John Carver has said once again how desperate he is to land the Newcastle top job permanently and whether he gets it or not, he is going to do things his way.

Pardew’s former assistant says that he has made changes in the time since his boss departed, claiming that the results could be seen in the improved display, if not result, against Chelsea.

john carverCarver has also believed in the technical side of things and match analysis and says a major reason for cutting short his previous attempt at management (head coach…), was because when he was at Toronto they weren’t interested in supplying that kind of back-up in organising the squad.

Conjuring up images of medieval days, John Carver summed up his belief in doing things his way by declaring that ‘You live by the sword, you die by the sword’.

A win against Southampton and no further games until the last day of the month, could well see Carver emerge as the favourite for the job, at least in the bookies’ eyes.

The question though could also be asked, if Carver fails to inspire the players to a rousing performance and decent result against Southampton – will the caretaker manager fall on his own sword?

John Carver;

“When I was managing in Toronto, one of the reasons I came back was because I was trying to progress the technical side and the match analysis, unfortunately they weren’t moving as quickly as I wanted them to.

“I will do it my way because I think that is best. I have set the team up slightly differently (compared to Pardew) on the pitch, certainly against Chelsea you saw a slightly different performance.”


“I have done certain things differently in the team meetings, how I have worked with the players is slightly different. I am my own man.

“The way I look at it is ‘You live by the sword, you die by the sword.”

I did it my way;

“If I don’t do it my way then I don’t get the job, then I will always wonder ‘Why didn’t I do it my way’?

“I am going to do it my way and then if I don’t get the job,  at least I know I did it my way.”

  • wor monga

    Good luck to the man…I certainly hope the team does well in
    the next two games, picks up points, and gives him a chance of getting the job
    at least till summer. Even then if the club goes for a new head coach there is
    no reason in my mind for not keeping him and the other coaches on. There is no
    reason any head/ coach should bring his personal staff with him…it’s not
    essential…all that is necessary is that he has people around him who can
    understand his directions, and that he can trust to carry them out. Carver,
    Stone and Beardsley know this game as well as anyone alive…they have the
    respect of the players, and most genuine Toon fans.

  • SimonM68

    wor monga I’ll grant you that Carver has credit in the bank for long service and a Blue Peter Badge for helping Bobby Robson out, but for me he’s lost a lot of respect given the Leicester debacle – not so much the team selection (which  he will have had ‘help’ with of course) but lying through his teeth about spurious injuries. I struggle more with that because he’s a local lad….

  • Brownale69

    Has he shown the team how to take a corner/free kick.

  • Polarboy

    wor monga “There is no reason any head/ coach should bring his personal staff with him” 
                                                        “and that he can trust to carry them out.”

    You see these two sentences in reality conflict, coaches all have their own ways of working and the three mentioned may have no concept of what someone like Garde is looking for or at least not to the point that he would trust them implicitly. Most of the time when a new coach comes in he takes his own staff with him because he either trusts them implicitly, they have special knowledge/skills, or both. If the guy that comes in isn’t going to have a say on transfers the least amount of autonomy he should get is choosing his own staff.

  • wor monga

    Polarboy wor monga Who told you that bonny lad?… the Mag!!

  • Polarboy

    wor monga Polarboy No, the above would be my own opinion formed through 24 years of watching and reading about football. A fairly puerile response from you, usually it works by responding to what someone has written specifically. 

    Do you believe that a new coach coming in shouldn’t even be allowed to choose his own staff when it is common practice in most other clubs? 

    Your opinions on the other hand seem to fall in line with Wendy the media lady, you should open your eyes and ears sunshine, Ashley is taking you for a mug.

  • toonterrier

    At the end of every sword is a prick. Unfortunately there are too many pricks at Newcastle stopping the club from moving forward. Carver has been coach for the last four years so the least you can expect is a team on the pitch fit enough and focussed enough to last ninety minutes. Too many game this season and the seasons before we have played half decent for the fist half and then switched off.  Whether this is because of poor management or lack of fitness needs to be looked at and if necessary a change in coaching staff is needed now instead of waiting until the end of the season. If we dont win on saturday I’m sure the supporters including me will let our feelings be known.

  • wor monga

    Polarboy wor monga Oh dear…touched a raw nerve did I…of course a new coach
    should have that option, but it’s not written in stone, and the coaches we have
    are loyal to the club, and work well with the players…why should they be
    sacrificed just because Pardew walked out on the club. Remy Garde may be the
    answer for us…but I suspect his back-ups are still working under another coach
    at the minute without any problems.

  • Polarboy

    wor monga Polarboy You have failed to read my current disposition if you think you have hit a raw nerve. Unsurprising I suppose that basic comprehension would be tricky for you. To use the word sacrifice is just plain hyperbole, people move on in football, it’s part of the game. Either the coach has the right to create his own set up or he doesn’t, there is no in between. 

    And if Garde’s people are working under other people it is probably because that coach has chose to work with them. Coaching staff should never be forced upon a new coach coming in.

  • NatTurner

    Brownale69  To be fair, Gouffran’s free kick versus Chelsea wasn’t the prettiest kick in the world, but it’s the closest we’ve come to scoring from a free kick in a while.  It confirmed for me that Pardew deserved some of the blame for our ineptitude in that area.

  • cwtoon88

    man is a moron and a thug, hes been a coach for years and our team doesnt look like it gets coached at all, doing it his was on the training field has done nothing. I cant believe some ‘fans’ actually support him. Being born up here definitely gets you away with a lot

  • Jarra MIck

    Carver sounds like Frank Sinatra