John Carver has warned off other potential candidates for the Newcastle Head Coach job, claiming that the role entails more than being able to get the team winning on the pitch.

The caretaker head coach has talked of previous ‘big personalities’ who he says haven’t been able to handle the top job at St. James’ Park, presumably meaning the likes of Ruud Gullit, Sam Allardyce and Graeme Souness.

newcastle head coachYou need to have to have a pretty thick skinned to be a manager at any Premier League club and I’m not sure that Newcastle is really all that different to the rest.

The fact that Souness and the others mentioned above didn’t last, wasn’t so much to do with handling stuff off the pitch, it was because they were useless at organising the team on it!

What happens on the pitch dictates what fans think of the person in charge at Newcastle and once again, this is the same wherever you are a manager.

Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson aren’t revered because they had thick skins and how they dealt with fans, though it doesn’t do any harm, it is because they were brilliant at the job of putting players on the pitch who won matches and entertained.

It is really that simple.

John Carver;

“First of all you have to get the team right on the pitch but then you have to deal with everything else that goes on here, you need to have thick skin to deal with it as I have.

“We all know how much it means to people around here, it is their lives and you have to be able to deal with that.”

Survival of the fittest;

“We have talked about players in the past and if they can’t handle this environment, or the fans, then they will never survive here.

“We have had some big personalities who have not been able to deal with it and I have to say, what Alan had to deal with shows his personality.”

  • PJR09

    get lost Carver we want a real coach

  • LeazesEnder

    Two weeks ago Carver warned other potential candidates off by saying it was ‘a coaches job’ with no say in squad building or finances, a puppets role…now today he’s saying its a job for ‘independent minded strong personality’… So Why not train Charrnley to get his coaching badges?   He is essentially the guy who has built the squad and is responsible for every collapse through lack of investment?

  • To be honest John, I don’t think the fans give a toss about Alans personality. I’m sure it was as fascinating as his win ratio!

  • wor monga

    Yes…so a new coach comes in and changes things round that
    don’t come off with immediate effect, considering the players he has at his
    disposal…everybody in the ground just says “not to worry, give him some more
    time”, and keep offering some polite applause in the meantime…Divvent think so,
    and once they’re on his case that’s it for the duration (see Pardew)…he might
    just need that thick skin!!

  • prestondave

    My oldest son coaches in America and has done for 4-5 years. He has his UEFA B badges. Will he do.? He is a Geordie, played at semi pro level and knows what he is doing. He also doesnt take bullshoite off anyone . Where can I get an application form.?

  • SimonM68

    “John Carver warns off other Newcastle Head Coach candidates”. Like a little mongrel p*ssing up a lamppost and yapping at anything walking past. Move over Rover!!