One of the few Newcastle players to have a decent handle over most of the issues affecting the club is Mick Quinn.

Once again he hasn’t let us down by giving the kind of overview on the current shambles that other ex-United players are incapable of seeing, or don’t want to rock the boat with the club.

mick quinnAsked about the decision to give John Carver the job until the end of the season, Mick Quinn slaughtered the lack of ambition and said that he didn’t believe Carver was up to teh job and it was an insult to the fans.

Mick Quinn on Talksport;

“It wasn’t a surprise was it?

“It is the cheaper option for the club. There’s no improvement in the team since John (Carver) took over.”

Not goo enough;

“He may just show people what he’s made of but the jury’s out as far as I’m concerned.

“Is he good enough for Newcastle? Based on the last five games, no he’s not good enough.”

Insult to the fans;

“It smacks very much of a lack of ambition and it is an insult to the fans.

“There’s just no ambition and while Ashley is there the soul of the club is rotting away slowly, he is only interested in making money.”

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  • SimonM68

    It’s all about context isn’t it.  I don’t have an issue with waiting, if needs must,  for a few months for the ‘right’ man to come on board at all.  Carver should be able to keep us up which is all he has to do. That would make sense in a forward thinking set up.
    The ‘rotting soul’ Quinny talks about isn’t really related to Carver’s temporary appointment – it’s the wider context of no investment / asset stripping / pocket lining / p*ss taking etc etc and then …  a ‘yes’ man coming in in the summer…

  • Demented_Man

    Nice to hear someone telling it like it is.  A refreshing change from all the former players lining up to bow down to the regime.

  • wor monga

    Well Mick’s got every right to his opinion like anyone else,
    but that’s as far as it goes…seeing as in his time as a striker up here
    (1989-92) he never played higher than the old 2nd Division, and at
    the end of that time the club was almost washed up, and only missed going down
    to the old 3rd Division by beating Leicester on the final day of the
    season….the coaches he played under during that period were some of the worst we
    ever had (except KK who came in the 2nd half of Mickey’s last
    season, and moved him on as soon as he could)

  • wor monga

    …and if that wasn’t an insult to us fans Mick…I don’t know
    what was!!!

  • Snappermac

    I’m sick to death of ex players lining their pockets with the same old rubbish, perpetuated by fanzines and the lazy local newspapers. I don’t know why they don’t put this rubbish on s rolling newscast. Does Quinn and his mates want an appointment made now, and go through the same process in 2 years time?

  • Snappermac

    Absolute rubbish, brainless Quinn comments, as usual.

  • No Brainer


  • No Brainer

    Demented_Man How would he know what it is like he recently said in an interview, “I thought i’d call a mate of mine up there i haven’t spoken to him for quiet a few years so it was a good opportunity to find out how the fans felt about what’s going on at the club.”

    I almost &*^sed myself he has no clue whatsoever, I suppose all the money the club are spending to build for the future is just stupid.

    The gambling that all the other clubs are doing will come a cropper in the next few years if they don’t start following nufc’s lead in pragmatism then they will fall right away. 

    Villa style

  • Davidelder888

    There are more and more people getting fed up with our situation and speaking their minds and we still have the usual idiots saying ” support the team not the regime” or “true fans go no matter what” you plebs are not only feeding the problem your a major part of it! I will support any protest to get my club back but I’m not being part of this shambles anymore. We are not a team anymore.

  • LeazesEnder

    Is this the same bloke who backed Pardew for 4 years and Ashley for 7?…. it must only take the best part of a decade for it to sink in….

  • SimonM68

    No Brainer Demented_Man Hmmmm. Dodgy analogy for me. Villa still field a team that’s worth more than ours, they have a young manager in place who at least showed promise at some point, they are still in the FA Cup, and Randy Learner funded ONeil to an extremely significant degree, so they did TRY to get better. Learner is honest – the money’s run out and he needs a buyer. Can’t compare that to the Lonsdale Leech surely???

  • Double Carpet

    Absolutely spot on. Why should we rush and appoint someone now just because they’re available? I can’t think of any candidate available now who I’d want long term. If we wait until summer and then get someone good then great, it’ll have been worth the wait. If we don’t then we’ve lost nothing by trying. And yes, I’m assuming we are trying and that is the plan. Maybe I’m wrong but there you go.
    Carver hasn’t been appointed permanently, as some websites and fanzines try to suggest. He’s there until the summer, at which point he’ll be replaced. If that wasn’t the intention he’d have been given the job on a long term basis now.
    It’s not a shambles, it’s not an insult, it’s a sensible way forward.
    If I’m wrong – who is available now? Who should have been appointed? (And he must be better than the candidates (we all know who they are) who we have a chance of getting in the summer.)

  • vbhgft

    SimonM68 No Brainer Demented_Man Villa’s team is worth more than ours? Really? 

