So, John Carver is installed as coach at St James Parkuntil the end of the season. I can understand why this has now taken place.

He understudied  Alan Pardew, he is also the cheapest option and his appointment will disappoint the majority that wanted the big names that were supposedly in the frame. But the major factor is that he understands the gig and how things work under Mike Ashley. It says a lot that Alan Pardew had a big pay hike when he moved to Crystal Palace.

newcastle unitedAshley has bought himself into the cash cow that is Newcastle United. He has paid off the debt that it had previously and consolidated it into one debt that is owed to him and him alone. With NUFC, he does not have a company that relies on customers who can take their custom elsewhere if they are dissatisfied with the product on sale. He has a body of supporters in a one-club City who would never look elsewhere. This is the minor factor. The major factor is the subsidy that he receives from the TV rights, this can be as much as £70m+ per season.

The marriage between Mike Ashley and the supporters could be described as an abusive one. One side holds the money and the power and does not hesitate to let the partner know this. Ashley does this knowing that the supporters’ love of the club will withstand all that he can dish up. As long as he can keep the club in the premiership, he keeps all his ducks in a row.

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When the club slumbered into relegation in 2008-9, Ashley apologised to the supporters at the time (Google it). The consolation for him was that he had the insurance of the parachute payments and this, coupled with the promotion the following season, meant that he didn’t lose a thing.

This relegation lost him the goodwill of many of the supporters, the ones who hadn’t already been previously disenchanted by Dennis Wise, Joe Kinnear and the rest of his cronies, but the majority stay loyal, as he expects, and the status quo is maintained.

There is no chance that any supporter action will convince Ashley to sell up. Experience tells us that he is his own man, he owes money to nobody and he has over £3b to his name and he will move on only when he wants to. This money guarantees that he is not reliant on NUFC for anything, he could lose it all and hardly blink an eye. He has the free advertising at St James’ Park which is beamed around the world.

I would think it’s odds-on that he took a perverse delight when one of the most unpopular companies in the country had their name emblazoned on the famous striped shirts. He will take the same delight in knowing that he is in control and no amount of whining, protests and boycotts will make a scrap of difference.

Yes, that’s the way it all looks to me, it’s basically a lose-lose situation. This, coupled with the sports writers and most pundits who tell us that we don’t know when we’re well off and that Mike Ashley brings nothing but good. Most of us know, in reality, that he has proved himself to be a major-league cheapskate.

The future for NUFC does not look too rosy. There’s no interest at the top in anything except survival in the premiership and the cheapest methods to ensure that this happens, which means that our best players will go.  If people boycott the place, he will use promotional marketing methods to compensate for this.

I find it interesting that no business has been done in January. Cisse and Tiote are in Africa and the team is looking very lightweight as usual. Ashley is gambling that we have enough points in the bag to stay clear of relegation. He may be right. There again, we went down before on his watch and also skirted with it two seasons ago.

I have an advantage on most of the supporters in that I can remember our last TWO trophies, the 1955 FA Cup and the Inter-Cities of 1968-69. It is very disappointing that the very large majority of current supporters have only known frustration over the many years since these successes, yet they stay loyal. Remember that in the last few years, both Portsmouth and Wigan have won the cup.

No matter what most of the pundits say (Gary Lineker excepted, he knows a cheapskate) Mike Ashley doesn’t deserve you.

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  • Carver for North Korea

    Him & the 50,000 plus idiots who buy season tickets deserve each other. They act like an abusive wife who never leaves the husband

  • Roppa

    A good analogy CfNK.
    It seems the more abusive the husband is allowed to be, the more he becomes. It’s a vicious circle that can only be broken when the wife sees sense & refuses to return. I think the NUFC fans have developed severe masochistic tendencies!

  • radgiegadgie

    More dross

  • Maximus Moose

    Im trying to wake up from this Nightmare its Groundhog day.

