At his first press conference after his appointment until May (at least), John Carver has defiantly said that Lee Charnley and Mike Ashley had seen enough on the pitch ‘to be encouraged’.

Considering United have posted three defeats and a draw that John Carver himself admitted was fortunate, so many fans will be dubious as to what exactly Ashley and Charnley were looking at.

john carverPardew’s former assistant has also said (for the thousandth time) how proud he is to get the job and says he’s changed things around behind the scenes.

Earlier, Carver had said he was relying a lot on Dave Watson and Steve Stone now.

The temporary/permanent head/coach is now looking to use Hull as a springboard for a winning run…

John Carver speaking today at his press conference;

“Lee Charnley and the board saw enough on the pitch of how we are trying to play, for them to be encouraged.”

“We have got 16 games left and why can’t we go on a run? I have seen enough to suggest we can.”


“I am so proud and honoured to be able to be head coach of a football club like this.

“We have had a lot more team meetings and video every training session now – I have one or two different ideas, like anyone would.”

  • prestondave

    Funny how these “ideas” were never listened to before especially when Fraudspew looked lost and somebody coming up with something would be better than nothing.I wont hold my breath and hope I am proved wrong with his new never been thought of before ideas.

  • vbhgft

    prestondave You are, by your own admittance, a Preston fan. Get back to Deepdale and keep your nose out.

  • prestondave

    vbhgft prestondave And just to add a bit more. Where does it say you cant be a Toon fan unless you live in Newcastle you aggravating little twerp.?

  • howaymebonnylads

    probably saw enough to know they won’t make the top ten so that bonus payment on offer will be safe…have they considered the opposite view for the potential of freefall? I’m not so sure they understand enough about football to realise by the time they have a proper “head coach” it may be with a remit to get promoted.

  • vbhgft

    prestondave vbhgft No where, but you decided, so you say, to watch Preston instead and being told by your wife to give up your season ticket. Pitiful.

    Stick to watching Preston and keep your negative, brainless, idiotic, vitriolic comments to yourself. Nobody cares what you have to say.

  • prestondave

    vbhgft prestondave Ha ha you fool. Are you the new APBAW Knob or are you the same person.?Im sure there are some people out there who like what I say and as for being negative. Well, you must be one of the regime supporters who is very happy with how the club is run today and the fact we wont win anything at all whilst FCB owns the club. Enjoy you mug.

  • Mark Wallace

    Think ashley n penfold need to go to specsavers!

  • Andy Brannen

    No your cheap and easy , that’s the only reason you got appointed John , please don’t play Tiote week after week – the bloke is a total liability , nailed on yellow card every single week !

  • Carver for North Korea

    vbhgft prestondave A$$HOLE

  • Ashley “saw enough to be encouraged”?
    Is that the same Ashley who Pardew said doesn’t understand football?
    Some endorsement that mind, John LOL!

  • mrkgw

    ‘Encouraged’? At the fact that we are losing games? Things just get worse.

  • TheBoneYard

    ‘and video’… ! the toon moving into the technical age………..I’m kinda wanting Carver to shut up now, its all rather self back slapping and cringe worthy stuff……….I done this, I said that, I done well, they said I done well, I have some ideas, I worked with Sir Bobby, oh and I aint won a game yet !

  • FatCashley

    Deary me, reckon Carver is a Newcastle fan?!

  • Hughie

    Encouraged about the style is what he is trying to say isn’t he? So awful defending, an inability to take corners, no central midfield creativity and no-one in the box to meet crosses is OK is it? Funnily enough this is exactly the same with the U21’s when I ‘ve watched them. Obertan, Abeid and Cisse should improve this a bit, but “encouraging” confirms that there is something amiss in the first place and reads like a school report. Once again the language is so devoid of enthusiasm!! So, wonderful eh– just pocketed about 8 million from Pardew and Mbiwa, are paying Carver and Watson more presumably so perhaps we should knock a fiver off the 8k, and nowt through the door apart from possibly some promising youngsters– says it all!!

  • Leazes_62

    More delusional hoop licking from Carver, seems to be thinking along the lines of ” If i suck up to TCA enough ill get the job permanently”

  • radgiegadgie

    no mention of SBR?

  • Polarboy

    radgiegadgie I have a feeling we may hear his name again if we lose against Hull on Saturday, it’s going to be like Del Boy telling Rodney about all the things their mother said to tell before she died.

  • NatTurner

    This is what encouraged them, from SkySports:

    Newcastle manager Jon Carver has been asked whether he thinks the club will be making any moves in the January transfer window.
    Here’s what he said: “I wouldn’t have thought so, I don’t get involved in it. Not had any conversations about it. I am quite happy to work under these conditions, I’ve done it before in America. Whoever comes in, whoever goes out, I will deal with what is in front of me.”
    Carver also reiterated that it would take an ‘exceptional’ offer for the club to sell Moussa Sissoko in this window.

    Unbelievable to me that he hasn’t even had a conversation about it!  And surely he must realize he managed in Canada, not America.

  • Polarboy

    vbhgft prestondave I for one would rather listen to him than the sh*t that you write on a regular basis. You seem to be unaware that you are in the minority with your views.

  • GToon

    mickg yeah, that quote to me would normally end with “saw enough to be encouraged into thinking they could get a good price for x,y or z”

  • GToon

    Polarboy vbhgft prestondave oi!!! calm down lads. we support the same team so lets not have a go at each other. for all you both know you probably sit next to each other at the game.

  • GToon

    NatTurner i looked up “exceptional” and its defined as follows: cash, straight into the bank account of MA, paid in full just before the transfer window shuts and not linked to any kind of outgoings or replacement.

  • prestondave

    Not sure who your comment is directed at polar boy ?

  • Jarra MIck

    I’m a local lad supported the toon for 40 yrs have a coaching badge, fcuk me how comes I can’t have a shot at it? Can someone explain to Carver that being a local lad and supporting the toon isn’t enough you need a more important ingredient some fcuk ing talent.

  • Brownale69

    5 year payoff 1/4 million no chance of Carver getting the boot

  • Polarboy

    prestondave Lol, it’s most definitely directed at, I don’t blame you though this new system is perplexing at times.

  • toon tony

    The club said it had 80 applicants for the job. …you mean you weren’t one. !!!

  • toon tony

    That gimp mask Pardew left behind, feeling a little bit tight is it John. ?

  • prestondave

    Nice one Polar boy, I’ve even given you a like!!

  • cwtoon88

    the only thing they will be encouraged by his how Carver will dance for his dinner so to speak, like Pardew before him. The man is a moronic thuggish worm

  • nufcslf

    They fu**in’ would be the cheep barstuards. What an absolute joke, they do realize he hasn’t won a match and lied about the Leicester cup game. What colour is your tongue John you useless tw*t. Just keep going to the matches and you enjoy many years of this to come. Hope the sheep wake up soon so fatty f”s off to Rangers…not a chance…