    They have a “young manager?” Lambert’s been around long enough now. He’s rubbish. Would you want Lambert at NUFC? Stupid question. You would.

  • Double Carpet

    Villa’s team worth more than ours? Not sure that stacks up. Krul v Guzan, Janmaat v Hutton, add Colback, Sissoko, Perez, Santon, Tiote, Abeid – and you think their team would be worth more. I’ll give you Benteke might be worth a bit, but he had 1 good season and that’s it. I don’t see big sides hammering down the door to get him.
    I think we’re a better side than them, on paper on the pitch. And Would you b happy if we appointed Lambert as manager. I’d be horrified.
    Agree about Lerner, he did at least try so I’d have him any day over Ashley.

  • No Brainer

    Davidelder888 Start a protest please do it the whole of tyneside is behind you please David your the one. Lets go for it we can do it we will show them were capable of any thing.



  • No Brainer

    SimonM68 No Brainer Demented_Man
    Simon that is the point. he tried by splurging all the cash and it has really left them precarious have a look at recent teams value the players below in a match up. 

    Most of them are not worth as much as their matched position in our reserves. Chose from Taylor, Anita, Abied, Obertan, Aarons Riverie, Haidara, Du Jong or Gouffran. 
    Where as Villa have insomnia Lowton Richardson Senderos. 

    Krul V Guzan        nope 
    Janmatt V Hutton  nope
    Santon V Cissoko nope
    Colo V Vlarr          Your right here
    Dummett V Baker nope
    Tiote V Sanchez    Nope and thats even tiote
    Colback V Cleverly nope
    Cabella V Delph     Maybe but probably not
    Sissoko V Westwood
    Perez V Agbonlahor no way 
    Cisse V Benteke     yes your right here

  • No Brainer

    SimonM68 If by yes man someone who is positive and believes when looking at the players and how the management team explain exactly how recruitment at NUFC work, and believes he can work in that environment to get positive results as nufc have some great players. 

    Then YES get a YES man.

    If you want some one who thinks well the players are naff I don’t believe the player recruitment at nufc is handles in a good way but i recognise there is nothing i can do with it and i forsee that despite it all being made clear to me and all other candidates in the interview and in the press before I started that being the case. I will argue until it changes and show public disharmony in order to buy who i want. If you mean that kind of NO man.

    Then NO 

    for crying out loud man

  • Davidelder888

    Glad someone finds our situation a joke.

  • Demented_Man

    No Brainer Demented_Man If they’re ‘gambling’ at least they’re doing something with the prodigious sums of money coming through the turnstiles and from tv companies.  Not running their clubs like tight-fisted owners of corner shops.  Where does Newcastle’s money go?  Answers on a postcard.

  • SimonM68

    No Brainer SimonM68 Demented_Man  Your point’s fair enough and putting Lambert in as an asset was stretching it a bit I agree ;-)  Just think there are worse examples than Villa. Leeds spring to mind for instance. And Benteke might be worth more but that’s cos of his age but he’s not a better finisher than Cisse.

  • SimonM68

    vbhgft SimonM68 No Brainer Demented_Man 
    Ricky Lambert maybe. But no resale value.
    When I check, Lambert’s not ‘young’ but he’s younger than  me so it’s relative.
    The main point was that there are better examples than Villa and I think Learner’s a decent bloke who actually gave it a go.

  • Carver for North Korea

    LeazesEnder He`s a Liverpudlian,  A Decades the Norm with them,   Enough said

  • Carver for North Korea

    Michael Quinn aka Micky was a staunch supporter of Newcastle, if it hadnt been for him Half the Bookies & Pubs in the Bigg Market would now be closed !

  • Double Carpet

    Dead right. It’s just the usual hyperbole from rubbish journalists looking for a reaction – which surprise surprise they got.
    I’m not the slightest bit insulted. I would have been had they appointed Curbishley or any of the supposed 80 applicants who are available now.
    By all means get annoyed in the summer if we scrape 10th and JC gets the job long term.

  • cwtoon88

    good to see somebody in the media realising what is going on especially now the chronicle are back on the payroll

  • nufcslf

    Best thing that could happen and still a few days left for selling players. Will the sheep and all of the other toffee nosed snobs that think they know something about football..sweet fa being the truth…finally wake up. Doubt it, but Cashley is slowly but surely making his name the filth it really is. To think we still have to listen to Carver’s bile of thinking he was the man for the job blah blah blah even after yet another loss to Brucey’s woeful Hull. Sadly, I am quite enjoying this as it all falls to pieces.

  • nufcslf

    Davidelder888 Very well said. Check the talk of the tyne site, they are starting a support local football instead of attenting and feeding this Cashley piss take. It is the early stages and probably on a small scale to start off. I live in Vancouver, Canada or I would join the idea in a heartbeat. Sick to death of the present set up and more so with the sheep that finance it.