John Carver has claimed that it doesn’t bother him  to have players bought and sold without any input from him and claims that he has had no conversations at all about transfers with anybody senior at the club.

However, he said pretty much the same about the head coach job before he got it and reading between the lines it seemed pretty obvious he knew then more than he was letting on.

john carverCarver also talks about being quite happy with the job conditions and comes across as though he’s one of who has been plucked from the terraces to do the job, rather than the best candidate in the world that Graham Carr and Lee Charnley were supposedly scouring the globe for.

John Carver speaking today ahead of Hull on Saturday;

“I wouldn’t have thought so (whether any first team signing likely to be made in this window?) to be honest, I don’t get involved in it. I have not had any conversations about it though I have had many, many, many conversations about other things with Lee (Charnley).

“My job and my responsibility is to work with the guys on the pitch and I’m quite happy whoever comes in or whoever goes out to deal with what is put out in front of me.”

Quite happy;

“I’m quite happy with that (deal to end of season), I came here four years ago on a four month contract and within a week I had got a five year deal . So getting a short-term contract is something I don’t have a problem with that.

“I’m quite happy with these conditions and I have enough belief in my ability along with the guys. The good news is we are getting players back so our squad is getting stronger and I’m really happy about that.”

  • Leazes_62
  • Alsteads

    Pmsl the plum just can’t help himself!

  • BillWIL

    over the Moon for you !! Your happy you just got to say  YES as Yes Men Do

  • prestondave

    Groan. He’s starting to sound worse than fraudspew already.

  • GraemeB

    Carver – the ultimate NUFC “YES” man. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing to offer.

  • amacdee

    “I’m quite happy because I’ve been lobotomised like all the staff here at SJP. That and a continual course of Temazepam is standard issue nowadays”

  • BillWIL

    When our JC was incharge of the NUFC School of Excellence a few years back coaching the 10-11 years old every kid was so proud of being picked and wanted to show off there Skills that was soon knocked out of them he had them hoofing the ball up the field and running around like headless chickens nothing has changed as i see it

  • cwtoon88

    He irritates in his interviews as much as Pardew did, hes another puppet for the regime as they continue the rape of the soul of the club

  • Willvenus1

    Get used to it. If we don’t get relegated there is no doubt he will be given the job full- time. You couldn’t make it upU0001f629

  • magpie9

    Middle name should be Pardew or Puppet

  • Antb001

    Lots of negativity towards JC coming across, and whilst I know he’s not necessarily the best, I’m not sure who else would want it. Pardews an idiot, yes, certainly not a manager of the class we deserve, But also not the reason why we are where we are. Would we have been in a better position as a club having four different managers (or more) in four seasons, all walking our due to Ashley?
    Would a class manager like Moyes, de boer or Garde, stick around long enough to make it work? We get some very talented players through, but let’s be under no illusions, they’re here for the shop window. What’s to say a European manager wouldn’t use us for the same… De boer arguably one of the better coaches, would fit that role perfectly, until a ‘better’ opportunity came along.
    Maybe Carver is worth a few games…? I think we’ve got enough in the tank to get safe… And doesn’t it beat Bruce, and the Steve Mc?

  • mrkgw

    A yes man through and through. Just what what we need – why oh why do I support this club?

  • MilitantGeordie

    So you would be happy if Sissoko, Krul, Tiote and Cisse got sold and nobody came in would you Carver?  Personally i’d have some self respect and tell the owner we need these players to maintain a functioning team plus more quality added to the squad to progress.. but that’s just me.

  • Mal44

    We used to get every word innocuous statement made by Pardew dissected and analysed on this website to a boring degree. Have we now to put up with the same thing for every JC interview. The decision has been made that he’s in for the rest of the season. Can’t we now just give him some support. I’m not a fan of his but I don’t see the point in this continuous negativity against him when it’s not going to change anything in the next 4 months or so. You never know – he might make a decent fist of it. I very much doubt if he’ll get the job on a permanent basis but the time for a debate on who the next head coach will be should surely now be put to bed until the end of the season.

  • scotty63

    mrkgw because we have no alternative – that’s why we get so angry with these soulless t*ssers who have temporary control. Come the glorious day…….

  • Polarboy

    “My job and my responsibility is to work with the guys on the pitch and I’m quite happy whoever comes in or whoever goes out to deal with what is put out in front of me.”

    Translation: I hear you wanted to see me,  I’ll just bend over here Mike, lube you say, nah Mike it’s fine, have at it.

  • NatTurner

    Does anyone else feel like Mike Ashley is punishing the fans who complained about Pardew?  I do.

  • Carver for North Korea

    Pathetic Man no self respect or he`d walk

  • Antb001

    Why would he though, seriously…
    He’s wanted this job since ththe dawn of time, and has most likely sat through Pardews four years thinking he could do better (whether he can is another question of course).
    We only have one choice whether we like it of not, and that is to give him a chance for four months.

  • vbhgft

    The abuse being handed out to Carver on here is unforgiveable and cowardly in the extreme. It makes me ashamed to be a supporter of NUFC if I have to be viewed as the same as you.

    You are proving yourselves to be nothing more than vermin.

  • Brownale69

    How many of us are on a 5 year contract? Cant lose can you?
    get the sack or payoff massive £££££ wedge………id take that thank you very much

  • geordyjim

    Carver for North Korea  Like the self respect the50,000 fans have every week, or is that different.

  • TheBoneYard

    Please please Mr Carver just stop talking !

  • paul janes

    Let’s criticise if those players are sold,but until then let’s wish John Carver all the best,he’s what we’ve got and he seems to have a teenager like enthusiasm for the club.