Hi, my name is Tan Jay Ween of Toon Army Malaysia, part of a strong 1000+ crazy Malaysians supporting Newcastle United.

Yes Malaysia …John Alder & Liam Sweeney and 43 Malaysians were on that tragic Malaysian plane MH17. We are truly sorry for that tragic event.

toon army malaysiaI’m so proud to be part of this group. No disrespect to other club’s fans, but I’m sure most of us feel we are the most loyal kind of supporters . None of us were born in the Fairs Cup year, let alone the Milburn glory years.

We Malaysians are born some 6559 miles away from Tyneside .Yet we somehow found our way to fall in love with this club. We are certainly not GLORY HUNTERS aka the arrogant Man U fans , the boastful Liverpool fans , or even the newly converted Chelsea + Man City fans .

Some of us got hitched with the club during the Ardiles time, most of us fell in love during the Keegan era , some of us became adopted Geordie when Shearer waved his hand at Gateshead , some of us registered Toon as our favourite because of the bald heads of Ketsbaia and Asprilla ,  some of us started bleeding black and white when Albert’s lob flew over Schmeichel’s head and more recently some of us became Toon for that Cabaye goal at Old Trafford.

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For me , it was that magical moment when Keith Gillespie sped past the Barcelona defence to deliver that cross to Asprilla. VaaVoom , it’s Newcastle ever since .

It’s not easy being a Newcastle fan in Malaysia. Year after year, we the Toon Army Malaysia have received so much criticism and sarcasm over so many dramas on and off the field, never mind we never win anything …

The Gullit spat, the Dyer + Bowyer brawl, Sir Bobby’s sacking,  the relegation, that Dennis Wise joke , Joe Kinnear .. And in recent times how the club was handled under Fat Mike. Yet, none of us shifted clubs. If the same thing fell upon other club Malaysian fans, they will surely swerve to the Man Cities or the Barcelonas now.

In this part of the world, following of the English leagues is huge. We watch in awe every year the ‘big teams’ fans organise match view parties to see their clubs fight for the title or the cups, yet we gather together to see if we scrape enough points for safety .Yet, we never stop believing .

Yearly trips are organised to St James . Every year, we spend thousands of UK pounds to buy the Club official merchandise. Also. we are not born Geordie, we want to be part of the club .

For we know we are nothing without Newcastle and Newcastle United are nothing without us the fans!

The good times will come , trust me.. be it next year, five years or twenty years , I’m sure we will live to the day all of us Toon Army Malaysia shall gather to see either Coloccini hold aloft a trophy, or a certain Will Shearer brings a trophy back to Tyneside in 2024.

For now, I’m proud to tell all other club’s fans..’I am a Malaysian Geordie .. a Toon Army till I die’!!!

PS If there is any rich investor reading this, please note that Newcastle is a special club. It has a huge following even in places like Malaysia and Singapore.

Please save us from Mike Ashley. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

  • LeazesEnder

    Well done lads,but you had a choice remember that!

    Great photograph.

  • RexN

    Thanks, Tan, always nice to hear about supporters in other parts of the world. That’s a lovely potted history of our club over that last couple of decades.

  • SimonM68

    We are a broad church Tan – welcome!
    That photo reminds me of a martial arts programme that used to be on the UK when It was a kid called ‘Monkey’. He was born from an egg on a mountain top apparently ??? Bit like Dennis Wise. Except his egg was gollied.
    I fear 2015 may be year of The Leech in our calendar if not yours, but there’s always hope eh!
    One benefit must surely be there surley can’t be many Mackems over there to give you a hard time??
    Keep the faith lads!!

  • Maximus Moose

    Any cheap Omega`s or Rolex`s going

  • toonterrier

    Good man,welcome to the world of mediocrity with low expectations but like the rest of us still follow the club through thick and thin. Unfortunately its mostly thin now with a thick owner defout of any ambition surrounded by a bunch of clueless cling-ons who dont make waves and bow to the master. Spent several years in Singapore  and loved every minute of it where I spent most of my time supporting Tiger Beer but at times it let me me down or should I say let me fall down..

  • A lex

    Great to hear from you. I spend a lot of time in Singapore, and nip over to JB regularly for cheap…….well, everything. Hahaha.

    I remember the fantastic bar atmosphere in Singapore when watching matches there on TV. NUFC were seriously big, popular and well respected. Now, only the die-hards like yourself are left, others moving to clubs who aspire to win things and play attractive football. Only a small-ish group left now, but, hey, we can celebrate one of the best balance sheets.

    Ashley has taken us way, way down in the Asian and world stakes, but keep your hearts with us guys, and one day we’ll be able to start again enjoying it all. Best wishes to you.

  • Munich Mag

    Well done Tan and the Malaysian lads and lasses ! Keep the faith :-)

  • RichGibb

    That photo is class ;-)

  • wor monga

    Love it, I really do…great photo too…that’s what following this
    great club is all about, and these young lads have found it, the same as I did
    in the late 50’s (which was much worse than it is now), when the really great side
    that my old man had worshipped to 3 finals, had broken up. Keep it up lads, and
    don’t take any heed of the whinging, cringing specimens who make out they’re
    Toon supporters on this website.

  • Shotley Mag

    Well done! Stay with us. It will get better – keep the faith!

  • Joolio Geordio

    Great photograph and what am uplifting read this article is. 
    Onwards and upwards
    All the best Joolio

  • rahzaron1964

    Well said Tan….damn proud of what was written ! Coz I am also another Toon Army Malaysia supported this great club since 1974.

  • NWMag

    Well done lads, we know it’s tough, but keep the faith!

  • Toon Magpie

    Great article Tan. Any rich Malaysian Billionaires that support Newcastle want to buy NUFC?

  • Toon Magpie

    Shotley Mag Not under Ashley and you know it, unless he is prepared to spend big and buy us success we are going to be a mid table club.