Hatem Ben Arfa has spoken of his frustration at being denied the chance to play football, following the agreement being reached with Newcastle United to release him from his contract.

The midfielder has been prevented from appearing for new club Nice as FIFA have advised that an under 21 match for Newcastle against Reading counts as a competitive match, meaning that taking into account his loan spell at Hull, Ben Arfa has already played for two clubs – the maximum allowed in a season.

hatem ben arfaHowever, there is a glimmer of light for Hatem, on Tuesday the FFF (French Football Federation) are looking at the matter again.

Until then though Hatem Ben Arfa is not a happy man…;

“I don’t understand why they would try to stop me from playing football in France – my home.

“Why do they always try to create problems where there are none?

“I have only one desire and that is to play again on the pitches of Ligue 1, to have fun with my new team-mates, then to give pleasure to the fans who have welcomed me as always.”

His critics will say that as usual it is always somebody else’s fault but it is ridiculous that playing a reserve match could in any way count as having played competitively for your club.

It is not all bad news for Nice as since Hatem Ben Arfa’s ‘arrival’ they have won both matches, 3-1 at home to Lorient and 2-1 away at Bordeaux this weekend just gone, climbing to tenth place in the table but only four points off the top six.

If Hatem is given the green light to play after Tuesday’s FFF meeting, then it would set up an interesting potential return match for the player, as Friday night sees the player’s old team Marseille visiting Nice, currently sitting one point off the top of the table.

  • vbhgft

    Can you tell us how Demba Ba and Mathieu Debuchy are feeling right now? Are they happy?

    Ludicrous article.

    No-one cares.

  • ash1001

    Sorry HBA, as much as  I wanted you to succeed at NUFC, you have created most of the problems yourself, if you had only of sorted yourself out you would have become a cult hero at NUFC, you had the chance,

  • Brownale69

    Life fair? On how much a week? Count ya blessings.
    Get real try living on nowt and worry about heating bills & feeding your family.

  • Billy Goat

    A complete waste of talent, in years to come we’ll hear him spout out about his regrets at not knuckling down and getting on with it . Alas an all too common outcome is inevitable.

  • vbhgft

    Remember those fans who came on here when he signed for Hull saying they were going to go and watch Hull instead! Enjoying your season are you?

    They said Ben Arfa was going to “tear the Premiership apart”. He certainly did that, didn’t he?

  • DownUnderMag

    vbhgft Ben Arfa was always  potentially good player trapped in a lazy players body…. while I never jumped on the blown-out-of-proportion wagon that claimed he would show what he had to do, I do still subscribe to the notion that if he was played in the right position, i.e. up front just off a target man striker rather than lost out on the wing having to track back, then he would be a lot more effective. I mean why ask an out and out flair player to do defensive duties?   Especially in Hull’s position, I just don’t get why they didn’t give him the chance to score the goals they so desperately needed – he is never going to get his blinkers off so why not just play to those strengths??

  • No Brainer

    Best place for all people defending your goal? The opponents half!

  • wor monga

    No sympathy with him…he’s a highly skilled / paid loser who
    hasn’t realised yet that football is first and foremost a team game, and prima
    donnas like him aren’t always what’s wanted.