Jonas Gutierrez has revealed that he can’t face going to St. James’ Park at the moment, instead the Newcastle midfielder watches the matches at home, rather than in the flesh.

Jonas adding that he find it difficult to be in the dressing room when he’s not involved in first team action, though he is hoping to one day make that leap back into the first team.

Jonas GutierrezAfter fighting back from cancer, playing in the first team again would be a better moment than when he played in the World Cup for Argentina.

Jonas Gutierrez;

“It’s hard for me and for now, I prefer to be at home and watch on TV – it is hard to be in the changing room at the moment.

“I’ve been at the club and in this city for seven years, the welcome fans from the day I arrived from the supporters has been special, I’ve always had a special relationship with them.”

Two weeks away?;

 “I have been improving in every match and now I feel really good, maybe in two weeks I will be 100 per cent – hen maybe I can sprint past someone in a one on one, but that’s the last part of being ready to play, it is normal.

“I have to have this in my locker before I play because that was always one of the most important parts on my game – getting past players.”

Spiderman returns…;

“I feel I’m now close and maybe I will have to buy a new Spiderman mask.

“I have played in a World Cup but if I play again for Newcastle, that will be the best moment of my career.”

(Watch Jonas’ class top corner comeback goal for the reserves from outside the box HERE.)

  • A lex

    With these supposed terms in his contract about being obliged to receive an extension if he plays more games, it’s going to be interesting to see how he is treated over the coming weeks.
    Will the club sympathy with his illness be seen as nothing more than crocodile tears when they still refuse to play him? Or, will they even consider a contract extension as a cheap way to bolster the squad – just like a ‘new January signing’?

  • Hughie

    Saw him in the U21 game this week. Along with Sammy he was light years ahead of anyone else in a Black and White shirt on show. Should be retained in the First Team squad particularly in the current circumstances

  • SimonM68

    “Jonas Gutierrez reveals he can’t face going to St. James’ Park” ….. Krul’s excited and Jonas can’t face it…. know which camp I’m in ….

  • prestondave

    We need players like him that want to play for the club and look at playing for NUFC as a special privilege that is handed to the very few.

  • toonterrier

    If its going to cost the owner extra money to bring Jonas back into the first team with an extended contract then it probably wont happen. One of todays papers say he is being chased by Sheff Wed so if it means regular football and wages then he should take up the offer. More likely at Newcastle to see Shola back in a toon shirt at the end of the month when they say they tried to get a centre forward over the line but they wanted too much money..

  • Brownale69

    just come and join the lads in the pub and watch the games! See how well respected you are in Newcastle

  • mrkgw

    Jonas should be in the first team squad based upon pure attitude and endeavour alone. As mentioned in a previous post, if he shone playing reserve team football, then surely a return beckons. Calous otherwise.

  • geordieladdo

    mrkgw I disagree, no player should be picked based upon pure attitude and endeavour alone… Gouffran anyone?

  • vbhgft

    Two years ago, Jonas Guttierrez was being vilified by the masses on these boards for being “Pardew’s favourite”. “Why oh why does he persist in playing Jonas??” they wailed ad nauseum, rather in the way they do currently with Yoan Gouffran. 

    Then he got sick. All change. “He’s been tret (sic) appallingly” is now the communal cry.

  • cwtoon88

    it may sound hasrh but he wasnt good enough before the illness. I wish him well in resuming his career and I hope we take the hit on his wages and let him go play somewhere in league one or the championship where he can get used to playing again and earn himself a move in the summer

  • Steve1221

    A lex Was that term in his contract ever confirmed or was it just people making up rumours without knowing he was ill?

  • Johnny Fero

    Respect to Jonas, but neither can I.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Jonas could still do a job for us. He may no longer have the pace to be effective out wide but we’ve seen him in central midfield before and he hasn’t looked at all out of place there. He’d be a better option than Anita.