  • MilitantGeordie

    I haven’t put a penny into the club since 2011. Years ago that would have been concidered unthinkable but here’s the thing…
    Newcastle United no longer exists. Sure the stadium is still there, there’s still 10 players running around in black and white tops on matchdays ( plus a keeper) but the football club we knew is gone. What used to be Newcastle United is now a money making scheme with a bit of football tacked on the side. There’s a full house every match still but the atmosphere has been corroded away to a whimper. The fans expectations have been relentlessly lowered by under investment, lies from the employed puppets and the sale of every newly emerging hero on the pitch for a quick profit. We don’t even put money into the club when we buy merchandise and strips now, it all goes directly to another company.
    For some reason there seems to be a type of Newcastle fan that actually praises the ‘ financial stability’ our owner has brought but what type of stability is it really?  Apparently the club owes the owner a small fortune in loans and that amount rarely if ever reduces so you could call that being financial stable ( I.E permanently stuck in debt with no chance of going bankrupt) meanwhile all profits from merchandise, player sales and TV deals just seem to evaporate. Is that kind of stability really exciting or welcome for us fans? Stuck in limbo year after year with nothing to look forward to other than avoiding relegation?
    Well you can keep buying your season tickets and Wonga tops if you like, that’s your choice but you can count me out.
    Newcastle United no longer exists.

  • GeorgeTheanimalSteel

    Like those above, as a supporter I have an overwhelming feeling of nothingness about the club I support. I like when we win and often do so against more fancied opposition, but know that a loss to a bottom dweller is around the corner. I dont have the problem of going to watch a game at St James’ as I am halfway around the world. However I will never make a purchase from Sports Direct. I think that is where the strength is. Newcastle fans sharing the message with others not to buy from that company.

  • DownUnderMag

    The major issue you speak of is the only one that matters – Carver is the CHEAP option.  It is not a footballing decision it is one of greed.  Carver offers someone who is desperate for the job so will tow the company li(n)e, will work for peanuts given he’s already on the payroll and offers a solution with no long term tie-in for the owner while he counts his pennys from the Pardew compensation.

    What I would love to know is why the debt is not appearing to reduce, despite us having been run on a minute budget and turning huge profits…  the fact that we are giving free advertising out because it’s under the “debt” collection…when in actual fact that debt isn’t actually going anywhere and the advertising isn’t having any effect.  It’s a shambles.

    I’m waiting for an AFC Wimbledon  type solution to begin gathering motion.  A Newcastle City or some such.  Would be interesting to see if a club like this could still play at St James Park, doesn’t the council own the ground?  This is why I couldn’t believe Ashley actually could rename it given that the club don’t own the ground…  

    It may all seem farcical right at this moment, but I wonder how much more abuse and lack of ambition the majority of fans would be able to to take before this actually starts looking like an interesting concept.

  • PeterRobson

    GeorgeTheanimalSteel Therein lies the problem !!! We can all come up with possible scenarios on how to take action, but when you count the names and contibutors on here, it´s really only a drop in the ocean compared to how many actually go to games and buy the tat that Ashley sells.

    It´s a bit like whistling in the dark to keep your fears at bay !!!

    There are a few realities though about how to get rid of the cancer that has gripped our club.

    Would Sky ignore it if everyone (NUFC fans) cancelled their subscription to Sky Sports ?

    Would they ignore an empty stadium ?

    Would Ashley ignore a complete boycott of his stores in the region ?

    Would he like it if people stood outside his stores in the region with T shirts proclaiming his products to be tat ?

    For Ashley, it´s all about money, and his money is generated by image, and we´re the ones supplying the image (like it or not).

    People will counter that he pays the wages, but they´re WRONG !!!!

    By filling the stadium and buying his products and subscribing to everything under the sun that enhances his product image, we are giving him the money to pay the wages !!!

    But once again, as has been proved by the less than effective walk outs and marches, we return like a battered wife to the abusive spouse in the hopes that “he´ll change if we give him one more chance”.
    Hit him where it hurts !!!

    His wallet !!!

  • Brownale69

    Carver & rest on a 5 year contract. Very nice if you can get it! no fear of getting the sack then