCB song anymore.
    I’ve heard more wailing and gnashing of teeth in a chapel of rest than at SJP yesterday.
    Pathetic fans rolling over and taking it dry off the fatman.

  • magpiefifer

    Roppa is so right – Rangers fans are showing us what can be done.
    I don’t agree that gate money is petty cash to Ashley – he would not like SJP being like a morgue on match day!
    We’ve suffered far too long at the hands of this meglomaniac who doesn’t give a —- about the fans,or the club – it’s all about money in his pocket through that his cheapskate SD empire.

  • Little Davey

    toonterrier  utterly ridiculous suggestion imho
    either stay away for the whole match, or just don’t bother as per usual.

  • DownUnderMag

    magpiefifer it’s not petty cash, but in the grand scheme of things it makes up such a small amount that it could easily be offset against a player sale…the last thing we need is to give Ashley more excuses to cut costs, sell players and fail to reinvest!  Sadly we are caught in a viscous cycle…fail to attend and risk further financial sanctions, attend and feel like the support is taken for granted.  Not a nice place to be as an NUFC fan right now.

  • Little Davey

    magpiefifer  I’m sorry fella, but were you not at the match yesterday ?
    Seriously, it was quieter than a morgue, and fatty didn’t give a sh!t.
    He is laughing at you

  • Davidelder888

    Fact is what we are doing is doing nothing. Gathering somewhere else with or without a big screen would be a major statement. I stay away I want to do more I am not alone.. there is no focused direction of protest.

  • magpiefifer

    Little Davey magpiefifer  No I wasn’t at the game yesterday and I’ve vowed not to be at SJP while Ashley is there!
    Be more like a morgue with less than 49,000 in.

  • A lex

    Davidelder888 A well known figure head is needed, in the same way as John Hall publicly faced up to McKeag.
    Even if they don’t have the ability to buy, there must be someone out there who cares enough to help us raise hell.

  • stevennufc

    why cant sensible fans see whats happening?…..stop going!…….its the only way!….. “but iv”e payed my money”…what an excuse!…..take it on the chin!……people on strike loose money for the long term benefit!……wise up !!!!!!

  • Davidelder888

    Exactly A lex the supporters trust are too busy arguing amongst themselves and the boys where after the wrong man. We all agree something must be done we should try to do something even if we are against the idea at least we are together and trying. Something will work

  • A lex

    Disagree a little with your point, but only on the process.
    Ashley had ‘shields’ in the forms of Kinnear and Pardew. No way could Ashley be weakened with those two covering him. Now they’ve gone (and I’m convinced supporter action helped to get them out) Ashley is somewhat exposed.
    These two had to go first in order to clear a way to Ashley.
    I just hope that fans can “let loose the dogs of war” and give this parasite food for thought over the coming weeks.
    As ever, though, things fall lucky for Ashley. A two week break will probably ensure the sheep have simmered down. But,; if we lose at Hull, I really hope SJP is a cauldron of hate for Ashley and SD.

  • Davidelder888

    Good point, signing no players so far this January has nothing to do with a new head coach as its not his job anyway should be another warning sign to the sheep a defeat against hull might get sheople waking again.opening newsnow someday to the headlines Newcastle united sold will be as good as winning the league for me.

  • A lex

    Two weeks of silence, a defeat at Hull, then a Sunday home televised game against Stoke – well, if ever there was an opportunity to grab to publicly give Ashley both barrels, this is it.

  • Adam_B

    For those of you (most of you) who are scratching your heads about the best way to get Ashley out, I have a surprise for you, it really is very, very simple.

    All you (the fans at St James) have to do is the following, and I can guarantee you that the owner will sell within 3-6 months.

    From  the first whistle till the last whistle, all you need to do, is sing. That’s all, just sing and Ashley will be gone, just like that. The words are important of course, 3 little words, relating to the retail sportswear chain and what we think about it. Just 3 words, sung over and over for 90 minutes once a fortnight and Ashley will be gone. Simple really.

  • DownUnderMag

    Adam_B The guys got thicker skin than a rhinoceros….he’ll just see it as free publicity – there’s been exposé’s on SD’s dodgy overseas sweat shops, their bad “0” hours contracts and the like and yet it’s still going strong….

