Naturally everybody is talking about Lee Charnley emerging from underneath the kitchen table to at last speak on behalf of Mike Ashley and the football club.

Well we say speak but obviously speaking on TV or in any public forum would have been a step far too far, instead it was an interview with their friends reunited, The Chronicle.

mike ashleyHow you take what was said in the interview with Lee Charnley pretty much comes down to trust.

There are a lot of words in the interview but they don’t really say much, you can get a better idea HERE of what was included in more detail.

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As an overview though, the tone was asking Newcastle fans to trust Mike Ashley and by association Lee Charnley and others at the club.

New Manager (head coach) – Carfefully going through candidates and will wait until summer if it means getting a great choice rather than rushing it.

Buying players – January not a great time for buying, everything is great as we have a full 25 man squad, no rush – intimation being plenty of transfer action in summer.

Selling players – They have no intention of selling anybody.

Head Coach – Will have a lot of input on transfers but not final say.

System – They have a great system of Ashley, Charnley and Graham Carr and this is way forward etc etc

I find it incredible to see a fair few fans seemingly taking Charnley/Ashley’s words at face value and believing that everything will be ok and we can trust them on transfers and the new head coach and everything being done for the right reasons.

You’ll all have friends who you can trust and others who you wouldn’t believe if they told you that the sun was going to show itself tomorrow.

How can you trust a club, an owner and his employees who have repeatedly lied to and misled supporters?

The only thing I definitely believe them on is that we won’t be buying any players this month, though we didn’t need to be told that as they clearly think Premier League safety is already in the bag.

Believing that this mess of not bringing in a manager/head coach is somehow sensible is just crazy, as is the idea they are somehow going to attract some brilliant candidate with a job description that gives the new man next to no power at a club that has no ambition.

Having any trust in their stupid system of running the club is surely the true definition of blind faith.

All we have is the same old of spending as little money as possible, having yes men employed in key positions with no power (including Charnley) and a willingness to sell any player they get an offer on.

Lee Charnley tells us everything himself anyway, claiming that in Alan Pardew’s four years at St. James’ Park the club ‘…moved on significantly…on and off the field’.

If you feel better now about the football club than pre-Pardew then you are one of only a very select few.

  • AP69

    Anybody for a new 5 year plan????

  • nutmag

    A lot of words to say nothing
    To summarize ” We are where we want to be, making money, so standing still is good enough.”

  • Heaton Mick

    “I find it incredible to see a fair few fans seemingly taking Charnley/Ashley’s words at face value and believing that everything will be ok….”
    I’m not sure if this statement is meant to create debate but I don’t know who this “fair few” fans are. Comments on here, the Chron and general pub debate would suggest most don’t think everything will be OK.
    On Saturday evening 5 out of 8 of my mates were serious about stopping our Direct Debits this month. The only thing stopping us was it might affect our post match get togethers!

  • Maximus Moose

    Anybody for Golf chaps ?

  • Brownale69

    part of it was they dont want to pay comp to a manager still in a job! Err did not Palace do that with us? 3million? guess that will go to pay of the debt!!!

  • No Brainer

    A new man needs to have power at the club.
    Get real.
    The new man at the club needs to ciach his players and research his oppisition prepare for games and win them.
    That is it, I’ve always believed the egos of these expros who get the gaffers job get in the way of doing the job.

  • AP69

    I know imagine KK and Sir Bobby wanting input into the teams they were trying to build.

  • dannymc21

    Frankly nothing new at all from Mr Charnley.
    Pardew was a coach as he appeared to have no say in buying or selling of players.
    As for everything else, it’s just the same regurgitated nonsense.
    By qualifying everything they say or plan to do, they are not going to spend and will sell anyone for a price.You wouldn’t expect Ashley’s henchman to say anything else.
    Trust him. I think not.
    It beggars belief that anyone could see anything positive in this statement

  • magpiefifer

    Trust,belief,ambition and progression are not words I associate with Ashley’s regime.
    Contempt,disrespect and disdain are words I DO associate with Ashley.
    How can a triumvirate of Ashley,Charnley and Carr take our beloved club forward – what qualities and qualifications have they in footballing terms – apart from Carr’s scouting experience?
    Anyone taken in by the Chronicle’s sycophantic interview with Charnley is likely to be happy with the future then!?
    All I can say is,yet again,until Ashley goes nothing will change for the better.

  • nev fur

    A lot of hot air to actually say nowt. Fair enough to be professional he may have to be a bit guarded on what he says but give us something to get excited about for gods sake man. It’s about entertainment and whatever you thought about shepherd (I didn’t like him) at least he understood the importance of giving us something to get excited about from potential buys, ground extensions, improvements to facilities at the ground or training ground or academy, future plans and policies etc. ok we all know they didn’t all come off but there was a constant buzz of stories, interest and excitement (justified or not). This lot are just dull and boring like the team, like the matches, hence the total lack of atmosphere at the ground which is now beyond embarrassing. This lot have to go, sadly I can’t see them leaving the money pit for some time yet.

  • SimonM68

    That ‘Rosie’ (profile ID T37 1987) above right ( looks like an ideal head coach!!

  • Toonbadger

    Heaton Mick  Me and my mates all give up 2years ago, we still meet up at whichever venue shows the games

  • Ashley is about to spin the wheel black we stay up , red ………….

  • toonterrier

    If he had no idea that the puppet was leaving ( so he says ) why didn’t he tell Palace to wait until the end of the month to give him time to find a replacement as they had already given their coach the job of running the system for them. Pleased we got rid of the useless one but just another excuse from Ashlley’s mouthpiece to try and pacify the fans. Not a hope in hell. Get the lot of them out of the club and if we get no new players in and sell any of ours there should be hell to pay for the rest of the season with the chants and abuse they deserve..

  • toonintexas

    We need a manager who does not mind a room full of idiots in charge of his career that light at the end of the tunnel is another train strap in this is gonna hurt

  • tino o

    More shite coming from within the club prefer it when they don’t speak it winds me up a little less! !!

  • Conman

    Very sad that when the club eventually talk, we wish they hadn’t.
    With over a third of the season left, they have almost thrown in the towel. That in itself is very very dangerous. Especially with the team we currently have.
    And then secondly, these fans have paid hundreds of pounds of well earned money and we are being told by the MD Penfold that we are pretty much looking at the start of next season. Terrible.
    This club treats everyone with disdain. You really are just a number. Vote with your DD form and stick it to them. Claim our club back for gods sake.

  • mrkgw

    Charnley, Ashley out!

  • Opiner1

    This is what happens when the club know with absolutely certainty that 50,000 will still turn up every other week. They don’t even have to pretend to be ambitious anymore, they don’t even have to pretend to be offering entertainment anymore or trying to improve us on the pitch. Tell the fans that we aren’t signing anyone, we’ll be letting a talentless, underqualified moron manage us until the end of the season and we might sell a few players as well if we fancy.

  • toon tony

    For above read …”WE NEED A YES MAN “..