Any fans who made a repeat journey to Southampton this season suffered an embarrassing performance which matched the one the previous season, John Carver says now that he shares that embarrassment, as well as for his personal behaviour on that day in September.

The caretaker boss claims that it was his ‘worst day’ at Newcastle United, the then Alan Pardew assistant ending up in a slanging match with United fans, Carver taking exception to them visibly protesting against the manager before the match.

john carverAdditionally, goalkeeping coach Andy Woodman was also forced to apologise in the days after the game, he ended up acting inappropriately in a Twitter exchange with Newcastle supporters.

What a club, what a mess, especially coming only six months after Alan Pardew’s headbutt incident at Hull.

John Carver;

“Absolutely the worst day of my time at the club, one of the darkest days of my life.

“I was embarrassed to be part of Newcastle United coaching staff and I feared the worst for the season that night. It stayed with me for a long time.”

It could have been six or seven;

“We were playing against a good team but we created nothing on the day and they could have won by six or seven.

“It started badly before kick-off,  I didn’t have a problem with fans protesting but when Tim Krul told me he was disappointed with banners being raised before kick-off, which was the only thing that upset me.

There was no apology came back the other way;

“All I was saying was telling them not to put the banners up there and then, he (one of the fans) came back at me and I reacted the wrong way.

“I apologised afterwards  and rightly so but there wasn’t one (apology) that came back the other way – I do care and had realised I’d made a mistake.

“The fans were right to be unhappy and I made that situation even worse, going into the Hull game straight after I wasn’t sure of the reaction I would get from people but I’ve got to say it was very good – which surprised me to be honest.”

I think John Carver might be showing a bit of wishful thinking there because I can’t remember that much goodwill towards him at that Hull game but hopefully everybody will be not quite as ’embarrassed’ after this afternoon’s game…

  • vbhgft

    “Fans” make me sick. They give out abuse to managers and players, week in week out, with impunity, then when someone turns it back on them they go running to teacher, telling tales. “That nasty man shouted at us. He swore in front of kids…” Pathetic. Like you don’t chant obscenities in front of your revolting offspring throughout every game. Pitiful.

  • SimonM68

    Doesn’t come close to playoff defeat against Sunderland John. It was my mate’s 21st and the car got bricked driving through Gateshead on the way back to finish it off. Still having bereavement counselling!!

  • nufcslf

    Mine will be when fatty leaves so late in January that the only option is to let puppet number 2 run the show until the end of the season. What a mickey mouse club and anybody that doesn’t feel the urge to shout at the idiots at the helm deserves exactly what they get. Doesn’t really have me checking the fixtures to see who we will struggle against next.