  • Adam_B

    I disagree, it’s about the brand and the tarnishing thereof. It is nothing about Ashley’s skin, thick or otherwise.

  • Steve1221

    stevennufc nothing to do with having paid their money, no matter how thing are going off the field people want to watch their team play it’s as simple as that

  • geordieladdo

    stevennufc I think sensible fans CAN see what is happening, what they do see though is that its always a minority of fans that try to act and do something about it.
    They will look at it and think whats the point, and to be honest they are bang on the money, what is the point of 100 people holding placards or 2000 walking out on x minutes during a game?
    Not saying nothing should be done or attempted but until the majority of the fans are united in a common manner then NOTHING can be done.

  • Brownale69

    Dont protest if your wearing Wonga.

  • Davidelder888

    We need to be organised and together. We can use The Mag to organise and discuss along with twitter. The sheep will follow if we keep going.

  • GToon

    The only way to get rid of him is hit him in his pocket. As long as we keep buying and going and he keeps making he’ll stay. I wouldnt be surprised if SD start selling banners calling for him to go – never misses a trick does MA.

  • No Brainer

    It seems those that wish to protest are already doing so there are about 1,000 people on the mag who repeatedly say they are not going back till he has gone. However these are either disingenuous armchair watchers folks from abroad people not being very honest and a few of the genuine article.
    The club has the support of many fans and is in a better state squad wise than it has been for a while. I agree that even with a fully fit squad we do need a central defender, and possibly a striker though if honest I’m less concerned about up front as Manu seems to be improving along with Cabella.

    The reality that this realistic view is held by the majority of fans, surprisingly most around me at the match on saturday were talking about the team playing a freer more attacking level of football shown against Chelsea and Southampton.
    The harsh reality is that a poor ref decision and two poor Janmatt decisions cost us three points against the leagues form side. 

    That is very harsh for JC to deal with, why is that not recognised?

    As for protests you will remember that NUST who have a membership of almost 1000 organised a march from Monument to Leazes Park for a mass protest before a game, they invited speakers this was a massive success with 293 total attenders (N.B. NUST have a near 1000 membership).
    It has to be understood that at least 49,000 NUFC fans where less than 200 yards away and did not attend. 

    Can I ask are you sure you speak for the ‘True fans’ the ones that go. I’m sure that any outside observer who suggest that maybe its time to take stock and understand.

  • Dubaiexpat

    The comments on this article alone show how fragmented we are as a fan base and as it stands we’re powerless to do anything, even though we all have a common goal (although amazingly there are many who still support what Ashley is doing at the club).
    For me the only course of action is an empty stadium – it’s the only thing that could hurt him financially as well as from a reputational stand point. However it will only work if we are united as a group.
    For those say they go to support the team – do you honestly think those guys give you or your support a second thought? Have a lok at the Remy C’s pictures on the plane if you do.

  • No Brainer

    Dubaiexpat Make sure you seek them out when they are in your vicinity this week. They need you to tell them that. The team should not have its head down after Saturday’s performance. I for one want them happy and confident.

  • Dubaiexpat

    I was about to respond but saw your comments about our squad and Manu getting better and realised you’re probably unwell.

  • No Brainer

    I am thanks for the appreciation you have given to my situation. Its help and support of the community and those around me that gives me hope for the future.
    I may be wrong about manu long term I hope he gets a chance though. As for our squad can you line the first 18 of now up against that of 2010 and rate each player. Its a handy guide to a attaining a rational objective view.

  • AP69

    Its got to the point were we need it to go txts up so we can get rid of the sky fans and people more interested in selfies.
    People like you (if you are a fan and not just an insider with a new name again) make me sick. happy with the soul of the club being ripped out.
    Bring back the 16k average, at least we made some noise.
    I bet you think hes running the club well even though our income is less than it was 15 years ago.
    Get Out Of Our Club

  • No Brainer

    Thats not very nice

  • A lex

    No Brainer Your pseudonym is certainly apt – a ‘no brainer’. You’re like APBWA, but, admittedly, with an O-level in English.

  • No Brainer

    Please take the comments as a view of the state of the fans position not really saying that i love everything at the club. I want a CB desperately. I do think that luck has had an impact on our season. Not sureywhat APBWA.
    There really are some great positives and there has been some big mistakes. I learnt to my own cost long ago that festering hate hurts the holder than the object more.