John Carver has described Remy Cabella as ‘outstanding’ when in possession against Chelsea today, believing that the proof of his performance was the number of times the home side fouled him to stop his runs.

A couple of poor decisions of shooting when he should have passed and at times trying to be too clever, were the only negative son his performance.

remy-cabella-newcastle-united-nufc-2016-01-600x410Newcastle have been crying out for a player to run at the opposition and Cabella chose to show what he can do for the first time, ironically against the best team in the league.

One thing is for sure, surely there is no way that Carver can/will leave him out now.

John Carver after the final whistle;

“Remy’s been a little bit frustrating but I think he showed what he’s worth.

“He was outstanding in possession and every time he tried to break, somebody was clipping him to stop the momentum.”

Fans on the edge of their seats;

“He added the other side of the game which is the hard work but he has now set a standard, it is no good just doing it on a one off.

“If he performs like that then he can get our fans on the edge of their seat.”

He’s going to get more of that…;

“There were a couple of challenges in the first half from Matic that were a little bit overzealous.

“I was a little bit concerned for Remy but he is going to get more of that, he has just got to move the ball a little bit quicker.”