Talking about the trials and tribulations of being caretaker manager, John Carver declared it was all ‘…a little bit unfortunate’.

Newcastle’s current stand-in boss says that one of the biggest problems is that unlike a new permanent manager, you don’t get any settling in time where fans will wait and see before judging what you are doing.

john carverCarver describes his task as being like a working interview…which is ‘a little bit unfortunate’.

Pardew’s former assistant says that he has had no contact at all with Mike Ashley, but has spoken to Lee Charnley a number of times, with the Managing Director indicating that Carver would have temporary charge at least for the next two matches.

John Carver;

“The unfortunate thing about being a caretaker manager, you are on interview all of the time.

“It’s a bit unfortunate because usually when a new manager comes in he is given little bit of time to put his ways across.

“But in this instance I am the caretaker and I am having a working interview, which is a little bit unfortunate.”

Something that I really want to do;

“I love it and I’m sitting here, alright it hasn’t been a great few days but I’m thoroughly enjoying it, I want to do it – something I really want to do.

“I know the pitfalls that can come with it and the fact I put my hat in the ring – some people would say I was crazy.”

No contact with Ashley;

“I’ve had no contact with Mike (Ashley), had three conversations with Lee (Charnley). I had another conversation yesterday morning to say I’d be looking after the team for the Chelsea game and possibly Southampton.”