A first win in five matches under john Carver and we want your Newcastle v Hull player ratings.

Please rate all fourteen players used and from that there will be generated the overall supporter marks for very player.

This is just one of the many great new features we are implementing on our new look website.

A great way to launch with a three goal decisive win over Steve Bruce.

Mark the players now with your ratings.


  • gmtoon

    Great result but we were lucky a few times.  Was Colo on drugs?  Wish Abeid had been given half an hour or 20 minutes, we need him match fit asap.  Cabella getting better, happy days.

  • Steve1221

    Looked good going forward but we were lucky defensively, I would however say that that was probably the first good game Haidarra has had for the club.

  • No Brainer

    We need to buy loads of new players man we were so lucky today. We all know Hull scored 3 own goals
    The fat lad doesn’t have a clue about football or how to build a squad.
    I mean strength in depth is so important.
    Just look how lucky Carver was today.

    His bench was just 
    Santon, Cisse, Gouffran, Obertan, Rivere, Abied, and Alnwick.

    I mean if there was injuries to any of these how could we ever get cover from within the current crop of NUFC players with only 

    Du Jong, Arrons, Elliott, Armstrong, Dummett and a group of exciting kids like Streete and Roberts who are soon to be backed up with international youngsters Lascelles and Darlow.

    How do we ever manage.

    I’m not going back until…..

  • Jarra MIck

    Overall good performance with only Anita putting in a below par performance. He probably thinks he done well with his limited ability but he is the type of player we want shot of.. Very poor Hull side, they should be worried.

  • Andy Gray

    Some great performances – I disagree with Jarra mind you; thought Little Vern put in a good shift. Slow start, which just shows how fragile a lot of these players’ confidence is – once we were ahead, they begin to believe.

  • NatTurner

    Haidara was MOTM for me.  What was Pardew thinking preferring Dummett again and again?  Hopefully JC makes Santon earn his spot back.  At the same time it’s depressing that LB is the only spot where there’s real competition. 

    I also disagree with Jarra.  Some of us have our mind made up about Anita.  I do too, I don’t think he’s good enough, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have solid games.  He had one today.  He and Colback were both neat and tidy in the middle. 

    The weak spots for me were Sissoko and the CBs.  I think JC and Sissoko are both partly to blame.  JC had Sissoko way back with the other midfielders, so he wasn’t involved enough with the front three.  A shame as the front three had to work very hard to create opportunities.  They were all excellent but could have used Sissoko up there with them.  I also saw Sissoko slagging off a bit, not sprinting to catch up with the other players on the break.  Is he upset to still be with us?  Does he feel too good for the side? 

    And I thought the CBs were both pathetic.  Hull had chance after chance.  They could’ve easily scored at least a few.  Colo gets beat in the air again and again on balls he shouldn’t even be going for.  Williamson is weak, slow, and slow to react.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the rest of the season will be long if we don’t buy a CB.  Dummett isn’t much help.  We need a quality CB.

  • Steve1221

    Haidara has been generally awful up till now, that’s why Dummett has been chosen instead of him. In our last game alone I counted 3 occassions where he tried to control a simple pass only to put it out for a throw in, add to that the fact he is constantly caught out of position and it doesn’t make for a good full back.
    He played great today though.

  • gmtoon

    When Aarons, De Jong and Obertan (he was great before he got injured) are fit and looking to start how are we going to line up.  I know its a great problem to have but who gets left out. Our best attacking players atm Sissoko, Ayoze, Cabella, Cisse and Ameobi, I like Colback and Abeid sitting behind an attacking midfielder so that really leaves 8 players and 4 shirts. Any ideas on the best combination?

  • NatTurner

    gmtoon  Personally I would play Sissoko/Colback and Abeid/Tiote in front of the defense, Cabella/Obertan and Aarons/Ameobi on the wings, and De Jong sitting behind Perez/Cisse, generally.  The players after the slashes would be my second choice.  But everyone needs to earn their place and it’s improbable that we’ll be fully fit for any given match.  De Jong has yet to show us anything.  His brother was one of the biggest flops ever.  I’ll never forget how Pardew kept sticking with him when he was clearly rubbish.

  • NatTurner

    Steve1221 I understand your point but also remember everyone saying how productive Ameobi and Haidara were together out on the left.  It’s the classic debate, isn’t it?  Inconsistent brilliance versus reliable mediocrity.  Obviously we know Pardew preferred the latter e.g. Williamson, Dummett, Anita, Gouffran…

  • No Brainer

    Andy Gray I agree, I thought Vurnon was outstanding, he could have shaded Cabella. he has obviously been given a role of defensive midfielder who backs up and controls the defensive area. His movement into the space vacated by a defender going to their attacker was constant. He just blocked out most of anything Hull throw at them.
    Stifled them giving central midfielders ahead of him confidence and opportubity to take the game to hull.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Cabella is coming into his own these days.

    Looking forward, too, to getting Abeid restored to the team.

    My glass is certainly looking half full at the moment ….

  • amacdee

    gmtoon I dont think we need two DM’s GM. Abeid in front of the back four, collecting from CB’s and distributing is a no brainer.
    The dilemma is further upfield as arguably we have, when fit, three No. 10’s all vying for that spot. Sissoko, Cabella and De Jong. Whoever gets the nod will have to be on their toes my preference would be De Jong based on previous reputation.