John Carver has revealed that the answer to the problems of the Newcastle United defence has been hidden away at the club for over three years.

A bit like John Carver is the brilliant manager/head coach who has been held back for far too long…

With Mike Ashley refusing to invest in a quality replacement for Alan Pardew and a new look coaching team with fresh ideas, instead we are told that by promoting from within, Newcastle’s consistently terrible defence will suddenly improve.

newcastle unitedStep forward defensive genius Dave Watson.

The same Dave Watson who has been at the club since November 2011 coaching the kids and nobody managed to notice how brilliant he was and promote him to the first team.

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With Mike Ashley refusing to spend any money, John Carver has now brought Watson up to coach the first team and has spoken about what the ‘new’ man can bring to the party. Yet again Ashley’s refusal to invest the tens of millions of profits that are now being made, instead presented as some kind of positive move.

John Carver speaking to the official club website;

“He (Dave Watson) brings the experience of having played 800+ games in the top flight and England caps (12).

“He is a hugely-respected centre-half who was hard, strong, physical and a decent footballer, too.”

He’s worked at Wigan..;

“He’s worked at Wigan and our Academy, great coaching experience and brings extra defensive coaching qualities to us.

“On the first day I put on a presentation to the players about Dave and I think one or two of them were quite shocked, when they realised how much football he had played and saw him lifting a trophy.”

Could even help Taylor and Williamson…;

“Dave’s experiences will be so valuable, even to guys like Fabricio (Coloccini), Mike Williamson and Steven Taylor.”

I think we would all hope that by some miracle Watson’s influence will ESPECIALLY help Taylor, Willimson and Coloccini!

I had an article published on here at the weekend detailing just how shocking the Newcastle defence has been ever since promotion in 2010.

The very fact that the only three centre-backs United have to rely on now, were the ones we relied on in that promotion season, tells you everything you need to know.

Next to no money has been spent on the defence by Mike Ashley despite shocking statistics year after year.

This season Newcastle have the third worst defence so far, only QPR and Burnley have conceded more.

Last season (2013/14) only five clubs conceded more than United.

In 2012/13 only three Premier League clubs conceded more than our lot.

If Dave Watson proves to be the answer to turning the likes of Steven Taylor and Mike Williamson into decent Premier League defenders then he deserves a medal, never mind a promotion.

  • toastman77

    Desperate times

  • Toonbadger

    What`s really missing is 2 top class tough CB`s and a defensive mid who doesn`t pirouette like a ballet dancer every time he gets the ball. We also need a first class striker who can bag a few goals

  • Demented_Man

    I’m surprised they don’t claim ‘it’s just like having a new signing’.

  • Tonytoon

    The record’s stuck again ……. Criticise every little thing. I’m surprised the tea lady has so far escaped your attention.

  • geordieladdo

    Just heard they’ve also come up with a cunning plan to attack corners/set pieces…
    what they are gonna do is aim for Willo at the back post every single time…. oh wait…..

  • Carver for North Korea

    Fatso`s not going to spend and 1 of these days the Mugs who go to the Matches wiil twig on

  • geordieladdo

    Tonytoon Nowt wrong with Kath!!

  • Tonytoon

    @geordieladdo I’m sure you’re right

  • A lex

    What’s really missing is…………..the few million required to do that. And, arms long enough to reach the wallet.

  • Demented_Man

    Tonytoon Ashley probably insists on her reusing the tea bags.  Waste not, want not!

  • 1Flyingmag

    So Watson (FA, League, League Cup winner and ex England international) has been at the club for four years and Carver has only just realised he may be of some use as a defensive coach because we’re short of Centre Backs. Now that Mbiwa (remember that really awful Champions League player and full international) has gone to Italy for £5m (Yep 5m), Why not plough that money straight back in for a Champions League full international centre back. What’s that? They cost more than £5m?……really?

  • Pulse33

    Curtis Good could do better than Williamson in my opinion. He is highly rated here in Australia and certainly cant make the defence worse. Not sure if he is still injured though.

  • 1Flyingmag

    OK so here’s my other gripe at our current players. Might as well get it out of the way now. Did anyone watch the Chelski vs Loserpool game on telly. Did you notice that when the ball needed to be headed, a Chelski or Loserpool player, would 9 times out of 10, head it to one of their own team mates?

  • wor monga

    That’s the style Jane…write
    him off without giving him a chance, and keep harping on that throwing money at
    players is sure to fix the problem. Pardew’s on record saying that he worked
    with the defence (for better or worse), and he’s gone so it makes good sense to
    use somebody at the club who understands that task, and knows how to put it
    into practice.
     As I’ve said before Watson was one of the best
    central defenders of his day who won medals for winning the FA Cup , League
    Championship, League Cup and Charity Shield…which might mean nothing to you as
    a Mag football authority, but will get respect from others in the game.

  • Demented_Man Do you mean the tea bag ?

  • NatTurner

    Cleverly eliding the fact that Taylor is out for the season.  They could buy a CB with the MYM/Pardew money alone.  Surely that is the obvious solution.  It will be a long 16 games with Williamson, Colo, and Dummett the only established CBs.  Sadly, Taylor was our most consistent CB this year.

  • magpie9

    Best form of defence is to get some attacking players & spend more time in opponents box, that would work for half a season then Jan sales as usual they would be sold

  • Barthez01

    Our defence is so bad I would seriously tell carver to play Watson never mind promoting him to coach our sad excuse of a backline!

  • MilitantGeordie

    I’m not exactly a professional football coach but it seems to me the secret to improving a teams defence is ….. BUY SOME F**KING DEFENDERS!!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    But he showed the team a video!!!! Sounds like Xisco all over again, if he hadn’t been at the club already for 4 years!

  • killyted

    I think we said all of that in the summer transfer and not just the last one